Cafe Central – 5 Star Award Building a perfect Blend For Perth Shoppers with


When you plan a day shopping in Perth City Centre, Refuelling at the 4 stars awarded Cafe Central is the great place for shoppers  St John’s Shopping Centre is a must-visit Cafe Central are an independently run cafe serving delicious home-cooked meals and delicious home baking in St Johns Shopping Centre.

Cafe Central Perth
Perth Shopping – The Coffee stop for Shoppers

You can enjoy a break from shopping with a coffee and a tasty home-cooked bite to eat. They source their coffee locally and are always looking at ways to become more sustainable and accessible. Cafe Central turned to to help them create the perfect coffee for the Shopping Community

Blendly Specialise in creating coffee blends from beans harvested from all over the world to create unique coffee blends for coffee shops and customers lovers across the UK

The Cafe Central blend was developed for the Cafe Central working with flagship retailers including High Street favourites such as Primark, H&M, JD Sports and River Island, it’s easy to see why St John’s Shopping Centre has become such an institution for the shoppers of Perth.

Cafe Central
Cafe Central Scan and go also allow shoppers to access the Cafe Central Blend 24 hours a day via their unique online portal blendly. As well as fashion-forward stores, you will also find fragrances, gifts, books, entertainment experts and with Cafe Central provides a welcome rest from a busy day shopping.

And according to Deloitte with working from home one or two days a week likely to be increasingly normal. This has implications for city centres and suburban high streets alike. At the most simplistic level, a four-day office working pattern will potentially transfer 20% of lunchtime and evening discretionary spending from main city centres to suburban high streets such as Perth and the team at Cafe Central

The Boathouse Glencaple Case Study

Denyse Boyle has been working with Blendly for ten months and was delighted to find a Scottish based artisan coffee roaster & blender to supply the coffee at her popular café and shop, which she runs at Glencaple in Dumfries & Galloway.

A huge coffee fan, as well as something of an ambassador for it, Denyse spent a total of fifteen years working for one of the nation’s favourite coffee brands, fulfilling the roles of both store manager, and brand excellence coach – so you could say she knows her coffee beans!

The price point is very attractive too

She developed her blend with us – 80% Brazilian Santos Bean and 20% Guatemala Hue Hue bean – based on her own personal preferences, but was confident that her customers would love it too. Listing Blendly’s efficiency as the biggest benefit to using us, she is delighted that the coffee is roasted for her by Blendly, and delivered to her so fresh!

“The price point is very attractive too,” says Denyse. “I’m the only venue that provides this delicious blend, made into fabulous hot drinks for my customers to enjoy.”

“It’s a real talking point for my customers whom I have told all about Blendly, and how we worked together to create the blend,” she added.

“I definitely feel special having my own bespoke blend for the cafe. If you take pride in your business, and want to share and promote the provenance and sustainability of the ingredients you use, then why wouldn’t you extend this to your coffee? It’s one of our biggest volume products.”

They are a fully digital, one stop shop where I feel valued as a customer. I would encourage any coffee shop to check them out and see how they can help them build coffee sales.

A next step for Denyse may be to start selling her unique blend to others, as she builds on this aspect of what is in effect, a separate coffee business within her business, something which Blendly help with every step of the way.

“Blendly have thought of everything,” finished Denyse. “They are a fully digital, one stop shop where I feel valued as a customer. I would encourage any coffee shop to check them out and see how they can help them build coffee sales.”

We Have the Ideal Card this Christmas – Barista Roasting Gift Card

It’s a great time to think about long term communication with your customers and Blendly can help you build long term relationships with them through our new Barista Roasting Gift Card.

The Barista Roasting Gift Card allows you to open up a new dialogue with customers around supplying their family, friends and work colleagues as part of the growth of your business. It is fully integrated with your Community Builder account and allows you to get commissions from the people who are using the card you sold them. The card also enables your coffee blend to be consumed in the homes and offices of your customers. This also opens a new gateway for online customers to reach you easier.

