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The Relevance of the Data production supply chain model is that its capable of creating and displacing brands in the market at reduced costs while making sure there are sufficient points of difference in packaging and trademarks.

Data production Supply Chain models allow more customization to be placed into the product supply chain allowing customers to choose more about how they want their products and services allowing the Customer to create copies of brands and services on a much smaller scale 

“The law has always allowed for comparative advertising, however, companies that understand This and use distinctive features of established brands as a springboard for many of their products.” are shaping the traditional methods used to sell new products 

Currently, the coffee industry is traditional in its approach to the use of new techniques. This opens up endless possibilities for new brands coming to market and the competitive nature that coffee brands can deploy using technology as part of core stratergy.

Local Government Procurement – The Next Generation

Building the next  geration procurement tools in line with the ongoing thinking and compliance Blendly.co.uk understand the value of transparency and governance as a tool to develop new services and operates for its partners

The National Procurement Strategy sets out local government’s ambitions and priorities for the next four years, focusing on the three core themes; leadership; behaving commercially and; achieving community benefits.

  • showing leadership
  • behaving commercially
  • achieving community benefits

Working with Blendly Local government can deliver on the strategic objectives as well as contribute locally to the local economy, Blendly allow Local government to develop greater insight into establishing new talent, and develop partnership reward structures as well enabling digital innovation to build long term development is education, local development, and training and creating the tools that can embed change




Cafe Central – 5 Star Award Building a perfect Blend For Perth Shoppers with Blendly.co.uk


When you plan a day shopping in Perth City Centre, Refuelling at the 4 stars awarded Cafe Central is the great place for shoppers  St John’s Shopping Centre is a must-visit Cafe Central are an independently run cafe serving delicious home-cooked meals and delicious home baking in St Johns Shopping Centre.

Cafe Central Perth
Perth Shopping – The Coffee stop for Shoppers

You can enjoy a break from shopping with a coffee and a tasty home-cooked bite to eat. They source their coffee locally and are always looking at ways to become more sustainable and accessible. Cafe Central turned to Blendly.co.uk to help them create the perfect coffee for the Shopping Community

Blendly Specialise in creating coffee blends from beans harvested from all over the world to create unique coffee blends for coffee shops and customers lovers across the UK

The Cafe Central blend was developed for the Cafe Central working with flagship retailers including High Street favourites such as Primark, H&M, JD Sports and River Island, it’s easy to see why St John’s Shopping Centre has become such an institution for the shoppers of Perth.

Cafe Central
Cafe Central Scan and go

Blendly.co.uk also allow shoppers to access the Cafe Central Blend 24 hours a day via their unique online portal blendly. co.uk As well as fashion-forward stores, you will also find fragrances, gifts, books, entertainment experts and with Cafe Central provides a welcome rest from a busy day shopping.

And according to Deloitte with working from home one or two days a week likely to be increasingly normal. This has implications for city centres and suburban high streets alike. At the most simplistic level, a four-day office working pattern will potentially transfer 20% of lunchtime and evening discretionary spending from main city centres to suburban high streets such as Perth and the team at Cafe Central

Blendly marketplace – Equity Investment Scheme – Decentralising The Current Coffee Marketplace

Blendly disrupts the coffee marketplace by centralizing green beans, production, and distribution values into a central Data Algorithm allowing more people to choose the beans that go into their favorite cup of coffee giving everyone accessible transparent sustainable fresher coffee

The global coffee market was valued at USD 102.02 billion in 2020 and is made up of a supply chain that consists of three components Green Beans, Roasting. The distribution of these three components combined to create the everyday flavors and tastes that make up the everyday cup of coffee.

Blendly operates under a subscription model, allowing these components to be accessed over the internet. What makes our service unique is it is the first to allow the blending process that currently is only available in commercial coffee roasters to be accessed over the internet and for customers to create a coffee blend in accordance with taste and price from a global inventory of green beans.

