Five Reasons Why Blendly Is the New Utility on the Block!

1) There’s no doubt that coffee is now a global commodity to which we all want quick and transparent access. We’re a commercial coffee roasting company, a new transparent “utility” in a global marketplace, where you can access the freshest possible artisan coffee from growers all over the world.

Blendly is the only company in the world to aggregate all three steps needed for the production and supply of your cup of delicious artisan coffee. We hold a selection of sustainably sourced, high quality coffee beans which we sell to you at transparent prices.

We have our own roasting facilities to custom roast beans to client’s bespoke requirements.

We distribute the coffee, with our trade customers, many of whom run coffee shops, hotels, and restaurants, receiving a commission through our range of flexible Barista Business plans. Or if you are an individual who just loves great coffee, you will receive your coffee straight to your door at the click of a button.

2) In the search for the best digital food and drink services, make sure you explore Blendly, the commercial coffee roasting company which provides quick and easy access to freshest possible coffee from growers all over the world.

Our buying habits today mean that we want commodities instantly, we want to buy them responsibly and we want to put our own twist on them if we can. You can buy custom roasted coffee from Blendly 24/7, 365 days of the year. Instantly. From a huge choice of delicious blends, or create your own with our expert guidance.

3) Blendly is a vibrant online coffee marketplace, selling coffee and engaging with its customers 365 days of the year. We’re a transparent utility, easy to access, which provides a sense of community for all our customers and partners. When you become a Blendly Barista and access our unique interface, you can swap ideas, share advice, and benefit from our business “tools” which cover topics such as stock control, E procurement, equipment care, and distribution! We’ve thought of everything to be a one stop coffee shop.

4) Coffee loving consumers benefit from Blendly coffee, the online coffee marketplace, by ordering at home at the click of a button, with their coffee choices delivered to their homes within 72 hours. They can create their own blends, with expert advice given to them by us, as no one knows coffee like we do! We can match favourite High Street Coffee Shop blends, or enable customers to buy the coffee that other Blendly corporate hospitality businesses are serving to their customers anywhere in the world. We have unique QR codes displayed at Blendly venues where customers can order for next day delivery. It’s simple done well.

5) Blendly, the online coffee marketplace for the freshest coffee possible, lets you show your personality in coffee, as you can create a coffee “unique to you”.
As a utility which makes great coffee instantly available, Blendly lets customers have a greater stake in the coffee’s provenance, and in personalising their choices, it’s a more meaningful purchase.

As coffee customers you matter to us, we want to know what you think of our fresh, sustainably sourced coffee. We’re a new community marketplace, and knowledge is power to be shared. We’re always ready for the next coffee trend coming along, but we always apply our values of quality and transparency.

Further details on our website.

Demise of the Coffee Salesman!

Lockdown buying habits have boosted fortunes of our coffee marketplace utility Blendly, but overriding trends for bespoke coffee blends 24/7 means there’s little chance of coffee companies like us ever using door to door selling

We’re a transparent “utility” in a $300 million dollar global coffee marketplace, which is well placed to take advantage of Millennials desire to embrace digital food and drink services.

Blendly is currently the only company in the world to aggregate all three steps needed for the production and supply of your cup of artisan coffee. We hold a selection of sustainably sourced, high quality green coffee beans from all over the world which are sold on at transparent prices, and we have our own roasting facilities to custom roast the beans to our clients bespoke requirements.

We also distribute the coffee, with our trade customers, many of whom run coffee shops, hotels, and restaurants, marketing their coffee via our online marketplace.

Having created a vibrant coffee marketplace online, selling coffee and engaging with our customers 365 days of the year, Blendly Baristas can access our unique interface to swap ideas, share advice, and benefit from our many business “tools” which cover topics such as stock control, E procurement, equipment care, and distribution.

Coffee loving consumers can order Blendly coffee at home at the click of a button, with their coffee choices delivered to their homes the next day. They can create their own blends, with expert advice given to them by us or they can match favourite High Street Coffee Shop blends. They can also buy the coffee that our existing hospitality business customers are giving to their customers anywhere in the world. Just use the Blendly website, or order at the venue where a unique QR code enables instant ordering with delivery to the door within three days.

