What your favourite coffee says about you?

From veterans to newbie coffee lovers.

Picture yourself sitting in your favourite spot sipping on a decedent steaming hot cup of coffee, not too hot that it burns your lips but just warm enough to give you that feeling of pure bliss. As you take the first sip you feel the warm caffeine trickle down your throat and a smile begins to perk up on your lips. No matter what type of coffee you drink, all coffee lovers experience that feeling of pure bliss when they sink into their favourite cup of coffee. The question here is what does the coffee you drink say about you?


Espresso and frothed or steamed milk.

This coffee is made for individuals that don’t mind taking their time and enjoying the creation process of their classic Italian drink. You’re a person that likes the anticipation and reward for making the perfect cup. You still enjoy the flavour and feeling of coffee, but you want something a little extra.

Café mocha

Espresso, Fat Free Milk, Cocoa Powder

You love your coffee, but you love your sweets as well. Nothing looks better than having your drink in a beautiful glass.

Irish coffee

Whiskey, Double Espresso, Whipped Pouring Cream, Sugar

You’re a person that works hard and parties harder or sometimes even a combination of both. It’s a flavour only for the brave, a flavour that packs a heavy punch. A strong drink like an Irish coffee needs a strong bean like a Colombian Excelso Bean.

Tried and tested. PLAIN COFFEE 

Hot Water and Instant Coffee or Ground Coffee

You’re a go-getter that just needs a quick kick at whatever time of the day. Nothing fancy but something just to get the job done. Some might see you as a plain Jane, however, people don’t realise how special the drink you’re having is. This drink is the most popular coffee of all time.


So drink that coffee with pride knowing there are countless others that are enjoying the same drink as you. You’ll already be done and out the door with the first cup, while everyone is still trying to pull themselves together.


Regardless of your style or blend of coffee, use our blend creator to jump-start your day the right way. If you are new to blending try our taste matcher to start your coffee journey. We are here to help you achieve your ideal flavouring but in the meantime feel free to learn more about which combinations provide which flavours on our cupping notes page.