With the growth of online deliveries to people’s homes and workspaces, the opportunity to create value around your coffee blend and coffee skills has never been greater. Home deliveries in the food service industry has skyrocketed in the recent years. More and more customers are getting engageable 24 hours a day giving them access to their favourite coffee blend through the new Barista Roasting Gift Card.

Learn more about the Barista Roasting Gift Card here. You can also contact us through the live chat or through the channels below.

Milton Hotel Group Selects Blendly for The Best in Fresh Coffee

The Milton Hotel offers all traditional amenities with the twist of being located in some of the UK’s most beautiful locations. Many of the properties are located in and around the UK, and with plentiful activities outdoors such as fishing, walking, golf or hiking, there is something for all.

They have trusted Blendly to take care of their fresh coffee. Blendly not only creates the UK’s best coffees but with the Blendly E-Procurement system and CTAPS, it allows products to be developed around local requirements and allow local baristas to create the best coffee.

The Milton Hotel Group understands that management of the entire supply chain has a big impact on the overall quality of service and the CTAPS system allows a fresh coffee to be fully integrated into our systems delivering fresh artisan coffee to our international customer base.

Blendly a commercial coffee roaster provides top quality services that are transparent to the customer and the organization. With its transparent and ethical product base.

Khulan Soltanshariv from Blendly said “The coffee world is changing and customers are looking for products unique to themselves and the CTAPS system allows fragmented organizations with complex distribution requirements to have fresh coffee sit in the middle of this offering.”

Local Barista Sam Creating a Great Coffee

This allows product development and distribution to be used to create products that are unique allowing local baristas to create great and transparent coffee for their customers.

“Customers that are used to comfort and friendly Scottish hospitality are what we offer at the Birnam Hotel. The ideal base from which to explore the stunning Perthshire countryside. Rest your head after a day of business, enjoy a fantastic meal in one of our restaurants or host your special event.”

The Red Pepper in Inverness Joins Blendly Barista Distributors

Sarah Robertson of The Red Pepper in Inverness is proud to be one of the many Barista Distributor for Blendly. In a time where unique and quality is what matters, and that perfection is no longer impossible! as Blendly had made it possible for baristas, coffee lovers, and coffee shop owners to create their own great tasting coffee that is perfect for the own palate of their customers.

Coffee is an ever-growing commodity for British people and all over the world. The customers getting more and more interested, experimental and enthusiastic with the art of coffee making, of blending, roasting and are growing more curious about how their coffee is being processed. There is no longer a secret kept to this curious customers, thus we at Blendly has allowed individuals, coffee entrepreneurs to join us, spread the concept of “Blendlying”, and “Barista Distributors”.

Blendly is a coffee marketplace that allows every person to have access to a vast choice of coffee beans, cccess to quick delivery and gives every individual to celebrate their own unique coffee taste.

Blendlying is the art of blending coffee, as Blendly introduced, we want you to have fun, we offer flexibility with the price, the quality, and the most importantly the taste of your every coffee blend. Blendlying at your own home, office, or at your favourite coffee shop is made possible.

Barista Distributor is a channel created for coffee lovers, baristas and coffee shop owners to further reach their potential clients by providing an online marketplace tool for them to blend, sell, and grow their own coffee market. This makes a venue for a passive income, as well as marketing a product that almost sells on its own.

The Red Pepper in Inverness, immediately realized the potential of creating their own community of Blendlyers to experience the unique taste, that is now easily at reach! The Red Pepper has now locked in the deal with Blendly to have the exclusive distributorship for Inverness.

Finding the Experts an Easy Task to “The Recruitment Boutique” With a Unique Coffee Blend

Blendly coffee provides a monthly feature of its most outstanding partners to have an exploration of the merits that can be derived from being in business with a dedicated coffee partner. This month, our chosen partner is The Recruitment Boutique Ltd led by Jason de Jonge.

