Demise of the Coffee Salesman!

Lockdown buying habits have boosted fortunes of our coffee marketplace utility Blendly, but overriding trends for bespoke coffee blends 24/7 means there’s little chance of coffee companies like us ever using door to door selling

We’re a transparent “utility” in a $300 million dollar global coffee marketplace, which is well placed to take advantage of Millennials desire to embrace digital food and drink services.

Blendly is currently the only company in the world to aggregate all three steps needed for the production and supply of your cup of artisan coffee. We hold a selection of sustainably sourced, high quality green coffee beans from all over the world which are sold on at transparent prices, and we have our own roasting facilities to custom roast the beans to our clients bespoke requirements.

We also distribute the coffee, with our trade customers, many of whom run coffee shops, hotels, and restaurants, marketing their coffee via our online marketplace.

Having created a vibrant coffee marketplace online, selling coffee and engaging with our customers 365 days of the year, Blendly Baristas can access our unique interface to swap ideas, share advice, and benefit from our many business “tools” which cover topics such as stock control, E procurement, equipment care, and distribution.

Coffee loving consumers can order Blendly coffee at home at the click of a button, with their coffee choices delivered to their homes the next day. They can create their own blends, with expert advice given to them by us or they can match favourite High Street Coffee Shop blends. They can also buy the coffee that our existing hospitality business customers are giving to their customers anywhere in the world. Just use the Blendly website, or order at the venue where a unique QR code enables instant ordering with delivery to the door within three days.

We have fifteen years of experience in buying commodities, and cater for the growing trend amongst young people in “creating things unique to themselves.”

As a customer you want your commodities available to you instantly, and you want to have a greater stake in them, to know the provenance, and to personalise your choices.

Whether it’s for your own use at home, or you are running a business, as customers you want to feel you are making responsible and meaningful choices which will benefit the wider community.

Our Community Builder allows our Baristas to connect with customers online and take charge of their local distribution to these clients. Our Baristas can develop opportunities supplying customers in their own homes. It puts both our Baristas, and our customers, at the very heart of the business.

Food & drink services accessed online, such as Blendly, are very much here to stay.

It’s a blow to the traditional door to door salesman, but operating like Blendly gives much lower running costs, savings which can be passed onto the customer, whilst feeding profit back into the business.

The customer can access great coffee 24/7 anywhere in the world, even during the recent lockdown of the economy.

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