Blendly marketplace – Equity Investment Scheme – Decentralising The Current Coffee Marketplace

Blendly disrupts the coffee marketplace by centralizing green beans, production, and distribution values into a central Data Algorithm allowing more people to choose the beans that go into their favorite cup of coffee giving everyone accessible transparent sustainable fresher coffee

The global coffee market was valued at USD 102.02 billion in 2020 and is made up of a supply chain that consists of three components Green Beans, Roasting. The distribution of these three components combined to create the everyday flavors and tastes that make up the everyday cup of coffee.

Blendly operates under a subscription model, allowing these components to be accessed over the internet. What makes our service unique is it is the first to allow the blending process that currently is only available in commercial coffee roasters to be accessed over the internet and for customers to create a coffee blend in accordance with taste and price from a global inventory of green beans.

We launched in 2016 since then we have continued to develop the tools that manage the coffee in its supply chain keeping stock freshers and more predictable on-demand with an intelligent predictive subscription service that manages the volumes and frequency making sure you never run out of fresh coffee

We are fundraising to scale the model further nationally and internationally to the growing market of consumers where the demand for high-quality, barista-style coffee – is showing considerable growth This unique service is it is the first to allow the blending process that is traditionally only available in commercial via coffee roasters to be accessed over entirely the internet

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