Switch Off for a While – Grab That Eureka Moment – The Coffee Is on Its Way

Grab that Eureka moment

There’s a lot of anecdotal evidence that suggests social cohesion is fundamental to job satisfaction and performance.  High performing organisations recognise how coffee breaks add value to this. Casual chats over coffee serve as fountains of human creativity; how many times has someone said they had a Eureka moment over a simple chat and a cup of coffee?  Could your breakthrough come from an online coffee break?

Blendly, the nation’s favourite coffee roaster, developed distribution accounts for baristas to allow them to supply their customers – even when the coffee shops are closed.

Blendly baristas is a fully supported team of coffee lovers that can help and advise the best blend for your home office or even team and are online.

Looking forward to help you develop that special taste the commercial coffee roaster Blendly is leading the way in allowing coffee lovers that are working from home to get access to freshly roasted custom blended coffee.

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