Expanding your Sales Network Through the Blendly Marketplace.


At Blendly we always strive to be there for our customers. We are the coffee seller of choice when it comes to buying coffee online and having it delivered to your doorstep. Blenldy can help you increase your coffee distribution size through resellers by enabling online purchases of our products through the Blendly website. Come on a journey with us to learn more about how we can make your coffee thrive for you.



With Blendly online Marketplace you can choose from a variety of beans, blends, roasts, and flavours, and have the blend delivered to your doorstep in ONLY 72 hours. Each blend that you create will come with a unique blend code that you can share with anyone else who wants to try out your unique blend. This is perfect for team members and employees who will get to try out your specific blend that was essentially hand crafted by YOU.

Current clients who know what Blendly has to offer will largely benefit from the community builder campaign. You will have a poster on the door of your café with a QR code that will allow your clients to scan the code which will take them straight to your coffee brands on the Blendly website. A Simple and effective way to get clients to buy your top selling coffee blends, even during lockdown. This community builder will be on the Blendly marketplace as well as Amazon store.



Blendly will allow you to manage your client’s distribution channels, predict ordering patterns, and cut out the middleman which ensures fresher coffee faster.

Coffee Benefits

With coffee comes so many positive benefits that you will be gifting to others. Did you know that coffee can not only improve your energy levels but also helps burn fat, improves your physical performance, may lower your risk of type 2 diabetes and contains essential nutrients like boflavin, pantothenic acid, manganese, potassium, magnesium, and niacin.

Blendly Marketplace is the way forward for baristas, restaurants, and Cafes. There is no better way to sell coffee than to make it your own. The uniqueness and technology that allows you to make blends and brands for every twisted tastebud out there is what makes Blendly the only choice for expanding your coffee sales network. Have a look at some of our happy clients that have partnered with us in selling Blendly coffee.

Why not start creating your own Blends right now to suit you or your clients pallets, with our Blend Creator, or lean more about how the variations create the various delightful flavours with our cupping notes.

Create your own Coffee Blends with Blendly.

Have you found yourself wondering what it would be like to take a sip of coffee that you created and blended? A sip of your own handcrafted dark roast with just enough of the right flavours to create a sinfully tasteful cup of coffee where you are savoring every sip? Well, you will be delighted to know that Blendly allows you to create your own brands and blends from the comfort of your home. With taste matching where you can match the taste of any of your favourite coffee brands and cupping notes that allows you to use a taste chart to see which flavours you want in your blend, combined with the technology we offer; you can create and blend as many coffees as your heart desires.

Create your own

You can  create your own coffee blend from coffee beans harvested around the world. The process is simple and easy to manage on the Blendly website from the comfort of your computer. You get to pick what goes into your favorite coffee with the click of a mouse. First you will start by selecting your beans, then you will select your preferred grind or roast, select your barista plan and just like that you will have a unique creation of coffee sent straight to your doorstep. Simple, effective, and convenient. We will discuss the cupping notes and taste matching and how these come together in creating your own coffee blend.

Cupping notes

Cupping Notes allows you to see what the flavours you have put together will taste like and what flavour is more prevalent in your blend. Simply go to our website and select one of the blends to see what flavours go into it and you can pick the one that’s right for you.

Taste matching

If you are a person that enjoys your local coffee brands and flavours, no problem, try our taste matching. This allows you to match the taste of any coffee brand, you can even chat to a roaster through our website, and they can help you with any questions you might have. Just type in your beloved coffee brand, your name and email address and send your request through to us to make the magic happen.


All the above would not be possible without the coffee technology that we have available to us. This technology gives us the ability to provide customers with fresh coffee on demand every time. One of the features is the Blendly Community Builder, it allows a greater number of customers to access the coffee blending process. This increases access to traceable coffee, as well as creates new ways of allowing coffee blends to be sold to the growing market of you the consumer.

