Gringo’s Bar and Restaurant – Artisan Coffee from South America

Blendly was trusted by food entrepreneur Marinna Robertson to create a coffee that’s unique to them and their business.

Blendly specialises in the creation of flavours and tastes allowing Gringo’s Bar and Restaurant to develop their own speciality coffee blend.

Blendly working with Gringo’s created a coffee blend. That works so well with the authentic Mexican and South American street food as well as cocktails, music and atmosphere.

Blendly developed Gringo’s coffee blend from speciality coffee beans blending Colombian, Brazilian and Guatemalan coffee. The blend was designed to complement the simple yet complex flavours of the authentic Mexican and South American street food created by Food Entrepreneur Marinna Robertson.

Marinna Robertson inspiration is to create a Latin American street food and drinks bar, came when returning from travelling and working As a Chef in the French Alps.

“Working with Blendly created a signature coffee blend that has tastes of chocolate, tons of crema, spicy undertones and a sweet finish make this coffee is a must.”

Blendly offers a great range of speciality coffee. And the tools that allow the worlds best Chefs to develop products that are unique to their menu, And allow the coffee products to accessed directly by the customers that love great coffee. With more and more customers understanding the value that great Chefs like Marinna Robertson take in creating and designing the flavours and tastes that play a huge part in making a customer experience

Blendly coffee compliments the delicious, authentic Mexican and South American street food plus tasty cocktails, mescals, tequilas, wines, beers.

Gringos allow its growing customers to have a  quick lunchtime snack, sit in/or take away, afternoon coffee, cocktails… or an evening meal, with great attention to detail – right down to the coffee.

Coffee plays such an important part in our business and we have developed a loyal following of customers around our coffee and our coffee blend – and have added some variations to allow our customers to enjoy the experience.

Gringo’s coffee offering is built around the same values as the food menu creating great transparent flavours and tastes.

Blendly are different from other coffee roasters as they create blends that are unique. Other roasters products tend to be based around a single volumised product. Blendly believe in greater value for money, greater freshness and better choice of coffee. Blendly also works to promote your brand. All of our products are retail ready allowing our customers to take the product away to enjoy at home.

Gringo’s is dog friendly and can cater for all your dietary needs, including vegan and gluten-free. We are also going all out on service, music, art and atmosphere, so come enjoy some exotic flavours and let us whisk you away to Latin America!

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