Five Reasons Why Blendly Is the New Utility on the Block!

1) There’s no doubt that coffee is now a global commodity to which we all want quick and transparent access. We’re a commercial coffee roasting company, a new transparent “utility” in a global marketplace, where you can access the freshest possible artisan coffee from growers all over the world.

Blendly is the only company in the world to aggregate all three steps needed for the production and supply of your cup of delicious artisan coffee. We hold a selection of sustainably sourced, high quality coffee beans which we sell to you at transparent prices.

We have our own roasting facilities to custom roast beans to client’s bespoke requirements.

We distribute the coffee, with our trade customers, many of whom run coffee shops, hotels, and restaurants, receiving a commission through our range of flexible Barista Business plans. Or if you are an individual who just loves great coffee, you will receive your coffee straight to your door at the click of a button.

2) In the search for the best digital food and drink services, make sure you explore Blendly, the commercial coffee roasting company which provides quick and easy access to freshest possible coffee from growers all over the world.

Our buying habits today mean that we want commodities instantly, we want to buy them responsibly and we want to put our own twist on them if we can. You can buy custom roasted coffee from Blendly 24/7, 365 days of the year. Instantly. From a huge choice of delicious blends, or create your own with our expert guidance.

3) Blendly is a vibrant online coffee marketplace, selling coffee and engaging with its customers 365 days of the year. We’re a transparent utility, easy to access, which provides a sense of community for all our customers and partners. When you become a Blendly Barista and access our unique interface, you can swap ideas, share advice, and benefit from our business “tools” which cover topics such as stock control, E procurement, equipment care, and distribution! We’ve thought of everything to be a one stop coffee shop.

4) Coffee loving consumers benefit from Blendly coffee, the online coffee marketplace, by ordering at home at the click of a button, with their coffee choices delivered to their homes within 72 hours. They can create their own blends, with expert advice given to them by us, as no one knows coffee like we do! We can match favourite High Street Coffee Shop blends, or enable customers to buy the coffee that other Blendly corporate hospitality businesses are serving to their customers anywhere in the world. We have unique QR codes displayed at Blendly venues where customers can order for next day delivery. It’s simple done well.

5) Blendly, the online coffee marketplace for the freshest coffee possible, lets you show your personality in coffee, as you can create a coffee “unique to you”.
As a utility which makes great coffee instantly available, Blendly lets customers have a greater stake in the coffee’s provenance, and in personalising their choices, it’s a more meaningful purchase.

As coffee customers you matter to us, we want to know what you think of our fresh, sustainably sourced coffee. We’re a new community marketplace, and knowledge is power to be shared. We’re always ready for the next coffee trend coming along, but we always apply our values of quality and transparency.

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