Impress Your Friends, Family Or Anyone With Your Coffee Blend

You have a visitor and you don’t know what to do to make them comfortable? Why not serve them your own unique coffee blend. A great cup of coffee will surely lift their spirits and set the mood.

You don’t need any fancy espresso machines to make a good cup of coffee at home. You just need your kitchen and some freshly ground beans. That’s where Blendly can help you. Blendly enables anyone to create their own unique coffee blend harvested from around the world. You can impress your friends, family or anyone with your own unique coffee blend. Mix any beans you like, they you want it. Customize all what you want to get done to your coffee beans from the farm down to your doorsteps.

You have a new neighbor and you want them to welcome to the neighborhood? Give them a taste of your own unique coffee blend and get that superb first impression. You can even give it as a gift to your special someone to show how much you love them. There are a lot of things you can accomplish with your own unique coffee blend.

We’d like to hear how you used your own unique coffee blend to impress someone.

Your Coffee Blend Might Just Seal That Client Deal For You

Do you have an account or client to please? Running out of ideas how to persuade them to choose you? Almost everybody loves a good cup of coffee. Why not use your own coffee blend to please them.

Are you doing coffee catch ups with your clients? If you don’t you better start doing one.

Business meetings are also increasingly being conducted in cafes. According to research, one third of Brits have closed a business deal in a coffee shop, with these deals valued at an average of £1,732 each, representing an estimated £14.53 billion contribution to the UK economy.

Invite them to coffee catch ups and discuss your points there. Along with that, bring your own coffee blend. Why would you do that? It can be a conversation starter. Share things about your coffee blend and impress him/her with your knowledge about it. Let him/her get a taste of it – an instant good mood setter. Apart from the amazing taste of your coffee blend, it is proven that caffeine in coffees makes the brain release dopamine and serotonin which are also known as “happy hormones”.

If they like your coffee blend – which is very likely that they will, bring an extra bag for them to take home. This will surely leave a good impression to your clients and can be the key to building a good relationship with them. You and your clients can be more productive things with the relationship you’ve built that just started with your coffee blend.

We’ve been talking about your own coffee blend since from the start, but where can you get one? Blendly is a service that allows you to make your own coffee blend from coffee beans harvested from around the world. Imagine tasting coffees from different countries and mixing them together according to you and your client’s liking. You can customize all the attributes of your coffee. You might even discover attributes in your coffee that you didn’t know can be customized.

The Next Great Idea Might Be In Your Next Sip Of Coffee

The next great idea might emerge in your next sip of your own unique coffee blend. Coffee is the most widely consumed stimulant in the world. There are so many positive effects that coffee does to our mind. Some of them are:

  • The European Food Safety Authority (EFSA) concluded that a cause and effect relationship between improved alertness and attention and 75mg caffeine (the amount in a regular cup of coffee) had been established.
  • Caffeine found in coffees can improve wakefulness in situations of reduced alertness or lack of sleep, for example: night-time driving, working at night, suffering from a cold and during the post-lunch dip.
  • In a sample of people less than 40 years old, a study found that caffeine or coffee may be effective in improving performance in those suffering from jet lag or shift work sleep disorder.
  • Some studies have shown that caffeine may enhance memory performance, particularly when tedious, repetitive tasks are involved.
  • A single cup of coffee has rapid absorption with caffeine uptake to the blood in just over 20 minutes and will stay in the blood stream for over 12 hours.

What more the positive effects could be if you’re using your own unique coffee blend from Blendly. Blendly enables you to create your own coffee blend from beans harvested from around the world. It lets you customize what goes in to your cup of coffee – from the farm down to your doorsteps. Mix any coffee beans you want the way you want it. You can imitate any coffee brand you’d like with better freshness and quality. The ideas springing up from your coffee break might even be worth more than the coffee brand you love someday.


