When Baristas Blend: The Auld Tram Coffee Blends

Auld Tram is an original Dundee & District Tramways Horse Drawn Tram and one of the oldest examples in existence today. Auld Tram is passionate about the city of Dundee and the preservation of its historical identity. Auld Tram has its coffee developed by Blendly and has made use of Blendly’s distributor program to distribute their coffee to other coffee lovers throughout Dundee. In our original article on Auld tram, we focused on the Blendly features they use. Today we focus on their artistry of blending coffee for their market. Here are some of their delicious blends:


Auld Tram Mocha Djimmah 

This whole bean coffee has rich, fruity and winey undertones. The aftertaste can almost be described as chocolatey. A great coffee for blending, but on its own, it is often used as the basis of Turkish style coffees. This is a light-medium roast that originates from Ethiopia.


Auld Tram Brazilian

This whole bean coffee has a specific individual flavour. It is lightly nutty and pleasantly sweet and is a great base for a coffee blend. This is a light-medium roast grown in the San Paulo Region of Brazil.


Auld Tram Indian Monsoon Malabar

This whole bean coffee is directly exposed to the monsoon winds in open warehouses. This increases the full-bodiness and reduces the acidity of the coffee. This is a light-medium roast that originates from India.


Auld Tram Indonesian 

 This whole bean coffee is bold and intense, that is deep, full-bodied and packing an earthy aroma. This is a light medium roast that originates from Indonesia.


Auld Tram Guatemalan  

This whole bean coffee has a lovely mellow taste with a slight acidity that is much admired by connoisseurs. This coffee is sometimes considered to be smoother and richer in flavour than the standard beans. This is a light-medium roast that originates from Guatemala.


Auld Tram Artisan Blend 

 This whole bean coffee is blended to create a perfectly balanced flavour; strong aroma, and long aftertaste rich crema when served as an espresso. This continental roast originates from Ugandan, Brazil, Ethiopia, India and Vietnam.


Auld Tram Colombian Swiss Water Decaf  

This decaffeinated Colombian coffee has a mellow body with fair acidity and a simple rich flavour. This dark Italian roast originates from Columbia.



Auld Tram is one of many baristas that have joined Blendly on the journey to distribute their brand. Their roasts are mostly light-medium, and they have shown that coffee is so much more than a drink, it’s a community.

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