Antlers Cafe Group – Great Coffee at the Heart of Great Coffee Shops

Companies like Antlers Cafe Group understands that coffee is at the heart of the operations and that transparency and quality build success. Developing your own products and services and incorporating it into your own customer experience develops services unique to you and builds value creating greater and fresher food for your customers.

Having Antlers Cafe Group create their own coffee blend with Blendly the speciality coffee roaster allows them to develop sales locally as a large number of customers want to drink products at home.

The Important of suppliers that integrate into our customer experience is an important part of way Blendly the commercial coffee roaster is becoming a building block in the growth of the independent coffee shops helping customers such as Antlers Cafe.

Blendly work with the customers to develop custom tastes and flavours for the independent coffee shops allowing coffee to be at the Heart of there Business

Retail Sales – Helping your customers buy Local – Around your coffee flavour and taste  Understanding that you the trained Barista and Coffee shop professional has created your own coffee taste is a theme that runs through the services and the products you chose – This allows your products to be sold locally to local customers that enjoy the overall experience

Developing new customers – and building your service – Customers are always looking for new innovation and new ways to associate with innovation and transparent services – Lifestyle and life choice is a big part of customers Identity and their relationship with you are an extension of their choices – understands that this allows customers to access products unique to them self and access them when they require them. That’s why Blendly allows you to connect your coffee blend to your customer and allow them to take the product home or have it delivered

Creating Extra Opportunities – Blendly marketplace  As your coffee blend it confected and designed for retail sales – Its also designed to help you build sales and develop your coffee around your community, Coffee is unique to you and unique to the person that enjoys it every day, And with your Blend being Active on your Blendly Marketplace it allows you to develop more sales and more opportunities both in-house and online allowing Blendly to ship directly to your customer the blend that they tasted in the shop, Buiding put loyalty and service with customers

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