Make Your Office Alive Again

There are many benefits of having a fun and collaborative office. The list goes on from happier and healthier employees, more productivity and an overall better organization. But a lot of organizations fail to do this. This then leads to many detrimental things for the employees and the organization.

There’s a lot of ways to implement this culture to the office. One of them is simply just by having a good coffee around. Office coffee is a commonly consumed beverage in the office and can be considered an integral part of the office culture. Some offices even offer free coffee for their employees because they know the great benefits of it.

Almost everyone loves coffee. What better way to make your office alive with the great smell of fresh coffee. But not everyone may like the same exact coffee. With Blendly, you can design your own coffee blend to have a unique taste profile that will match anyone’s preferences. You can mix different coffee beans harvested from around the world with ease with guaranteed freshness.

You can even imitate popular brands’ coffees or make it better. Imagine having Caffe Nero, Costa, Starbucks and other popular coffee shop chains right inside your office but a much affordable version, fresher and better.

Happy employees results to a better organization. Make your office alive again with Blendly.

Gringo’s Bar and Restaurant – Artisan Coffee from South America

Blendly was trusted by food entrepreneur Marinna Robertson to create a coffee that’s unique to them and their business.

Blendly specialises in the creation of flavours and tastes allowing Gringo’s Bar and Restaurant to develop their own speciality coffee blend.

Blendly working with Gringo’s created a coffee blend. That works so well with the authentic Mexican and South American street food as well as cocktails, music and atmosphere.

Blendly developed Gringo’s coffee blend from speciality coffee beans blending Colombian, Brazilian and Guatemalan coffee. The blend was designed to complement the simple yet complex flavours of the authentic Mexican and South American street food created by Food Entrepreneur Marinna Robertson.

Marinna Robertson inspiration is to create a Latin American street food and drinks bar, came when returning from travelling and working As a Chef in the French Alps.

“Working with Blendly created a signature coffee blend that has tastes of chocolate, tons of crema, spicy undertones and a sweet finish make this coffee is a must.”

Blendly offers a great range of speciality coffee. And the tools that allow the worlds best Chefs to develop products that are unique to their menu, And allow the coffee products to accessed directly by the customers that love great coffee. With more and more customers understanding the value that great Chefs like Marinna Robertson take in creating and designing the flavours and tastes that play a huge part in making a customer experience

Blendly coffee compliments the delicious, authentic Mexican and South American street food plus tasty cocktails, mescals, tequilas, wines, beers.

Gringos allow its growing customers to have a  quick lunchtime snack, sit in/or take away, afternoon coffee, cocktails… or an evening meal, with great attention to detail – right down to the coffee.

Coffee plays such an important part in our business and we have developed a loyal following of customers around our coffee and our coffee blend – and have added some variations to allow our customers to enjoy the experience.

Gringo’s coffee offering is built around the same values as the food menu creating great transparent flavours and tastes.

Blendly are different from other coffee roasters as they create blends that are unique. Other roasters products tend to be based around a single volumised product. Blendly believe in greater value for money, greater freshness and better choice of coffee. Blendly also works to promote your brand. All of our products are retail ready allowing our customers to take the product away to enjoy at home.

Gringo’s is dog friendly and can cater for all your dietary needs, including vegan and gluten-free. We are also going all out on service, music, art and atmosphere, so come enjoy some exotic flavours and let us whisk you away to Latin America!

Antlers Cafe Group – Great Coffee at the Heart of Great Coffee Shops

Companies like Antlers Cafe Group understands that coffee is at the heart of the operations and that transparency and quality build success. Developing your own products and services and incorporating it into your own customer experience develops services unique to you and builds value creating greater and fresher food for your customers.

Having Antlers Cafe Group create their own coffee blend with Blendly the speciality coffee roaster allows them to develop sales locally as a large number of customers want to drink products at home.

The Important of suppliers that integrate into our customer experience is an important part of way Blendly the commercial coffee roaster is becoming a building block in the growth of the independent coffee shops helping customers such as Antlers Cafe.

