Blendly Online Marketplace – Getting the Coffee Where It’s Most Needed

Let Blendly be the catalyst to your Easter coffee break

Blendly is your partner of choice for your online coffee break. The Blendly online marketplace allows users to select a from a wide range of speciality green beans, blend and roast to their specification and have delivered to their door within 72 hours of ordering.  Barista accounts are perfect for teams to create their own blends.  Once a blend is created, a unique blend code is assigned which can be shared with team members. Blends can be delivered either whole bean or ground for espresso, cafetière or filter.  Give your team a boost and send them a bag of your freshly created blend!

There’s no disputing coffee breaks are a great opportunity to relax and unwind but also serve to enhance productivity levels, increase focus, and lowers stress levels at work.  Raimonda Iškauskaitė, writing for the European Social Entrepreneurship and Innovative Studies Institute, draws attention to the importance of coffee breaks by helping individuals to connect with colleagues and providing an opportunity to clear your head.

Time for a break…

The unprecedented move by the UK Government calling for society to implement social distancing strategies to help slow down the spread of COVID-19 has inevitably resulted in an increased number of organisations encouraging employees to work from home as part of a business continuity plan and naturally, teams are coming together in online coffee breaks.

Switch off for a while this Easter

As part of a coping strategy, online coffee breaks can help overcome periods of stress and eliminate the feeling of loneliness and isolation, boosting camaraderie between individuals and teams. In Dr Pernille Stroebaek’s paper “Let’s Have a Cup of Coffee! Coffee and Coping Communities at Work”, communities of coping were created through coffee break encounters, though it was noted these were often difficult spaces for newcomers to enter.  For new employees, online coffee breaks can be the game changer, allowing them to build connections with new colleagues.  Online coffee breaks provide a platform for newcomers to learn more about the organisation, people and culture and help build closer working relationships.

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