Create Own Blends – How does Blendly’s Blend creator tool work?

Coffee blend creation is not as easy as it seems. Sometimes, It can be hard to find

CTAPS System allows your blend to be roasted with the same constant Values

the perfect blend with just the right beans in the right proportions along with the ideal roast and grind. Blend’s Blend Creation Tool is the ultimate solution for this problem. It allows you to

  • Select beans harvested around the world and adjust their proportions in the mix
  • Choose your favourite roast
  • Choose your favourite grind
  • Pick a name for your unique blend
Blend Creator Label allows you to add YOUR COFFEE BRAND NAME to your bag of coffee

The blend Creator also allows you to put your own name on the Bag, of coffee to help you develop a product that is more unique to you and the taste that you want to create,

The Blend Creator also allows your Blend to have its own unique code we call the CTAPS code that enables the blend to be shared with others in your coffee-loving group – and build a following of fellow coffee lovers

The CTAPS System also allows your product to be to be roasted to the same values every time so that your blend and its roasting profile remain constant

Create your own unique blend with 4 easy steps.

  • Step 1 – Click here, Select your beans and adjust the proportions
  • Step 2 Select your roast and grind
  • Step 3 – Give any name to the blend. (E.g. Mark’s Morning Blend)
  • Step 4 Select quantity and bag size, Go to Checkout.

Just like that, you will have a unique creation of coffee sent straight to your doorstep.


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