Blendly brings coffee and coffee lovers together to create, blend, choose or replicate coffee in a way that is so simple and effortless. Our goal is to ensure that you the customer receives the best coffee fresher and quicker than anywhere else.

Now that you have the just on how to create, blend, choose or replicate your own blends, why not visit the Blendly website and start your journey of creating a coffee that is unique to you.

What your favourite coffee says about you?

From veterans to newbie coffee lovers.

Picture yourself sitting in your favourite spot sipping on a decedent steaming hot cup of coffee, not too hot that it burns your lips but just warm enough to give you that feeling of pure bliss. As you take the first sip you feel the warm caffeine trickle down your throat and a smile begins to perk up on your lips. No matter what type of coffee you drink, all coffee lovers experience that feeling of pure bliss when they sink into their favourite cup of coffee. The question here is what does the coffee you drink say about you?


Espresso and frothed or steamed milk.

This coffee is made for individuals that don’t mind taking their time and enjoying the creation process of their classic Italian drink. You’re a person that likes the anticipation and reward for making the perfect cup. You still enjoy the flavour and feeling of coffee, but you want something a little extra.

Café mocha

Espresso, Fat Free Milk, Cocoa Powder

You love your coffee, but you love your sweets as well. Nothing looks better than having your drink in a beautiful glass.

Irish coffee

Whiskey, Double Espresso, Whipped Pouring Cream, Sugar

You’re a person that works hard and parties harder or sometimes even a combination of both. It’s a flavour only for the brave, a flavour that packs a heavy punch. A strong drink like an Irish coffee needs a strong bean like a Colombian Excelso Bean.

Tried and tested. PLAIN COFFEE 

Hot Water and Instant Coffee or Ground Coffee

You’re a go-getter that just needs a quick kick at whatever time of the day. Nothing fancy but something just to get the job done. Some might see you as a plain Jane, however, people don’t realise how special the drink you’re having is. This drink is the most popular coffee of all time.


So drink that coffee with pride knowing there are countless others that are enjoying the same drink as you. You’ll already be done and out the door with the first cup, while everyone is still trying to pull themselves together.


Regardless of your style or blend of coffee, use our blend creator to jump-start your day the right way. If you are new to blending try our taste matcher to start your coffee journey. We are here to help you achieve your ideal flavouring but in the meantime feel free to learn more about which combinations provide which flavours on our cupping notes page.

When Baristas Blend: The Auld Tram Coffee Blends

Auld Tram is an original Dundee & District Tramways Horse Drawn Tram and one of the oldest examples in existence today. Auld Tram is passionate about the city of Dundee and the preservation of its historical identity. Auld Tram has its coffee developed by Blendly and has made use of Blendly’s distributor program to distribute their coffee to other coffee lovers throughout Dundee. In our original article on Auld tram, we focused on the Blendly features they use. Today we focus on their artistry of blending coffee for their market. Here are some of their delicious blends:


Auld Tram Mocha Djimmah 

This whole bean coffee has rich, fruity and winey undertones. The aftertaste can almost be described as chocolatey. A great coffee for blending, but on its own, it is often used as the basis of Turkish style coffees. This is a light-medium roast that originates from Ethiopia.


Auld Tram Brazilian

This whole bean coffee has a specific individual flavour. It is lightly nutty and pleasantly sweet and is a great base for a coffee blend. This is a light-medium roast grown in the San Paulo Region of Brazil.


Auld Tram Indian Monsoon Malabar

This whole bean coffee is directly exposed to the monsoon winds in open warehouses. This increases the full-bodiness and reduces the acidity of the coffee. This is a light-medium roast that originates from India.


Auld Tram Indonesian 

 This whole bean coffee is bold and intense, that is deep, full-bodied and packing an earthy aroma. This is a light medium roast that originates from Indonesia.


Auld Tram Guatemalan  

This whole bean coffee has a lovely mellow taste with a slight acidity that is much admired by connoisseurs. This coffee is sometimes considered to be smoother and richer in flavour than the standard beans. This is a light-medium roast that originates from Guatemala.