There is just something that makes you feel different whenever you walk into an office and smell the aroma of awesome coffee. It immediately wakes your senses up. However, its effects are much more than that

  • It helps improve the productivity of your employees, either by giving them that early morning “zip” or helping them break the old afternoon slump
  • It makes for an awesome deal closer, as it provides your clients with  an awesome first impression
  • All in all, it’s a proper office perk

However, remember that all of these depend on how good our coffee is.

Blendly coffee has been in business with a wide array of private businesses and helped them achieve awesome office coffee. The company allows consumers and customers to develop their own custom coffee blend, whether online or through the phone, without the need to visit a local roaster. The level of ease and convenience that this provides gives various benefits to individual and corporate partners.

So just how advantageous are custom blend coffee and coffee subscriptions to a business?

Blendly coffee provides a monthly feature of its most outstanding partners to have an exploration of the merits that can be derived from being in business with a dedicated coffee partner.

The Recruitment Boutique is filled with a proper understanding of the benefits of serving awesome coffee as well as its benefits for any business- even though they aren’t actually in the business of serving or creating coffee.

What made you decide to get into your industry? And what do you love about it?

At The Recruitment Office Ltd., they offer custom recruitment and hiring solutions to companies that are looking to get an alternative Human Relations option to traditional advertising.

We began to run a traditional agency, but we soon realized that there was a dire need for newer models.

We are dedicated to providing solutions to problems, and we always get a great feeling when we are able to help businesses out.

How did you find out about Blendly? How did you go about choosing which blend to purchase?

Our relationship with Mark Wilson and Blendly coffee was as a result of proper networking. Over time, networking has proven to be the best way through which we meet new people and develop an understanding of peoples’ needs.

Why did you decide to purchase coffee online? And why did you choose Blendly out of all coffee roasters and suppliers online?

As mentioned came across Blendly coffee through networking. For me, there was a simple reason to purchase from them- people do business with people they like.

What do you like best about Blendly coffee?

What can I say? Their coffee is the best part of them!

Lastly, what is your favourite blend?

There’ a lot of strength, smoothness and richness in the Espresso Milano. It’s a great blend of coffee, and it’s especially awesome after a good breakfast. If you’re in the hunt for a distinctive taste, this is my recommendation for you.

Sweetpea Cafe Greets You with the Warmest Smile and Coffee from Blendly

Blendly the commercial coffee roaster works with Sweetpea Cafe located in Broughty Ferry, Dundee. It is one of the warmest and coziest place to sit by, relax and have a sip of the meticulously prepared unique coffee blend made just right for the customers.

Blendly products directly to consumers using new methods of distribution  that  completely bypassing tradional sales channels – allowing greater customer interaction and choice 

There are considerable advantages to working with Blendly. It can considerably reduce the costs of distribution, thereby giving greater value than established brands as well as give better understanding of the product origins 

While traditional distribution methods require businesses to factor in the cuts of retailers and other sellers,  can cut out the middleman and sell directly to the customer, thereby saving colossal amounts on distribution costs. and offering a greater choice 

Sweetpea is a feel-good cafe with an array of delicious selection of cakes and traybakes, like cupcakes and pies which are not only yummy but as healthy just like the gluten-free lemon cupcakes they are serving. Customers love to drop by to this place, not only because of the delicious food, and warm unique coffee blend, but also because of their genuine sweet and warm staff and service that can lift anybody’s mood. With these, Sweetpea has been earning love and only affirmation from their every satisfied customer.

Blendly is as passionate about building its own community of Baristas and coffee shops, bringing them from the conventional coffee roasting to a highly innovated of getting a superb unique coffee blend, immediately available, fresh and affordable.