We have fifteen years of experience in buying commodities, and cater for the growing trend amongst young people in “creating things unique to themselves.”

As a customer you want your commodities available to you instantly, and you want to have a greater stake in them, to know the provenance, and to personalise your choices.

Whether it’s for your own use at home, or you are running a business, as customers you want to feel you are making responsible and meaningful choices which will benefit the wider community.

Our Community Builder allows our Baristas to connect with customers online and take charge of their local distribution to these clients. Our Baristas can develop opportunities supplying customers in their own homes. It puts both our Baristas, and our customers, at the very heart of the business.

Food & drink services accessed online, such as Blendly, are very much here to stay.

It’s a blow to the traditional door to door salesman, but operating like Blendly gives much lower running costs, savings which can be passed onto the customer, whilst feeding profit back into the business.

The customer can access great coffee 24/7 anywhere in the world, even during the recent lockdown of the economy.

The Boathouse Glencaple Case Study

Denyse Boyle has been working with Blendly for ten months and was delighted to find a Scottish based artisan coffee roaster & blender to supply the coffee at her popular café and shop, which she runs at Glencaple in Dumfries & Galloway.

A huge coffee fan, as well as something of an ambassador for it, Denyse spent a total of fifteen years working for one of the nation’s favourite coffee brands, fulfilling the roles of both store manager, and brand excellence coach – so you could say she knows her coffee beans!

The price point is very attractive too

She developed her blend with us – 80% Brazilian Santos Bean and 20% Guatemala Hue Hue bean – based on her own personal preferences, but was confident that her customers would love it too. Listing Blendly’s efficiency as the biggest benefit to using us, she is delighted that the coffee is roasted for her by Blendly, and delivered to her so fresh!

“The price point is very attractive too,” says Denyse. “I’m the only venue that provides this delicious blend, made into fabulous hot drinks for my customers to enjoy.”

“It’s a real talking point for my customers whom I have told all about Blendly, and how we worked together to create the blend,” she added.

“I definitely feel special having my own bespoke blend for the cafe. If you take pride in your business, and want to share and promote the provenance and sustainability of the ingredients you use, then why wouldn’t you extend this to your coffee? It’s one of our biggest volume products.”

They are a fully digital, one stop shop where I feel valued as a customer. I would encourage any coffee shop to check them out and see how they can help them build coffee sales.

A next step for Denyse may be to start selling her unique blend to others, as she builds on this aspect of what is in effect, a separate coffee business within her business, something which Blendly help with every step of the way.

“Blendly have thought of everything,” finished Denyse. “They are a fully digital, one stop shop where I feel valued as a customer. I would encourage any coffee shop to check them out and see how they can help them build coffee sales.”

Gordon Peat and His Old Monklands Blend

Gordon Peat Old Monklands BlendWith an extensive background in retail management, Gordon Peat from Coatbridge knows what makes customers tick. His motivation and drive knows no bounds with him having been a professional football player in his youth.

His love of coffee over the past six years has seen him become a Qualified Barista with his own coffee cart, and a Qualified Grader for Arabica Beans.

Knowledgeable and passionate about coffee as he is, this has naturally led Gordon to social media where he is active on Instagram with coffee hints and tips, and on his blog where he recommends great coffee shops to others.

On discovering Blendly, Gordon worked with us to develop his Old Monklands Blend, containing a mix of Brazilian Santos beans, Ugandan Robusta, Indian Monsoon Malabar beans, Kenya AA beans, and Indian Sumatra Beans. It was so named because he lives near the Old Monklands Canal in Coatbridge, once a bustling commercial route for transporting goods.

I wanted to reference where I live and work in my coffee blend, after all this something you are creating which is unique to you, and your experiences

Gordon Peat Old Monklands Blend

“I wanted to reference where I live and work in my coffee blend, after all this something you are creating which is unique to you, and your experiences,” said Gordon. “As well as the Monklands canal being here, this area of Coatbridge used to be run by Monklands District Council, so it made sense to have Monklands in the name. It meant a lot to me to reference this, and I was confident it would resonate with the local people who are my customers at my coffee cart.”

