iwoca, Leading Fintech Solution for Startups with the Blendly Coffee

iwoca the award-winning company helps the SME sector by providing a fast, flexible business loan.

iwoca is set to change the finance industry and has its interest in providing value to small business owners, have chosen Blendly to develop its company’s coffee blend. 


Unlike a traditional coffee roaster, Blendly developed their service to help customers to choose what beans go into their coffee blend. Customers can select from the finest speciality coffee beans sourced worldwide.

Customers can also choose the grind, or roast, according to their palate and budget This promotes flexibility, to create fresher, better, value coffee blends.

With the facility for customization on labelling and distribution – Using a Blendly online account, customers can distribute their own coffee to friends and family, sharing the values that fresh is best and transparency and choice should be built into every cup of coffee.

Blendly.co.uk coffee blend is roasted in small batches from the roaster removing third-party intermediary cost normally associated with the industry.

iwoca and Blendly share the desire to provide easy access to its services thus both invest heavily in technology to develop better amenities to their customers to make better choices may it be in their coffee blend or financial service requirement.

iwoca is a company that understands that by providing excellence, value, and choice to its customers, they are setting the highest standards of customer relationship and trust.

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