We launched in 2016 since then we have continued to develop the tools that manage the coffee in its supply chain keeping stock freshers and more predictable on-demand with an intelligent predictive subscription service that manages the volumes and frequency making sure you never run out of fresh coffee

We are fundraising to scale the model further nationally and internationally to the growing market of consumers where the demand for high-quality, barista-style coffee – is showing considerable growth This unique service is it is the first to allow the blending process that is traditionally only available in commercial via coffee roasters to be accessed over entirely the internet

Award Winning Bulldog Frog – Building a better coffee – Blendly.co.uk

Creating a great community around Great Coffee. The Bull Dog Frog Established by Perthshire duo Jessica Meehan and Graham Dunbar, The Bulldog Frog is leading the way in understanding that One of the primary consumer-driven trends  is the desire for the coffee shop to be a community space, linked closely to a neighborhood  its residents and their families

Jessica Meehan and Graham Dunbar Created the Name for the award-winning brand The Bull dog frog –  inspired by the couple’s bulldog Belle, fondly nicknamed by family as the Bullfrog. With family values at their heart, the couple thought it seemed like the perfect fit.

For so many people today, the home is also the workplace, and having a place to go-to for community interaction and good coffee is increasingly important to consumers.  The Bull Dog Frog is focused on family , and great coffee

And coffee sits at the Core – The Bulldog frog worked with Blendly.co.uk the Perthsire coffee roaster that allowed them to create your own coffee blend  The bulldog Frog blend was developed from coffee beans harvested around the world.

The Bull Dog Frog
The Bull Dog Frog Take home today

Creating the Bull Dog Frog Blend The process is simple and easy to manage on the Blendly website from the comfort of your computer. You get to pick what goes into your favorite coffee with the click of a mouse.

Blendly.co.uk also help us distribute the coffee to all our customers via their online portal, With their Barista Distributor program  – allowing us to stay connected and keep coffee cups fill at home with their unique service  Blendly allows us to grow and manage our own network of coffee drinkers

Coffee is an ever-growing commodity all over the world. The customers getting more and more interested, experimental and enthusiastic with the art of coffee making, of blending, roasting and are growing more curious about how their coffee is being processed. There is no longer a secret kept to these curious customers,  Blendly has allowed individuals, coffee entrepreneurs to join us, spread the concept of “Blendlying”, and “Barista Distributors”.


Green Bean Prices – Your Coffee Blend

Over the last few months, we have all been witnessing pressure on prices and to date we have worked to minimize these pressures in the Blendly marketplace. We have introduced new account types and also added ways for your customers to build value with you in how they can have their everyday fix of coffee and we look forward to working with you to build more value in the New Year.

Green beans prices have been increasing over the last quarter and are now at 10 years high. Due to pressure on these commodity prices – The Blendly marketplace will start to reflect the current changes in these commodity prices.

Coffee Prices
US Coffee C Futures

Although green beans from all over the world have been affected as all our products are individually priced according to the mix of beans. Some blend mixes will remain relatively unchanged, however, South American beans such as  Brazilian and Columbian are noticeably affected.

We will continue to innovate over the coming year to build more value into our services. As well as build new types of accounts that allow everyone that we work with to build more value and open up more channels for your coffee blends.

Over the coming days, weeks, I look forward to catching up.

Ref :- https://uk.investing.com/commodities/us-coffee-c-streaming-chart

Coffee Roasting – Blendly Talks About How Coffee Roasting Works.

The boom in the specialty coffee industry has been going on for several years. Baristas are tirelessly gaining experience, broadening their knowledge of coffee, honing their skills, and mastering modern techniques. However, the increase of professionalism is missing one of the basic coffee-related areas. Baristas know more about coffee flavours and blending than they do about roasting coffee. Roasting is still largely treated like a secret knowledge, a craft for the chosen ones. So, what is coffee roasting and what does it look like? Let’s find out!

The Secrecy Around Coffee Roasting

Lighter roasting of high-quality Arabica beans in craft roasteries is a new and, therefore, still underdeveloped area. Everything was trivial as long as all coffee was roasted dark and consequently, every brew tasted very similar.

The famous third wave of coffee forced the roasters to significantly expand their knowledge, develop analytical and sensory skills, and gain a lot of patience and humility. Coffee roasting has its truths, half-truths, understatements, myths and incorrect assumptions. One person says one thing, the other says otherwise. Knowledge is largely passed on in closed master-student relationships or books, none of which has so far provided decent comprehensive knowledge for people to understand and share.

