Food Fusion – Brings Good Food Together – And great Speciality Coffee In the Heart of Dundee

food fusion
Food Fusion Dundee – Part of a growing movement of Customers Accessing Speciality Coffee With Blendly

More and more people are turning to Blendly. Blendly is a speciality coffee roaster that specialises in creating  coffee blends for the growing number of restaurants, coffee shops and baristas. Food Fusion in Dundee has great coffee and superb food with a selection of high-quality cakes, confectionary and traybakes which are all produced by Scottish bakers.

Working with Blendly,  Food Fusion in Dundee created their own coffee blend. Using speciality coffee beans,  is speciality coffee roaster that specialises in creating speciality coffee blends for the growing number of restaurants, coffee shops and Baristas.

Coffee replaces beer as the drink of choice for students, and more students are drinking coffee during the day while studying – and fewer are going out late into the night.

A National Union of Students has charted the rise in popularity of gourmet coffee among students in a report, which emphasised: “Students’ Unions will need to embrace the whole coffee experience.

The UK coffee shop market has enjoyed its biggest period of growth since 2008. Over the last five years, the market rose by 37%, up from £2.4 billion in 2011 to reach an impressive £3.4 billion in 2016 Food restaurants and sandwich shops have increased sales of the hot drink three times faster than specialist outlets over the last nine years

And with each coffee customer spending an average of £2,160 a year working from coffee shops – but we close business deals worth £14.5bn to the UK economy’ Findings from the research included – Coffee is an important product