Blendly work with the customers to develop custom tastes and flavours for the independent coffee shops allowing coffee to be at the Heart of there Business

Retail Sales – Helping your customers buy Local – Around your coffee flavour and taste  Understanding that you the trained Barista and Coffee shop professional has created your own coffee taste is a theme that runs through the services and the products you chose – This allows your products to be sold locally to local customers that enjoy the overall experience

Developing new customers – and building your service – Customers are always looking for new innovation and new ways to associate with innovation and transparent services – Lifestyle and life choice is a big part of customers Identity and their relationship with you are an extension of their choices – understands that this allows customers to access products unique to them self and access them when they require them. That’s why Blendly allows you to connect your coffee blend to your customer and allow them to take the product home or have it delivered

Creating Extra Opportunities – Blendly marketplace  As your coffee blend it confected and designed for retail sales – Its also designed to help you build sales and develop your coffee around your community, Coffee is unique to you and unique to the person that enjoys it every day, And with your Blend being Active on your Blendly Marketplace it allows you to develop more sales and more opportunities both in-house and online allowing Blendly to ship directly to your customer the blend that they tasted in the shop, Buiding put loyalty and service with customers

Bite Into Your Own Supply Chain and Build Transparent Relationship to Create Value

bite to eatBite to Eat use Blendly to create its fresh coffee accessing a global commodity base to create a product that’s unique and also engages the customer better.

There is a growing number of customers that understand the importance of creating their own unique supply chain build around the strength of local suppliers and local producers.

Companies such as Bite to Eat find it just as easy to utilise and manage its products using the internet than to select one wholesaler as a one-stop shop.

This increased movement by consumers and grocers alike to “buy local,” the food chain is becoming progressively more globalized for most countries around the world. This globalization has created a range of opportunities.

Moving away from the big brands and having your own supply chain is a reflection of the effort you take to create something special that adds value to all.

bite to is at the forefront of developing and integration into the Local, National and even global supply chains allowing customers to develop locally developed products and taste in their coffee products.

Blendly allows its customers their own unique set of speciality tools to manage and develop their products specific to the markets they want to serve.

Blendly operates on a global community base of the world’s speciality coffee beans and has them processed in their speciality coffee facilities to create products unique to you and your palate and also allow you to manage the products via your online accounts.

This approach allows customers to have more choices and to have more ways of opening up new opportunities.

Blendly Coffee Blends Shipped in March May Have Been Mixed with Medical Grade Marijuana

The UK coffee roaster Blendly has recalled 100 tons of coffee blends after discovering that the South American based coffee blends were potentially mixed with medical grade marijuana.

The incident was reported by thousands of coffee shops complaining that they were running out of cheese cakes, scones, cheese and ham paninis with customers drinking the coffee. The said customers were having uncontrollable eating, followed by uncontrollable laughter after being presented their lunch time bills which on many cases were reaching upwards of hundreds of pounds during there Easter coffee break.

According to Peter Spliff, Blendly’s Operations and Distribution Partner that the potentially exposed batch was due to be sent out to its European customers in Amsterdam, however a lunch time coffee break with the operations team allowed the coffee to be distributed within its UK customer base.

The Blendly customer service team have located the affected customers and are having a hard time to do the recalls because they are asking for more of it.

Blendly is a speciality coffee roaster that creates unique coffee blends for independent coffee shops. It’s CTAPS (Coffee Tasting and Profiling System) allows their customers to create and manage their own speciality coffee blend by giving them direct access to the production and manufacturing base – allowing them to choose the mix of beans, grind, roast, certification, bag sizes and all the other factors that makes up the perfect coffee blend.

The company are now currently reviewing its internal policy with regard to coffee breaks and are considering to increase the number of coffee breaks and frequency.

Customers can still go to Blendly’s website to purchase great coffee blends for your needs, but now without the exposure to medical grade marijuana.

To find out more, go to this link.