Become a Barista Distributor – Manage Your Own Coffee Customers

Managing your own coffee customers and running your own coffee business, an income opportunity designed for Baristas and existing coffee suppliers. Blendly was developed to help Baristas create greater value to customers, by extending the choice of product flavours, and tastes that you can access and deliver to your coffee audience.

Blendly allows you to grow and manage your own network of coffee drinkers and help them grow their potential, based on your own expertise, commitment and knowledge of the coffee industry.

What We Offer To Our Blendly Barista Distributors

Training and Mentoring

We offer a series of training on the business of coffee, allowing access to your own range of products and services. In various locations across the UK. as well as the management tools to create and distribute the products and ideas you create working as a barista distributor offers a way to build your knowledge and skills.

Your Own Stock – stOck is roasted fresh and delivered within three days

As a barista distributor, we offer you access to stock to get your business going. And we offer credit terms that can work for you so you can build your cash flow quickly We offer two types of stock that allow you to develop your business

    • Managed Stock – allowing you to distribute without any storage or warehousing giving you time to build your business without the added headache of warehousing, or staffs.
  • Self Managed Stock – allow Barista Distributors to have access to storage and warehousing that already has to existing products, a facility to reduce your overall warehousing and distribution costs helping you streamline and manage more products.
Account Management Facility

A range of communication tools that will allow you to create your own client channel, and a way to manage your customer base. Allowing you to focus on growing your customers and your income

  • Predictive Stock Management
  • Distributor Stock Management
  • Stock management and Analytics
  • Account payment and management system to allow your customers to have a range of payment options
  • Back Office account support: To help you manage your growing customer                                                                               base and referrals
  • The range of reward options and promotions cycles that can be run to your growing customer base.
  • Access to a range of self build promotional material to help you grow your business.
Exclusive Distributorship

As our distributor, you will be given an exclusive area for you to work to develop your own customer base. As a distribution, you will have an exclusive area and support as well as a managed framework to help you grow.

Lead Generation

We would work with you and provide aid in building your own customer base, by providing leads and contacts.of potential clients in the area as well as ongoing online support to your customers of new products support and referrals.

Back Office support

Blendly offers back-office administration and will provide all the reporting you to need, to manage your sales and customers. Allowing more time to grow your business.or back office support provides all the support you expect and require to grow your business.

Customer Service

Blendlys’ set of customer service shall answer product inquiries, deliveries and client support requirements, allowing you to focus on what matters most. Customer service also acts as your own personal support if your customers want to telephone orders in or may need a reminder call in times were only a human voice can help.

Customization and Coffee Retail Range

You will be provided unlimited access to our network, coffee variants and merchandise to work with your client, to develop their own retail products. We at Blendly provides support and assistance, as well as choices and variety for your clients to develop their own coffee taste and brand.

The Business Opportunity 

You become a distributor of Blendly by choosing which path is ideal for your interest and willingness to earn.

  1. Blendly Area Barista Distributors
  • Build profitable business and perhaps an alternative to the current work you’re doing.
  • Access to new knowledge on the distribution of fresh coffee
  • Access to the coffee supply, and to modern roasting, production facilities
  • An understanding of the coffee economy. Learn new insight into modern production and methodologies.
  • Share your knowledge or your experience of growing a team of like-minded people
  1. Blendly Referral Distributor

You can earn from referring customers and other baristas directly to Blendly. We value your experience and your network. It will not take long to sign someone up.

  1. Blendly Training Distributor

You are a quality certified trainer. You could not only advise clients in the creation of coffee blends but also have the experience in developing customized training solutions. You will be ready to help customers develop their own brand and help them understand the operations associated with running a busy commercial coffee shop.

How much can I earn? as a Blendly Barista Distributor

Working with Blendly you can earn depending on the type of work that wants to do. We expect our Barista Distributors to be able to generate sizable income from a supported area especially if they have an existing customer base and a distribution facilities  Barista Distributors without infrastructure can benefit from a supported service allowing a total focus on sales and customer interaction creating sizable and supported income.

See Case Studies: here

This has unlimited income potential and is area specific you will have a unique area with support and lead generation. You will have lots of choices to build your network and manage your environment. You will have access to your own tools and tasting notes. You will also have your own area or location to manage. You will be able to advise your customers and help them develop their products and services while having full support and training.

Your Skills
  • An extensive network of coffee lovers
  • Persuasive and good communication skills
  • Time and Commitment to your clients
  • Readiness to upskill and attend training
  • Ambitious and loves earning and growth
  • Well versed with Social Media, Blogging
  • Willing to join a community of Coffee lovers (Baristas, Distributors)
  • Willingness to share knowledge and experience to grow the community
  • Be the first to secure your exclusive area!

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