Auld Tram Artisan Blend 

 This whole bean coffee is blended to create a perfectly balanced flavour; strong aroma, and long aftertaste rich crema when served as an espresso. This continental roast originates from Ugandan, Brazil, Ethiopia, India and Vietnam.


Auld Tram Colombian Swiss Water Decaf  

This decaffeinated Colombian coffee has a mellow body with fair acidity and a simple rich flavour. This dark Italian roast originates from Columbia.



Auld Tram is one of many baristas that have joined Blendly on the journey to distribute their brand. Their roasts are mostly light-medium, and they have shown that coffee is so much more than a drink, it’s a community.

Coffee Distributors, what goes into it. Blendly chats about their coffee commodities and how distributors can reap the benefits.

A coffee distributor wants to sell a brand that is unique to them and their customers, and has the flavourful nodes that suit their personality, harvested from even the most remote regions of the world. Blendly has all of those in the bag when it comes to satisfying the coffee drinker. Blendly’s technology allows large scale distributors, to create blends tailored to their unique tastes and flavour pallets. With these endless opportunities, it’s no wonder they are a supplier that coffee lovers love to embark on coffee adventures with!

Blendly gives communities the tools to create a more dynamic and customisable service with products that are unique, focused on sustainability through economic innovation and digital integration, allowing coffee consumers greater scope to create, develop, manage, and build sustainable value.

Economic costs are usually a problem when it comes to distribution, but Blendly puts your mind at ease by ensuring that the middleman is cut out, therefore saving you money on storage and redistribution costs.

With the ability to create your own brand and blends, Blendly provides you with the tools necessary to give your consumers exactly what they want, when they want it.

Create your own coffee blend from specialty coffee beans harvested around the world.Coffee distributor

There are so many choices available when it comes to being able to create a coffee that suits you or your customers’ needs. The only thing really missing is being able to choose the soil that your coffee will grow in. As a distributor, you can offer your customers a wide selection of coffee beans from around the world. On top of that, there is a choice of preferred grinds or roasts. Whether your customer is a lighthearted coffee drinker that prefers one cup of light-medium roast or a hardcore caffeine addict that guzzles down 20 cups of dark roast trying to chase the buzz, Blendly offers all the options for all types of coffee drinkers.

How does ERP benefit the distributor?

Integrating your coffee management into your enterprise resource planning system allows for better management of the coffee supply chain, which in turn means better control of your coffee as well as better management of your inventory across your supply chain. This will allow you to develop better, fresher coffee supplies at a lower inventory cost.

Why do our distributors love our API?

This all has to do with developing a seamless relationship between you, your coffee, and your customer. Understanding their preferred taste and your preferred costs. Our API lets your coffee communicate with other products without having to know how they are implemented; this offers greater customer management based around the flavours.

Our Blendly API allows distributors to distribute their coffee brand, allowing developers and partners the opportunity to distribute new and innovative multi-channel services around fresh coffee.

When you become a distributor of Blendly you choose which path is ideal for your interest and willingness to earn.

If you have the nose for coffee, and the passion to enter the coffee business, take a look at our Blendly Distributor Programme and start building your own coffee community today!

Ready to try Blendly’s top 10 July Blends

Coffee is not just a hot drink that keeps you warm, it is so much more than that. The variation in flavours, created by the different bean cultivars, will ignite your taste buds and send your brain into a sensational whirl. The many different blends and flavours mean that each person out there can find the right coffee that suits their personal preference and gets their tastebuds excited! Here are our top 10 picks for July, blends that are sure to kick start your day off the right way.

