Barista Distributor – Come On Board – Join The Team

Are you self-motivated? Do you have great Barista skills and have great ideas and are looking for a new challenge? Blendly was developed to help Baristas take control of coffee distribution and build an income around your understanding and knowledge of coffee.

Working with Blendly, you would be part of a growing coffee marketplace that is responsible for mission-critical services to coffee drinkers across the UK. You become part of a group of people that care about coffee with an interest to take greater control of the flavours and tastes that can be achieved using the Blendly Online Marketplace to create your customers’ coffee.

Step One

Select the Level you want to build your distributorship from and the Barista Distributor packages are designed to allow flexibility starting off at any level that is appropriate either as a corporate user or a home user.

Step two

Add on the Sales Manager Package to your account. The Sales Manager Account allows you to develop and understand the various global speciality coffee that you’d be working with as well as access to the main administration you need to create coffee blends and build your network.

Step Three

Register for next Barista Distributor Event or Meeting and come along, or bring a friend that is looking at using the service and we work together to build your network.