Make Your Office Alive Again

There are many benefits of having a fun and collaborative office. The list goes on from happier and healthier employees, more productivity and an overall better organization. But a lot of organizations fail to do this. This then leads to many detrimental things for the employees and the organization.

There’s a lot of ways to implement this culture to the office. One of them is simply just by having a good coffee around. Office coffee is a commonly consumed beverage in the office and can be considered an integral part of the office culture. Some offices even offer free coffee for their employees because they know the great benefits of it.

Almost everyone loves coffee. What better way to make your office alive with the great smell of fresh coffee. But not everyone may like the same exact coffee. With Blendly, you can design your own coffee blend to have a unique taste profile that will match anyone’s preferences. You can mix different coffee beans harvested from around the world with ease with guaranteed freshness.

You can even imitate popular brands’ coffees or make it better. Imagine having Caffe Nero, Costa, Starbucks and other popular coffee shop chains right inside your office but a much affordable version, fresher and better.

Happy employees results to a better organization. Make your office alive again with Blendly.

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