1. Blendly Bad Boy Big Blend Espresso 


This filter blend is a superb, well-balanced, and a great all-round coffee that works as an espresso and a straight black coffee. This is a continental roast, originating from

Brazil, Colombia, Costa Rica, Kenya and Ethiopia. Buy this blend here



2. Blendly Crema Blend

This whole bean blend is full-bodied, fruity, strong and acidic, perfect for those who prefer a smoother and less bitter espresso. It has a distinct fruity, acidic taste with hints of chocolate and a mild earthiness. This is a connoisseur roast that originates from Brazil, Colombia, Uganda, India, Kenya and Indonesia. Get this blend here


3. Blendly Magic Blend 

This is a whole bean delicate blend of five coffees from around the world – a real globe trotter blend you could say – which is ideally suited to the cafetiere/filter coffee drinkers. It is a light Italian roast that originates from Indonesia, India, Colombia and Ethiopia. Get this blend here




4. Blendly Lezet Blend

 This a whole bean blend of five coffees from around the world that deliver a well-rounded drink, perfect for all times of the day. The aroma is strong and rich, the cup has a strong fruity body with hints of nuts and caramels, which is finished with a strong taste of chocolates mixed with spices. This a connoisseur roast that originates from Colombia, Brazil, India, Indonesia and Vietnam. Get this blend here



5. Blendly Standard Dark Italian Espresso 

 This is a whole bean Italian style blend, well-balanced espresso with a good strong body to punch through milk. Lots of body with lively overtones and fruity undertones with bitter caramel and lasting aftertaste. Bold, strong flavours in the Italian style. Lots of body with lively overtones and fruity undertones with bitter caramel and lasting aftertaste. This is a dark Italian roast that originates from Brazil, Colombia, Uganda. Get this blend here.


6. Blendly Caledonia Best Espresso

Our best most popular whole bean espresso. A delicious selection of beans roasted in the traditional continental fashion. That creates an espresso with great balance, a fragrant chocolaty taste and aroma, smooth and creamy. delicious and a select combination of coffee beans, this is our best and most popular espresso blend, perfect for creating an espresso with great balance, a fragrant chocolatey taste and aroma, and a luxuriously smooth and creamy texture. This is a continental roast that originates from Ethiopia, India, Brazil and Papua New Guinea. Get this blend here


7. Blendly Espresso Extra 

Four top-quality Arabica whole beans are blended and roasted to perfection to make this delicious espresso, packed full of flavour and loads of extras. Tastes of chocolate, tons of crema, spicy undertones and a sweet finish make this coffee a must. This coffee is winey, earthy, sweet and spicy rich, bursting with flavour, creamy and sweet. This is a dark Italian roast that originates from Indonesia, Ethiopia, Uganda and Colombia. Get this blend here


8. Blendly Sweet Espresso

 A superb whole bean espresso blend made up of four different coffee beans which come together to deliver a truly satisfying taste. For those of us who want a sweet coffee without adding sugar, look no further. The aroma hits you with dark chocolates and caramels. The body is full of rich caramel which mellows on the palette to reveal a touch of spices. Hidden in the rich caramels, you will also detect notes of herbs and grasses. To finish, you are left with the aftertaste of dark chocolate. This is a connoisseur roast that originates from Uganda, India, Brazil and Costa Rica. Get this blend here


9. Marks Blend 

 This is a sweet whole bean blend of two great coffees, lightly roasted and super for a filter coffee, it has a fruity and floral flavour that goes with all food and is best enjoyed black.
This is a great coffee to have around the house all-day; it is very light with complex flavours. Grind it yourself from whole beans. Best enjoyed as a black coffee, with a splash of cold water. This is a light Italian roast that originates from Kenya and India. Get this blend here


10. Cupcake Coffee Box Artisan Blend

This whole bean coffee was developed from Brazilian, Indian, and Ugandan speciality grade coffee beans which creates a beautiful rounded Italian espresso with a long lasting aftertaste. This coffee was developed for Cupcake Coffee Box as a signature blend. We developed our Italian style coffee from a selection of Brazilian, Indian, and Ugandan coffee beans. This coffee was also developed as a perfect companion for lovers of sweet profiles. This is a dark Italian roast that originates from Colombia, India and Uganda. Get this blend here


These brands are created by coffee experts and coffee lovers like yourself to allow you to indulge in an array of flavours, blends and smells that will get your caffeine addiction pumping.