Going forward you will now witness the foundations of roasting in a simple form and a picture will be painted of what coffee roasting is all about.


Coffee is roasted in specialized roasters. The vast majority of them are the drum roasters. They are usually powered by fuel in the form of flammable gas. The most important element of such a machine is the coffee roasting drum. It’s a bit like in a washing machine, it’s cylindrical and it spins. Inside the drum there are paddles, which scoop the beans to ensure an even, cyclical, rotational journey through the roasting process.

The Flame

The flame is located directly under the drum. It turns the fuel supplied to it into a flame, the intensity of which is controlled by the operator. The flame is a source of energy – it heats the drum to the desired temperatures, which roasts the coffee.

The Cooling Tray

This is found directly under the exit, through which the roasted coffee is dropped at the right moment, thus completing the roast. The beans need to be cooled in order to stop the chemical reactions from taking place in them as quickly as possible. Therefore, just before the drop, the operator starts the mixer and a separate engine draws in the air, cooling the heated material. The mixer arms ensure even distribution of the coffee beans during the roasting process.

How to Roast the Coffee

Now that the introduction steps are complete, we can get into the actual roasting process of the coffee beans.

Hot air roasts the coffee, it goes through the drum and has to get away somewhere. The chimney allows dust and particles from the raw material and the smoke generated in the final stage of roasting to escape. Air transported through a separate channel cools the beans. The panel is the roasting command centre. It allows you to click, start, change and switch when necessary.

The Roasting Process

Coffee is a strikingly complex raw material. Even relatively small changes in the pool of substances contained in the beans will bring out completely different characteristics in the ground coffee, not to mention the brew.

Here are some popular aromas in the specialty-quality Arabica and the chemical compounds behind them, formed during the roasting process:

  • Nuttiness
  • Bitterness
  • Caramel, honey and
  • Fruitiness

The longer the coffee is roasted, the more; acidity decreases, bitterness increases, sweetness rises and then diminishes, and body increases and then decreases.

The Famous Crack

Here is a typical roasting profile designed for professional roasters.

The so-called crack is a very important moment for a roaster. At some point, the water in the roasted coffee beans turns into steam. Increasing pressure builds up and the fruit grows, it begins to crack and steam escapes. This moment is marked by specific noises that can be compared to the loud destruction of air bubbles from the bubble foil. This is what will have the most important influence on the taste of the brew.

Roasting Coffee at Home – Will it Work?

The simple answer is yes! You need an oven or a pan or a popcorn maker for this. If you use an oven, it must first be heated to the highest temperature. Coffee beans should be evenly distributed on the baking tray and then put into the oven. When roasting coffee at home, you cannot control changes in coffee temperature, so do not leave the oven and wait for the first crack. What happens next depends on our trials and experiments. Remember that after taking it out of the oven, the coffee should be cooled down. If you choose to roast coffee in a pan, the rules are similar. The coffee must be put into a dry, hot pan, but throughout the process you need to stir the beans so that they roast evenly. You wait for the crack, then observe the colour of the beans, and then remove them from the pan and cool them down. If you have a popcorn machine, you don’t have to worry about mixing the beans.

Coffee Roasting, as you have now read, is a very complex and delicate art if you are trying to get the perfect blend and flavours. If you want to mess around and create your own coffee bean roasts, it is indeed possible, but it will not yield the professional results that come from experienced coffee roasters. Coffee Roasting is in essence an art form that achieves extraordinary results.

Now that you have had an inside look at coffee roasting and the intricate process involved, why not visit the Blendly website and choose or create a coffee blend where the roasting has already been done for you, all you have to do is the fun part, choosing your coffee.

Our New Blendly Rockstar Series Blends

Blendly is always keeping up with the times and offering you top quality coffee that is fast, fresh, and convenient. We are proud to introduce to you our new series of coffee blends… The Rockstar Blend Series. This coffee series is based on British Rockstar’s intertwined with different beans and flavours that compliment the blends. If you are a rock and roll fan and you want a coffee blend that will rock your day, try one of these rocking blends and get music in a cup.

