We Have the Ideal Card this Christmas – Barista Roasting Gift Card

It’s a great time to think about long term communication with your customers and Blendly can help you build long term relationships with them through our new Barista Roasting Gift Card.

The Barista Roasting Gift Card allows you to open up a new dialogue with customers around supplying their family, friends and work colleagues as part of the growth of your business. It is fully integrated with your Community Builder account and allows you to get commissions from the people who are using the card you sold them. The card also enables your coffee blend to be consumed in the homes and offices of your customers. This also opens a new gateway for online customers to reach you easier.

With the growth of online deliveries to people’s homes and workspaces, the opportunity to create value around your coffee blend and coffee skills has never been greater. Home deliveries in the food service industry has skyrocketed in the recent years. More and more customers are getting engageable 24 hours a day giving them access to their favourite coffee blend through the new Barista Roasting Gift Card.

Learn more about the Barista Roasting Gift Card here. You can also contact us through the live chat or through the channels below.

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