The Pathway to Growth – Blendly Financial Products for 2020

Getting bigger has its challenges balancing the expectation of your immediate plans with the your vision of your future takes time and planning. Blendly Financial Products allow you to put your coffee and your customer at the center of your asset management while at the same time build relationships with new customer in new and innovative ways.

Blendly Financial Products are developed to allow you to better manage the day to day running of your operation from distribution, assets purchase-including equipment, and wholesale operations as well as expanding locally and globally.

Your Blendly account allows you to:

  • Manage the assets that serve your fresh coffee allowing you to manage equipment life cycles and renewals.
  • Create online sales and deliveries to your customers developing sales and deeper relationships with your customers.
  • Learn more about the world with a global inventory of green beans that can be mixed together and roasted according to your needs.
  • Analytics that allow you greater insight into your customers and there tastes.
  • Community builder developed to help Baristas develop greater community engagement and supply opportunities around your own blend.
  • Wider distribution possibilities around you and your brand.

If you are looking at investing in growth in new equipment or looking to fund new opportunities in 2020 we are here to help you on your Journey you on the journey.

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