Developing Services for East Sussex County Council

East Sussex County Council developed services with Blendly creating great taste and better value.

East Sussex County Council in Lewes are happy to have created a coffee blend with Blendly.

East Sussex County Council Team working with Blendly have transformed an East Sussex County Council Staff Restaurant into a really great cafe experience and are very keen to ensure great coffee is delivered.

Blendly working with local government such as East Sussex County Blendly LogoCouncil allows The Council to access directly to there own production portal developed to create a blended coffee, roasted fresh to your operational environment. also provide the management of your supplies to various locations by taking control of the commodities that make up your coffee blend allowing a fresher bespoke product to be developed across the many outlets and sites that Large Organisations have to manage

East Sussex County Council in Lewes had their coffee for nearly 10 years they were very keen to ensure the coffee blend remains the same after the change to,uk also provide Logistics services and created an efficient, way of controlling stock to multiple locations allowing our customers to access more choice around their coffee blend saving time and effort as well as allowing customers to develop many types of coffee to enhance their own brand development.

East Sussex County Council team is striving to mirror the high street trends. Using our coffee from  it means a more transparent and traceable coffee brand and service. Part of the growth in the coffee is around Choice and Transparency – Allowing independent Coffee Shops to drive higher footfall into their shops.

Blendly developed these unique services as a way to help build your own brand. In your own professional coffee brand each batch will have its own unique label specific to the company name and location.

East Sussex County Council team developed a blend around two beans from South America and India. They found that when blended together it gives a great smooth sweet espresso and is also ideal for a Cappuccino and Latte.

Blendly lists of commercial coffee blends and education  services allow us to quickly develop our product and allow you to take control in your local branding and taste, to help develop products with your staff and customers and provide national training and support.

East Sussex County Council Team is providing to their customer’s products compostable disposable cups, cutting down on their carbon footprint and to save waste from going to landfill. as part of a there ongoing process of going completely green. Blendly Social responsibility helps to manage your corporate and social responsibility by giving you choices about how profit distribution can be managed by looking at both local and global issues.

Blendly Cost management services help to improve transparency we have published all our blends allow you to have a greater choice

Blendly Management – help you to manage your coffee blend from a selection of green beans, then have them roasted fresh with the same quality and consistency that you would expect from the world’s top global coffee brands.

Blendly then delivers your coffee blend fresh within 72hrs with your own name on the bag. Blendly allows you to blend, and create your own barista style coffee blends with the help and experience from tasting and cupping notes of the world’s best coffee blenders.