The Next Great Idea Might Be In Your Next Sip Of Coffee

The next great idea might emerge in your next sip of your own unique coffee blend. Coffee is the most widely consumed stimulant in the world. There are so many positive effects that coffee does to our mind. Some of them are:

  • The European Food Safety Authority (EFSA) concluded that a cause and effect relationship between improved alertness and attention and 75mg caffeine (the amount in a regular cup of coffee) had been established.
  • Caffeine found in coffees can improve wakefulness in situations of reduced alertness or lack of sleep, for example: night-time driving, working at night, suffering from a cold and during the post-lunch dip.
  • In a sample of people less than 40 years old, a study found that caffeine or coffee may be effective in improving performance in those suffering from jet lag or shift work sleep disorder.
  • Some studies have shown that caffeine may enhance memory performance, particularly when tedious, repetitive tasks are involved.
  • A single cup of coffee has rapid absorption with caffeine uptake to the blood in just over 20 minutes and will stay in the blood stream for over 12 hours.

What more the positive effects could be if you’re using your own unique coffee blend from Blendly. Blendly enables you to create your own coffee blend from beans harvested from around the world. It lets you customize what goes in to your cup of coffee – from the farm down to your doorsteps. Mix any coffee beans you want the way you want it. You can imitate any coffee brand you’d like with better freshness and quality. The ideas springing up from your coffee break might even be worth more than the coffee brand you love someday.


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