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Working as a Blendly Barista Distributor – Coffee is Changing

The coffee industry has traditionally distributed coffee in volumes to intermediaries and distributors. They then resell the coffee to outlets and other coffee users. These volumised coffees offer a traditional taste and service built around traditional production and manufacturing services that are based on economies of scale.

However, Blendly production and manufacturing services have been developed around the economies of choice and as palates are changing none more so than how we enjoy coffee, with more people purchasing barista style machines for their homes and purchasing more and more international origin coffees and customers are expecting more. This fits more into the modern world –

Moving away from one taste fits all. 

Blendly offers a service for coffee shops and coffee lovers to better engage this new growing market and better serve customers that are looking for their products that are looking for more unique taste that are fresher, quicker and better, allowing the coffee to be blended to order delivered fresh within a few days of roasting – that’s customisable, allowing the Baristas to better influence and develop local tastes and flavours.

This service is in more and more in demand with the high street moving away from pre-blended coffee, the industry is in the curiosity for the “science” of coffee making—improving grinding methods, better monitoring of water quality, and the types of beans that make up blends, allowing customers to better identify with taste and content of what they are drinking.

This type of transparency is allowing independent coffee chains to better establish their local brands in a growing marketplace which currently supplies approximately 165 million cups of tea and around 70 million cups of coffee that is consumed in the UK each day, according to the UK Tea Council. The market for hot beverages can be considered extremely robust.

As commentators see the high street is transforming from a pure shopping destination to a centre for “leisure and services” as the dramatic in the number of coffee shops, it offers Blendly Referral distributors and Training distributors to help customers get better value from their fresh coffee helping independent coffee chains and local coffee shops to better develop their brand around individual coffee blends. Find out more.

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