Blendly Barista Distributors – Scan and Go

Blendly Barista Distributors, can create custom blends for there customers and advise them in many of the flavors and tastes that create great coffee.

How do modern food production and food distributors meet the day to challenges in the modern world with more and more customers looking to create unique products that are both transparent and fresh.

Food production is changing and allowing greater choice of in how we can create and develop the products that we consume every day.

Blendly is a commercial coffee roaster that has been educating its customers allowing them to access the cupping notes and taste profiles of the coffees of the world via there online application.

Blendly the commercial coffee roaster operate a marketplace allowing its Baristas to access the flavors and tastes that’s allowing them to work with customers to create the worlds best coffee flavors.

Blendly marketplace have a network of trained baristas that can advise and create unique coffee blends for there customers This Network allows Blendly Barista Distributors

  1. To add value to there customer advise and manage there Customers home coffee supplied and how to use the Online stock management system – that means you never run out of  your coffee fresh
  2. Blendly Barista Distributors can change and create coffee blends the same as a commercial roaster and can help you name and brand your coffee
  3. Blendly Barista Distributors can create a label for you for each batch of freshly roasted coffee
  4. Access to Competitors information allowing you to taste match your favorite coffee product and have it fresh from the roaster
  5. Can manage your Predictive ordering – making sure you never run out of fresh coffee
  6. Can create a unique coffee blend for you and your home and your workplace
  7. When you scan a Barista Distributor posted it Connects you to Baristas that have developed some great tastes and Coffee that you can take advice from
  8. Help you create a barista account to allow you to communicate directly with your Baristas coffee roaster to help you develop something special
  9. Connect you to professional coffee lovers to build knowledge and skills in the creation of great coffee.

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