Blendly worked with many coffee shops in Scotland and all over the UK, and today founding from its 15 years of roasting experience, partnering with the best coffee shops not just in terms of success but in the values we create and believe. We take pride in working with Sweetpea for their own unique coffee blend. We believe that the companies we work with are truly the best in terms of providing the best food, hospitality and service to its customers, and in full consistency.

iwoca, Leading Fintech Solution for Startups with the Blendly Coffee

iwoca the award-winning company helps the SME sector by providing a fast, flexible business loan.

iwoca is set to change the finance industry and has its interest in providing value to small business owners, have chosen Blendly to develop its company’s coffee blend. 


Unlike a traditional coffee roaster, Blendly developed their service to help customers to choose what beans go into their coffee blend. Customers can select from the finest speciality coffee beans sourced worldwide.

Customers can also choose the grind, or roast, according to their palate and budget This promotes flexibility, to create fresher, better, value coffee blends.

With the facility for customization on labelling and distribution – Using a Blendly online account, customers can distribute their own coffee to friends and family, sharing the values that fresh is best and transparency and choice should be built into every cup of coffee. coffee blend is roasted in small batches from the roaster removing third-party intermediary cost normally associated with the industry.

iwoca and Blendly share the desire to provide easy access to its services thus both invest heavily in technology to develop better amenities to their customers to make better choices may it be in their coffee blend or financial service requirement.

iwoca is a company that understands that by providing excellence, value, and choice to its customers, they are setting the highest standards of customer relationship and trust.

Brasserie Ecosse in Dundee Developed a Coffee Blend with Blendly

We were delighted to create a Blendly coffee roast especially for Brasserie Ecosse, a modern style brasserie set in the heart of Dundee. Focused on locally sourced Scottish provenance. Their menu is complemented by a mix of French and Asian cooking styles, inspired by head chef Scott’s passion and expertise. Indulge in stunning food, and of course, finish off with a delicious cup of our very own Blendly coffee.

The team at Brasserie Ecosse greet guests with a warm welcome into their contemporary, relaxed atmosphere. The tagline “Arrive as a guest, leave as a friend.” perfectly matches their company ethos where an outstanding customer experience at the heart of everything they do. When you stop by, ask for the Blendly Brasserie Ecosse Roast which is crafted from the freshest, most flavourful coffee beans we gather worldwide to make the perfect blend. We’re proud to be part of the Brasserie Ecosse customer experience, serving their customers a truly satisfying cup of coffee.

The team look forward to welcoming you for a friendly cup and a chat soon…

The Butcher The Baker Wins The Best Young Business of the Year

In the sixth annual Courier Business awards, The Butcher The Baker was one of the businesses from across Tayside and Fife that are celebrating after being named winners in the Sixth Annual Courier Business Awards.

In all, 23 awards were handed out at the glittering ceremony in the Apex Hotel, with Castle Water of Blairgowrie taking home the coveted Business of the Year prize. The ceremony also saw Mike Galloway, the former executive director of city development at Dundee City Council, recognised.

At The Butcher The Baker, there will be one word that you will continually see and we hope it jumps out at you. It is a small, two-syllable noun called PASSION. It may only be a noun and one that is too often overused, but it is the one definitive word that we genuinely believe succinctly portrays what drives us personally and as a business and one that you will see time and time again. Simply it is what and who we are.

The Butcher The Baker is also a business that accepts no compromise with any component of its operation, from the team that was chosen to lead it, to our suppliers and product range and it reflects the level of investment and commitment that designed and built this new, innovative and exciting retailing concept.

Blendly is delighted to be the supplier and creator of The Butcher The baker’s coffee blend, The blend was developed as part of the companies attention to detail.

The task of creating the coffee was given to Blendly commercial coffee roaster, Blendly develop a mission-critical service for the most demanding environments. the coffee is roasted upon order to ensure its freshness

Blendly developed this signature blend as part of the companies’ retail offering creating a customised look to the coffee allow the customers to take the brand home.

All of Blendly’s products have their own special code that allows the retail customers to order directly online – as well as make blend modifications to allow the customer to design and develop tastes that are unique to themselves and have it delivered straight to your door.