After sampling our month’s selection, why not try edit them to suit your pallet with our Blend Creator or learn more about how the variations create the various delightful flavours with our cupping notes.

Denyse Blends It Again at The Boathouse

We are delighted to see the Scottish hospitality sector get ready to re-open on 27th April, and are wishing all our customers well.

We’d like to give a special shout out to Glencaple based The Boathouse who have their own blend created with us, which will now feature in some of their savoury dishes too.

Manager Denyse Boyle said: “The most popular parts of our menu are breakfast, and salads. We’re looking forward to re-opening, making the very most of these choices. We’re very lucky to enjoy custom early in the day, as certainly, the hospitality sector is going to continue to have restricted hours of business for a time. This can be problematic for places which traditionally open later in the day, serving people in the evening. We want to make the very most of the custom we attract. It’s going to be fantastic to welcome back our customers, we have really missed them.”

Denyse explained that chef Allana had incorporated her Boathouse Blend into both delicious salad dressings, and as a coffee rub on brisket for an outstanding beef sandwich.

“We’re really excited about these dishes which Allana has been hard at work developing over lockdown. I have tasted these myself and I think it all works really well. The salads have an amazing zing whilst the coffee rub makes the beef moist and succulent. We can’t wait to see what our customers think. They already love the coffee which is used in a range of hot drinks, whilst in the summer, we serve cold coffees too,” she said.


“It is something special to have your own bespoke blend for your business,” finished Denyse. “We want to share and promote the provenance and sustainability of the ingredients we use, so the fact we can extend this to our coffee is a real selling point.”

We’re delighted that Denyse is pleased with her coffee, and we commend her creativity. As a fully digital, one stop shop, we believe that using Blendly in a variety of ways, whether it’s in hot drinks, or as we have read here, in dishes, is a novel step forward. The Boathouse’ owner can also sell the Blendly blend to others if they wish, so we are a way to build coffee sales as we come out of this pandemic.

Blendly – Circular Economy Aims to Redefine Growth, Focusing on Positive, Community Benefits for All

Today’s Circular Economy aims to redefine growth, focusing on positive, community benefits for all. It also redefines and rethinks how we produce consumer goods – from furniture and technological products to fashion, and of course, food & drink products such as coffee.

Blendly is absolutely on the money for all of this, with a range of Barista Business Plans which bring benefit to both the Barista and the community he is a part of.  He has the potential to grow his own business within Blendly, with plenty of practical help and support coming from us, plus collaboration from other Baristas on the plan.  The Circular Economy idea fits with our ethos that there is real value in creating something unique to ourselves. The purchase is more meaningful, and our customers, which cover trade & consumer, know the provenance of the ingredients they are using to create their own coffee blends, as we provide them with this information.

We’ve done a lot of the hard work already for our customers, ensuring that we have a wide selection of sustainably sourced, high quality coffee beans from all over the world in stock. We sell at transparent prices; we have our own roasting facilities to custom roast the beans to clients bespoke requirements, and we distributes the coffee, with our trade customers, many of whom run coffee shops, hotels, and restaurants, receiving a commission through the flexible and easy to use Barista Business plans.

In a circular economy, economic activity builds and rebuilds an overall system – for it to be effective it has to work across all levels – both large and small businesses, across individuals and organisations, and at both a global and local level. All of this is true of Blendly as you can start small but soon get bigger with us. Our business is both global, tapping into worldwide coffee markets, but also very local, helping the guy in the deli improve his range of coffee beans and perhaps sell on some blends to other businesses, or people he knows who love good coffee.

Getting involved with Blendly is inspiring, with creativity and flair coming into play to create the perfect coffee, and it boosts knowledge  – in this case it’s learning about coffee beans, and how they combine to create the perfect blend for us.

