Blendly Interactive Merchandising and Blend Development Services

coffee blendHere at Blendly, we offer many superb ways to add value to your coffee blend with more and more people looking to add value – to the coffee experience.  Blendly coffee blends come with superb set of individual tools that allows you to share your blend and share the love of having or creating great coffee blends with Blendly.

coffee blendBlendly Interactive Merchandise Tools allow you to share your coffee blend and broadcast your blending skills in new and dynamic ways – helping you develop that perfect coffee unique to you, your friends and your customers. This allows you to open up new opportunities and distribution channels.

Blendly Interactive Subscription allows you to better understand your customers as well as create added value by creating subscription purchases and coffee clubs around your own favourite coffee blend and coffee experience and coffee blend.

coffee blendBlendly Analytics Services allow you to create and understand the customers that drink your coffee blend. It also serves as a measure and a way communicate to your customer about the coffee experience.

Blendly Predictive Ordering allows your blend to be managed as part of an outsourced service to better improve freshness and stock control. Our predictive services allow you to move away from one taste fits all and manage individual flavours tastes, batches or consignment specific to location and a theme that you’re trying to create. These are all working off a centralised inventory base.

coffee blendBlendly Customer Management was developed to allow our baristas and Blendly users to create and manage groups of customers that also need to develop more integrated solutions for there coffee systems.

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blendly analytics services- Help develop the perfect coffee blend

Blendly Analytics services allow you to create and understand the customers that drink your coffee blend as well as a measure and communicate to your customer about the coffee experience.

blendly analytics servicesBlendly analytics was developed to help customers understand more about the  various tastes that can be developed using the Blendly. With so many coffee brands and so many flavours and coffee being brewed in so many ways blendly analytics service lets you better understand what your coffee blends mean to the person that drinks it.

In your Blendly account, all of our coffee blends have there owned unique CTAPS code that allows the blend to published to the people that care most about coffee and for feedback to be created about the individual blend they are drinking.

Our Analytics also allows you to have switched on Predictive ordering – a simple tool that never lets you run out of coffee – By continuing to look at your historical usage as a prediction of the future.