Blendly marketplace – Equity Investment Scheme – Decentralising The Current Coffee Marketplace

Blendly disrupts the coffee marketplace by centralizing green beans, production, and distribution values into a central Data Algorithm allowing more people to choose the beans that go into their favorite cup of coffee giving everyone accessible transparent sustainable fresher coffee

The global coffee market was valued at USD 102.02 billion in 2020 and is made up of a supply chain that consists of three components Green Beans, Roasting. The distribution of these three components combined to create the everyday flavors and tastes that make up the everyday cup of coffee.

Blendly operates under a subscription model, allowing these components to be accessed over the internet. What makes our service unique is it is the first to allow the blending process that currently is only available in commercial coffee roasters to be accessed over the internet and for customers to create a coffee blend in accordance with taste and price from a global inventory of green beans.

We launched in 2016 since then we have continued to develop the tools that manage the coffee in its supply chain keeping stock freshers and more predictable on-demand with an intelligent predictive subscription service that manages the volumes and frequency making sure you never run out of fresh coffee

We are fundraising to scale the model further nationally and internationally to the growing market of consumers where the demand for high-quality, barista-style coffee – is showing considerable growth This unique service is it is the first to allow the blending process that is traditionally only available in commercial via coffee roasters to be accessed over entirely the internet

The Coining of the New Term “Coffice” for Barista Coffee

The research, conducted, discovered that 81 percent of us spend roughly three     Barista Coffee Uk and a half hours working from a coffee shop every week and it’s not just start-ups or self-employed workers doing so.‘We each spend an average of £2,160 a year working from coffee shops – but we close business deals worth £14.5bn to the UK economy’ Findings from the research included:

  • Business deals closed in a coffee shop represents an estimated £5bn for the economy.
  • One-third of Brits have closed a business deal in a “
  • 56 per cent of respondents work from a coffee shop on a weekly basis.
  • On average, we spend up to £10 on food/drink each working session. Whilst 43 per cent of us are concerned with the lack of privacy in a coffee shop, 1 in 3 people have attended a job interview there.
  • 67 per cent of respondents said their place of work supported the idea of working from a “coffice”, perhaps proving that companies are more forward-thinking than ever before.
  • The average working session in a coffee shop lasts for 93 minutes. Contrary to Barista Coffeewhat might be a common assumption that the self-employed may be more partial to working in a coffee shop, three in four employees in large-sized businesses (250+ employees) often decide to shun the office for the coffee shop, with the approval of their bosses no less.
  • These bosses may be increasingly aware of the added monetary value that working from a “coffice” The data shows that coffee shop workers have great success in closing business deals, valued at an average of £1,732 each, representing an estimated £14.53bn contribution to the UK economy.
  • The “coffice”, however, does come with its own costs. When considering travel and food/drink expenses, the average Brit spends over £2,160 a year[1]working from a coffee shop, 8 per cent of their salary, and this climbs to nearly £2,600 for the self-employed worker. Suddenly the WIFI isn’t so free.

If buying a hot drink is a form of “coffice” rent, then what is the coff-preneur’s Blendly Barista Coffee drink of choice? In a thoroughly UN-British turn of events, only 8 per cent of us choose a cup of tea to power our work. In fact, it is the Italian cappuccino that fires British business (26 per cent), closely followed by a latte (21 per cent).

“This new research shows the rise of the “coffice” as a place for Brits to work and cut business deals.

With 13 percent of us working out of a coffee shop every day and the UK coffee shop market experiencing strong growth that is forecast to continue, the “coffice” trend is also set to maintain popularity for a while yet.

Why The Red Pepper Group Developed Their Own Speciality Coffee Blend in Inverness

The Red Pepper developed a speciality coffee blend – making a perfect coffee for its customers.

speciality coffee blendInverness are passionate about coffee and have developed their own speciality coffee blend as part of their ongoing success in developing great food and services for its customers in Inverness that are passionate about coffee . Having your own blends specialty coffee shows that you have taken the time to develop your products and services, unique to your customers and as more and more companies move away from mass-produced products.

Creating Products  Unique to your customers in Inverness that are passionate about speciality coffee is important, having a speciality coffee in Inverness helps The Red Pepper engage their customer allowing them to explain our services and products. Customers love speciality coffee in Inverness speciality coffee blendare also looking for new things – speciality in the Food and catering, and Coffee allows the Red Pepper Group to be unique in the area.

The Red Pepper Group in Inverness worked with Coffee company Blendly.  A company that specialises in creating speciality coffee Blends  – Blendly allows customers to develop their coffee roasting skills and supplies speciality coffee to Coffee shops and Coffee Chains all over the Scotland.

Blendly provides a coffee roasting and blending service that allows its customers to make products unique to themselves and provide a Freshly roasted coffee – that’s both transparent and unique to the customer.

speciality coffee blendBlendly creates speciality coffee blends for coffee shops and coffee customers. All their products come with the customer’s own label and QR code, as well as Tasting and Serving Notes. The company allows Coffee shops to resale the fresh coffee beans to their customers allowing them to take it to be enjoyed in their own home.

The company allows Coffee shops to resale the fresh coffee beans to their customers allowing them to take it home. Blendly creates speciality coffee blends that work across not only as an espresso drink but can also be served as a Filter coffee.

The Red Pepper is perfectly situated at 92 Academy Street, Inverness –  is a great place to relax and enjoy a coffee, homemade sandwich, baguette, panini or wrap all made with in-season produce. Open Monday to Friday from 7:30am to 4:30pm and Saturday 9:00am to 4:30pm.

Why People Flock to The Coffee Corner Aviemore to Take Home Fresh Speciality Coffee

The Coffee Corner and the team have enlisted Blendly, the commercial coffee coffee corner aviemoreblender to develop a superb speciality coffee blend for its customers in Aviemore. As in most towns and cities the landscape of coffee changing. Coffee shop owners are spending more time developing coffee blends for their customers. To better engage customers in the new flavours and tastes that are available from some of the speciality coffee beans that can be used to develop your brand.

The Coffee Corner developed their speciality coffee blend based on the changing pallets of their customers and also its superb menu that many customers Speciality Coffeecommented on The Coffee Corner in Aviemore is one of the favourite destinations when travelling. Good food, good service and good price. In fact, The Coffee Corner is so good that this place is usually packed.

Coffee is playing such an important part of the high street and successful coffee shops are working with their customers and engaging them more and more about their products that services that unique to the products they serve.

Speciality CoffeeAnd coffee is no exception, The Coffee Corner were able to develop their coffee working with Blendly, the company specialises in developing Speciality coffee blends that are unique, and transparent and it allows us to better deliver a great coffee and also help coffee shop owners manage their fresh coffee deliveries as well as give a total customised solution allowing customers to take the coffee blends home as the products are created and branded for the individual coffee shop owner .

This allows companies like The Coffee Corner to sell their Speciality coffee blend as a retail product over the counter and allow customers to taste a speciality coffee prepared and served in with the freshest Scottish mountain water.

Blendly are currently supplying coffee shops all over Scotland and working with companies to develop their coffee solutions.