Digital food and drink services have never been so important to millennial customers, so we are delighted to be playing our part in this, and in this new circular economy model.  We are the only company in the world to aggregate all three steps needed for the production and supply of a cup of artisan coffee.

With Blendly, customers are basically tapping into our vibrant coffee marketplace which is entirely online, selling coffee and engaging with customers 365 days of the year. The Barista plans offer a unique interface where you can swap ideas, share advice, and benefit from our business “tools” which cover topics such as stock control, E procurement, equipment care, and distribution. 

Cutting edge technology is at the heart of Blendly, ticking another box for the circular economy. We are soon to benefit from specialist funding which will help develop a predictive ordering platform, of huge benefit to our trade customers. Being able to connect, measure, mathematically model and predict each component within the food security supply chain – from the purchase of coffee commodities through to the preparation of the final cup – will be critical to Blendly’s success in the coming months. We very much hope that by being able to instantly adapt to a volatile commodities, economic and consumer environment, we will have the edge.

On a day to day basis for domestic customers, when they order their coffee at the click of a button, their coffee choices are delivered to their home in three working days.  They can match favorite High Street Coffee Shop blends, or even buy the coffee that existing

Blendly corporate hospitality businesses are giving to their customers anywhere in the world. The latter can be done through the Blendly website, or even whilst at the venue, where a unique QR code enables instant ordering. 

We all want our commodities instantly available. Artisan food & drink services accessed online, such as Blendly, are very much here to stay, of that there is no doubt.

The customer is clearly the winner as we yield much lower running costs, and can pass these savings onto the customer, whilst feeding profit back into our business. Customers can access great coffee 24/7 anywhere in the world!

Further details on Blendly at www.blendly.co.uk

Blendly Coffee – We give you the top tips on pairing our delicious coffees with food!

Blendly has produced a handy guide to pairing coffee with all types of food. It’s been common in the past to pair wine with food, even chocolate… well coffee is exactly the same. By pairing the various flavour notes and nuances in coffee with certain foodstuffs, you can bring out the best in both the coffee, and the various ingredients!


Clearly there are many more different types of artisan coffees around nowadays, with tastes in coffee becoming even more sophisticated. Foodies now want to know how to make the very most of their blends, to bring out every flavour.
Here is our simple to follow guide:

When trying to pair coffee with food, a good rule of thumb would be to match the intensity of the flavour of your dish.

§ Heavier, more intensely flavoured foods are best matched with stronger coffees to match their richness. Kenyan or Rwandan coffees might work well here, just like coffees from New Guinea or Indonesia.
§ Lighter foods are best paired with lighter, more nuanced coffees. Try balanced coffees from Central or South America or a floral, fragrant coffee from Ethiopia.




Wake up in style with a smoky, heavier coffee if you’re having a traditional fried breakfast with bacon and sausages. Try Ethiopian Yirgacheffe or a coffee with beans from Guatemala.

Sweet dishes like pancakes and doughnuts go well with coffees that have higher fruit notes. Try a Kenyan Peaberry.

Light breakfasts such as cereals, croissants and toast go well with light, balanced coffees. A Guatemala Fresh, or a Fairtrade Costa Rica might be the ones to go for here.


Chinese or Asian dishes, with their often nutty and spicy flavours, go well with nutty and smoky coffees. Try a Sumatra Roast or beans from Papua New Guinea.

Smoked meats go well with equally smoky coffees.

Soup and salads, as light as they are, are best paired with dry and lighter coffees. Suggestions are Ethiopian Sidamo and Kenya AA.



FRUIT – here are some suggestions:

Berries – Kenya Peaberry, Ethiopian Sidamo, Harrar Longberry

Tropical fruits (mangoes, papayas, etc) – Cuban, Ethiopian Yirgacheffe




Young and creamy cheeses go well with bright flavours. Try Costa Rica and Cuba.

Milky cheeses like Ricotta help balance bittersweet cocoa notes. Monsoon Malabar will go perfectly.

Lemony, slightly sour cheeses are balanced well with acidic, sweeter coffees. Suggestions – Kenya AA and Ethiopian Yirgacheffe.

