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Blendly Coffee Supplier – Building Value and Community with Your Local Coffee Shop

Not every coffee supplier allows their customers to develop their own brands. Coffee is changing and so is the way people are purchasing it. With the growth of High Street coffee chains, more and more people are looking for more unique products. As a coffee supplier, we work with our customers to develop great coffee blends, not only for the coffee chains but also for their customers. This creates an opportunity to grow the coffee community and footfall.

coffee supplier
Rob and Sam work with Blendly to help customers all over the UK.

Blendly Retail Distributor

In a Blendly Retail Distributor store, you will find highly trained staff that can advise and discuss your coffee blend. Blendly allows and trains its coffee users in the art of creating great coffee.

Blendly Retail Distributors offers a world of choice and opportunities to enhance value and customer engagement around their coffee blend. This is a very crucial thing as more and more customers are looking to understand more about the coffee they drink.

coffee supplier
The team at Mr. Lee’s shop develops unique coffee blends for their customers.

This approach helps the team at Mr. Lee’s coffee shop to retain customer loyalty and add value to their point of sale. Having a product that is based on your own taste and values that you custom made is a superb customer experience.

coffee supplier
Antler’s Cafe with their own coffee blend that they sell over the counter as part of their service.

Blendly Retail Distributors enjoy the Blendly support services with training to better enhance their understanding of the various stages of blend development and management. Blendly Management Portal is developed to allow baristas to create and develop coffee products for the Blendly community as well as educate them on the flavours and tastes within the Blendly marketplace.

Blendly Retail Distributors also work with the development and merchandising tools that allows them to create their own network of accounts and manage them as part of their customer engagement helping build the coffee community and drive footfall.

Blendly Retail Distributor EPOS

Business owners know that space is a premium and distribution channels can be very complex. That’s where Blendly Cards can shine. Blendly Cards are basically cards that you can use to purchase coffee from the Blendly site. If a Blendly Card from a certain coffee shop is used to purchase on the Blendly site, that coffee shop will receive a commission from that purchase. This allows you to take advantage of more opportunities and better enhance your customer experience.

Blendly Retail Distributor Click & Collect Service

Blendly Retail Distributor Click & Collect Service allows customers to keep coming back to the Blendly Retail Distributor making them the point of contact and sale. This will drive more value and better customer experience and will lead to having a community built around the coffee blend. This will be a point of difference compared to what other coffee shops offer. In a fast growing coffee market, having that point of difference can be a key to your success.

Blendly Retail Distributor Blend Terminals

These are a collection of mobile tools that allows you to take the Blendly experience to a wider community through mobility. Manage and develop your community anywhere and anytime using any of your mobile devices.

Blendly Retail Distributor Customer Management Support

At the heat of any marketplace is understanding and knowledge. The Blendly Marketplace was built under years of roasting and commodity purchasing to develop skills that allow great coffee to be blended and enjoyed. All our Blendly coffee suppliers are fully supported by people and staff that understand thoroughly the importance of the production and manufacturing process that takes place in the development of a great coffee blend.

They can give you advice on blend taste and cost as well as work with you in developing your coffee service. They also work with you on developing your portal knowledge so that you can better understand your online account which is a doorway to ongoing coffee blend and stock management.

Being a Blendly Partner and Retail Distributor is a defining mark, allowing you to show that you are part of the growing number of people that believe in creating products unique to the customer. You also understand the importance of transparency and freshness.

The Blendly community is growing fast. More customers are publishing their blend in the marketplace. Visit the marketplace now at Blendly.

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