Connecting You to Your Local Barista with a Barista Roasting Gift Card

Everyone with an online Blendly account can share their coffee blend with the world! It’s as easy as clicking a button. Sharing your coffee blend allows you to explain more about the flavours and tastes that are unique to you and your coffee.

Sharing the experience with others allows you to develop new ways of distributing your skills and knowledge of coffee and how you connect to your local barista with the Barista Cards 

Baristas Cards have been created to help you take advantage of the skill and knowledge of the local barista. The Barista Cards allow you to purchase the published barista blends and also to adapt the taste to your own.

Blendly  allows you to create your own taste profile and tasting notes so that it appears on the customised label. A label that is your signature as well as providing a taste profile based on your own findings on the coffee and publishes it to friends, family or even to share with customers or work colleagues. 

Create something unique for you and your community, whether to your friend’s, family, office or coffee shop. Allowing them to  understand your skill and passion about coffee. More and more people and baristas are creating blends they have been developed using Blendly the commercial coffee roaster, and to build up their coffee reputation amongst groups and colleagues.

Blendly allows barista account holders to create blends for special occasions and events whether it’s a winter BBQ, or charity event. Creating something unique to you is allowing people to connect to knowledge about what makes up your favourite cup of coffee and allowing baristas and coffee lovers to build value in their home or community. 

For more information about the Barista Roasting Gift Cards contact the Blendly team at

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