Sharp cheeses like cheddar match the pleasantly bitter bite of coffee and espresso. Hence why they go so well with Italian Roasts and delicious Mocha Javas.



DESSERT – it’s coffee heaven!

Creamy desserts like crème brulee work well with smooth, full-bodied coffee.
Mocha Java
Dark chocolates help accentuate the bitterness of coffee.
Mocha Java
Italian Roast
Light pastries and scones work well with light, well-balanced coffees.
Espresso Milano
Illy Style
Fruity and tarty desserts go well with bright coffees.

Kenya AA
Harrar Longberry
Kenya Peaberry
Spiced desserts, such as those with cinnamon and nutmeg, go well with equally spicy coffees.
Cinnamon Sticks Flavoured
Cinnamon and Hazelnut
Espresso Caledonia
Nutty desserts go well with winey coffees, with balanced sweet and sour tastes.
Costa Rica




It’s true to say that there is a science to pairing flavours, but the best combination is still the one that works best for you. This list is a rough guide to starting on your own pairing journey. Follow your palate and enjoy the process of pairing your coffees with your favourite foods.

New Blendly Barista Distributor Richard Is Bringing Gallic Charm to Blendly in the South East!


It began with him seeing his first Blendly Facebook advert, to getting in touch and having a meeting with Managing Director Mark Wilson. Blendly then showed Frenchman Richard Macien that the sky was the limit for bespoke coffee! And Covid 19 is certainly not going to stand in his way!
Richard, who was born in Port au Prince in Haiti, but moved to Paris when he was five years old, is a new Blendly Barista Distributor for the South East of England.

Having been involved in the coffee industry since 2001, when he moved to Britain, Richard progressed from Starbucks Barista to managing a number of their outlets, along with fulfilling supporting roles in developing coffee brands.
“Through Starbucks, I learned about making a coffee shop more productive,” he said. “We were serving up to ninety-five customers per half an hour with our morning trades in London City. In 2005, I was awarded “Customer Service Manager” of the year following the Basic Behaviour Change Program.”

From Starbucks, Richard, whose nickname is The Ayitian Coffee Dude, moved to private catering at the Barclays HQ in Canary Wharf. Due to his past coffee expertise from Starbucks he supported the development of new coffee shops, both set up and operation, within the thirty floor HQ.


After Barclays, I fulfilled a number of other coffee related roles, from Retail Manager at RBS, Area Manager for Sodexo, to Business Development Manager for Paper & Cups, running my own coffee shop Kafe 1788 in East London.”
He clearly now has a love affair with coffee.

“Maybe it’s because coffee was something I was not allowed to have until I was eighteen years of age,” said Richard. “I would have coffee in the morning with my Mum before leaving the house, it was our little tradition! Then I was hooked!”
Now he lists his favourite coffees as Brazilian, Guatemalan, and Colombian.



He also loves cold brewed coffee with some Kenyan or Yirgacheffe, and lately he has been drinking some nice Haitian Blue Mountain as well.

As I have all the brewing equipment at home, I love experimenting with the different brewing methods. I particularly love a nice Oat Flat white when I’m out and about!”



“The current Covid19 climate is certainly making it hard for the hospitality sector,” continued Richard. “But with Blendly’s online platform you can create your own coffee blend and develop a distinct brand for it. This is the future for coffee shops and coffee lovers. We must embrace the technology tools to support the coffee industry in the future. That’s why I have been so impressed with Blendly – it provides all the tools you need.”

“I’m confident that I can grow the Blendly name in this crucial territory. I know plenty of potential new outlets for Blendly coffee. I can earn an income from distributing this coffee, which could include blends I will develop myself,” he said.

In his spare time, (if he has any when he is not promoting Blendly), Richard is a keen cook, and as he is lactose intolerant and newly vegan, he’s working more on baking delicious vegan cakes. Sweet!

Further details www.blendly.co.uk.