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Your Coffee Blend Might Just Seal That Client Deal For You

Do you have an account or client to please? Running out of ideas how to persuade them to choose you? Almost everybody loves a good cup of coffee. Why not use your own coffee blend to please them.

Are you doing coffee catch ups with your clients? If you don’t you better start doing one.

Business meetings are also increasingly being conducted in cafes. According to research, one third of Brits have closed a business deal in a coffee shop, with these deals valued at an average of £1,732 each, representing an estimated £14.53 billion contribution to the UK economy.

Invite them to coffee catch ups and discuss your points there. Along with that, bring your own coffee blend. Why would you do that? It can be a conversation starter. Share things about your coffee blend and impress him/her with your knowledge about it. Let him/her get a taste of it – an instant good mood setter. Apart from the amazing taste of your coffee blend, it is proven that caffeine in coffees makes the brain release dopamine and serotonin which are also known as “happy hormones”.

If they like your coffee blend – which is very likely that they will, bring an extra bag for them to take home. This will surely leave a good impression to your clients and can be the key to building a good relationship with them. You and your clients can be more productive things with the relationship you’ve built that just started with your coffee blend.

We’ve been talking about your own coffee blend since from the start, but where can you get one? Blendly is a service that allows you to make your own coffee blend from coffee beans harvested from around the world. Imagine tasting coffees from different countries and mixing them together according to you and your client’s liking. You can customize all the attributes of your coffee. You might even discover attributes in your coffee that you didn’t know can be customized.

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