Abby Roast

Get ready for a hard day’s night with the Abby Roast Blend, inspired by the Beatles song Abby Road. This whole bean blend is full-bodied, fruity, strong and acidic, perfect for those who prefer a smoother and less bitter espresso. This has a distinct fruity, acidic taste with hints of chocolate and a mild earthiness. It is a Connoisseur roast which originates from Brazil, Colombia, Uganda, India, Kenya and Indonesia.

Bohemian Blend

Is this real life, or is this just fantasy? It’s real alright. The Bohemian Blend is inspired by the Queen song Bohemian Rhapsody. This is a whole bean coffee blend with rich and strong aroma. The cup has a strong fruity body with hints of nuts and caramels, which is finished by a strong back taste of chocolates mixed with spices. It is a connoisseur roast that originates from Colombia, Brazil, India, Indonesia, and Vietnam.

Hero Blend

This Blend will leave you feeling like a king and queen. The Hero Blend is inspired by the song Hero by David Bowie. This whole bean coffee has a mild and earthy aroma, which develops on the taste buds. This coffee blend has a strong earthy body with hints of woods and caramels, which finishes with a mild lemony/turpeny aftertaste. It is a light Italian roast which originates from Indonesia, India, Colombia, Ethiopia.

Rolling Roast

With this blend you will get satisfaction. The Rolling Roast is inspired by the band Rolling stones. This whole bean blend is full of rich caramel which mellows on the palette to reveal a touch of spices. Hidden in the rich caramels, you will also detect notes of herbs and grasses. To finish, you are left an aftertaste of dark chocolate. It is a connoisseur roast which originates from Uganda, India, Brazil and Costa Rica.


The Rockstar Blends come together to bring excitement and gusto to the coffee industry. Blendly enjoys having fun with coffee and sharing that fun with coffee lovers. There are many blends to choose from in the Rockstar series, each with their own unique flavours that are sure to satisfy all taste buds.

Now that you have had an inside look at all the Rockstar Blends and what they have to offer, why not try the Abby Roast and release your inner Rockstar.


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Expanding your Sales Network Through the Blendly Marketplace.


At Blendly we always strive to be there for our customers. We are the coffee seller of choice when it comes to buying coffee online and having it delivered to your doorstep. Blenldy can help you increase your coffee distribution size through resellers by enabling online purchases of our products through the Blendly website. Come on a journey with us to learn more about how we can make your coffee thrive for you.

With Blendly online Marketplace you can choose from a variety of beans, blends, roasts, and flavours, and have the blend delivered to your doorstep in ONLY 72 hours. Each blend that you create will come with a unique blend code that you can share with anyone else who wants to try out your unique blend. This is perfect for team members and employees who will get to try out your specific blend that was essentially hand crafted by YOU.

Current clients who know what Blendly has to offer will largely benefit from the community builder campaign. You will have a poster on the door of your café with a QR code that will allow your clients to scan the code which will take them straight to your coffee brands on the Blendly website. A Simple and effective way to get clients to buy your top selling coffee blends, even during lockdown. This community builder will be on the Blendly marketplace as well as Amazon store.



Blendly will allow you to manage your client’s distribution channels, predict ordering patterns, and cut out the middleman which ensures fresher coffee faster.

Coffee Benefits

With coffee comes so many positive benefits that you will be gifting to others. Did you know that coffee can not only improve your energy levels but also helps burn fat, improves your physical performance, may lower your risk of type 2 diabetes and contains essential nutrients like boflavin, pantothenic acid, manganese, potassium, magnesium, and niacin.

Blendly Marketplace is the way forward for baristas, restaurants, and Cafes. There is no better way to sell coffee than to make it your own. The uniqueness and technology that allows you to make blends and brands for every twisted tastebud out there is what makes Blendly the only choice for expanding your coffee sales network. Have a look at some of our happy clients that have partnered with us in selling Blendly coffee.

Why not start creating your own Blends right now to suit you or your clients pallets, with our Blend Creator, or lean more about how the variations create the various delightful flavours with our cupping notes.