Expanding your Sales Network Through the Blendly Marketplace.


At Blendly we always strive to be there for our customers. We are the coffee seller of choice when it comes to buying coffee online and having it delivered to your doorstep. Blenldy can help you increase your coffee distribution size through resellers by enabling online purchases of our products through the Blendly website. Come on a journey with us to learn more about how we can make your coffee thrive for you.

With Blendly online Marketplace you can choose from a variety of beans, blends, roasts, and flavours, and have the blend delivered to your doorstep in ONLY 72 hours. Each blend that you create will come with a unique blend code that you can share with anyone else who wants to try out your unique blend. This is perfect for team members and employees who will get to try out your specific blend that was essentially hand crafted by YOU.

Current clients who know what Blendly has to offer will largely benefit from the community builder campaign. You will have a poster on the door of your café with a QR code that will allow your clients to scan the code which will take them straight to your coffee brands on the Blendly website. A Simple and effective way to get clients to buy your top selling coffee blends, even during lockdown. This community builder will be on the Blendly marketplace as well as Amazon store.



Blendly will allow you to manage your client’s distribution channels, predict ordering patterns, and cut out the middleman which ensures fresher coffee faster.

Coffee Benefits

With coffee comes so many positive benefits that you will be gifting to others. Did you know that coffee can not only improve your energy levels but also helps burn fat, improves your physical performance, may lower your risk of type 2 diabetes and contains essential nutrients like boflavin, pantothenic acid, manganese, potassium, magnesium, and niacin.

Blendly Marketplace is the way forward for baristas, restaurants, and Cafes. There is no better way to sell coffee than to make it your own. The uniqueness and technology that allows you to make blends and brands for every twisted tastebud out there is what makes Blendly the only choice for expanding your coffee sales network. Have a look at some of our happy clients that have partnered with us in selling Blendly coffee.

Why not start creating your own Blends right now to suit you or your clients pallets, with our Blend Creator, or lean more about how the variations create the various delightful flavours with our cupping notes.

Coffee Distributors, what goes into it. Blendly chats about their coffee commodities and how distributors can reap the benefits.

A coffee distributor wants to sell a brand that is unique to them and their customers, and has the flavourful nodes that suit their personality, harvested from even the most remote regions of the world. Blendly has all of those in the bag when it comes to satisfying the coffee drinker. Blendly’s technology allows large scale distributors, to create blends tailored to their unique tastes and flavour pallets. With these endless opportunities, it’s no wonder they are a supplier that coffee lovers love to embark on coffee adventures with!

Blendly gives communities the tools to create a more dynamic and customisable service with products that are unique, focused on sustainability through economic innovation and digital integration, allowing coffee consumers greater scope to create, develop, manage, and build sustainable value.

Economic costs are usually a problem when it comes to distribution, but Blendly puts your mind at ease by ensuring that the middleman is cut out, therefore saving you money on storage and redistribution costs.

With the ability to create your own brand and blends, Blendly provides you with the tools necessary to give your consumers exactly what they want, when they want it.

Create your own coffee blend from specialty coffee beans harvested around the world.Coffee distributor

There are so many choices available when it comes to being able to create a coffee that suits you or your customers’ needs. The only thing really missing is being able to choose the soil that your coffee will grow in. As a distributor, you can offer your customers a wide selection of coffee beans from around the world. On top of that, there is a choice of preferred grinds or roasts. Whether your customer is a lighthearted coffee drinker that prefers one cup of light-medium roast or a hardcore caffeine addict that guzzles down 20 cups of dark roast trying to chase the buzz, Blendly offers all the options for all types of coffee drinkers.

How does ERP benefit the distributor?

Integrating your coffee management into your enterprise resource planning system allows for better management of the coffee supply chain, which in turn means better control of your coffee as well as better management of your inventory across your supply chain. This will allow you to develop better, fresher coffee supplies at a lower inventory cost.

Why do our distributors love our API?

This all has to do with developing a seamless relationship between you, your coffee, and your customer. Understanding their preferred taste and your preferred costs. Our API lets your coffee communicate with other products without having to know how they are implemented; this offers greater customer management based around the flavours.

Our Blendly API allows distributors to distribute their coffee brand, allowing developers and partners the opportunity to distribute new and innovative multi-channel services around fresh coffee.

When you become a distributor of Blendly you choose which path is ideal for your interest and willingness to earn.

If you have the nose for coffee, and the passion to enter the coffee business, take a look at our Blendly Distributor Programme and start building your own coffee community today!

Why a Coffee API – Increasing Distribution

Blendly’s Coffee API Is designed to further assist in the development and distribution of the fresh coffee via Blendly production CTAPS ecosystem. We have developed the API to allow our Blendly partners to work across the multi-channel environment.

This enterprise solution allows our partners to achieve tailored integration long term development and customization of their coffee offering, to achieve higher yields of the coffee blends , developing greater product differentiation and wider distribution possibilities

ERP Integration

Integration your coffee management into your ERP system allows better management of the coffee supply chain allowing better control of commodities as well as better managing inventory across your supply chain, Developing better fresher coffee supplies lower inventory cost

CRM Integration

Developing your relationship with your customer and your customers  understanding of his preferred taste and preferred costs –  feedback to his fresh coffee allows better management of inventory, Simpler sales cycles and greater focus in product development, Our API offers greater customer management based around the flavours.

Allowing better customer feedback allows better management of inventory, Simpler sales cycles and greater focus in product development, Our API offers greater Customer Management based on the flavours, costs and ongoing feed back

EPOS integration

Developing online stock management and greater information at the point of sales offers greater customer engagement ad added value, our API allows faster engagement easier training and better customer communication

Ecommerce Integration

Blendly API allows developers to distribute the Blendly brand, allowing developers and partners the opportunity to take and distribute new innovated

Allowing developers and partners the opportunity to take and distribute new innovated multi-channel services around fresh coffee.

Fintech Integration

The understanding and management of certainty –  can be enhanced by better forecasting The Blendly Coffee API allows the better spread of risk, When purchasing Commodities both as a spot and future purchases.

Home Automation

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For more information on Blendly Coffee API Integration, please contact Mark Wilson (CDO) 07801 833821