Gordon Peat Old Monklands Blend

Gordon loves experimenting with coffee roasts and blends. “I have both a large and small roaster at home which are fantastic to use,” he said. “I started off roasting and experimenting at home for my own use, but as I became more confident I started my coffee cart which I really enjoyed.”

“It was brilliant to get my own Old Monklands blend which my customers, as well as friends and family, love. Through Blendly and its many business tools which you qualify for under the Barista Plan, I have been able to grow this coffee business and significantly increase my customer base,” added Gordon.

I have access to worldwide beans, and I enjoy professional service with my Blendly coffee delivered promptly to me.

Gordon Peat Old Monklands Blend“I have access to worldwide beans, and I enjoy professional service with my Blendly coffee delivered promptly to me.”

“I’d recommend Blendly to anyone who loves coffee,” finished Gordon, “whether it’s for their own personal use, or to develop as a business. The buzz of creating something unique to yourself is also amazing in today’s fast paced world, dominated as it is by huge brands. Create your own brand I say!”

With thanks to Lee Freeman Photography for the images in this blog! Lee has worked with Gordon to show him hard at work making coffee!

A Bespoke Coffee Experience for The Red House Hotel’s 40th Anniversary

The Red House Hotel – 40 years running a busy hotel for the whole community in Coupar Angus – now with its own Bespoke Coffee Experience with Blendly!

The Red House Hotel, the last Hotel in Coupar Angus, is the home of fresh bespoke coffee!  The Hotel now has its own Beer Garden, open every day, and serving teas, coffees & lunches, as well as alcoholic drinks.


Outdoor Beer Garden has become a popular coffee hub to enjoy a blether and check up on friends we may have not seen recently

Currently celebrating 40 years of ownership by the Bannerman family, 2020 is a special year for the Hotel. Dating back to Victorian times, when Coupar Angus had a vibrant railway station, the building was originally called The Railway Hotel. When the trains ceased to run, the neighbouring potato store and railway yard was purchased by current owner Alan Bannerman’s father Norman, and his Uncle Telford, from then owners, Scottish Brewers, in 1979, with the two men calling their business partnership, Nortel Leisure. Redeveloping the building back into a Hotel, which they called The Red House Hotel, the business opened its doors to guests in 1980.

“Developing our own delicious coffee blend with Blendly, is just one of the new initiatives we have introduced to celebrate our forty years of ownership,” said Alan.

As a brand it was important for us to create something unique that matches our brand values for quality and independence.

“It’s also in response to customer demand, as everyone wants great coffee at any time of the day, and we were finding that artisan coffee was becoming more and more popular.”

“As a brand it was important for us to create something unique that matches our brand values for quality and independence. We’re not a big chain hotel – we are family run, one of the  biggest employers in the town, and we promote community.”

The Red House Hotel blend, also available at the Hotel’s sister business, The Dalmore Inn, Blairgowrie, is a Dark Italian Espresso, featuring a third Brazilian Santos Beans, a third Colombian Excelso Beans, and a third Ugandan Robusta Beans. The grind is Whole Bean, whilst the Roast is Dark Italian. Customers can order this very same coffee to enjoy at home by scanning the QR code which is displayed in each venue. The coffee will then be delivered to their homes within three working days, to bring a taste of their favourite local establishments to their home!

With Quality food and service at the top of  The Red House Hotel’s agenda, they understand that more and more top establishments, hotels and restaurants have increased sales of the hot drink three times faster than specialist outlets, by creating coffee blends that are unique to them and their customer.

    • According to Mintel Coffee drinking is ingrained among Brits as, today, a coffee-loving four in five (79%) adults drink coffee at home.
    • Drunk by 62% of adults, instant coffee is the nation’s number one in-home coffee brew, followed by ground coffee (24%) and coffee pods (15%).
    • Keeping up appearances, as many as one in five (20%) coffee-drinking Brits say they would be embarrassed to serve instant coffee to their guests. But it is the nation’s young (aged 16-34) who are Britain’s top coffee snobs, 31% of whom would be embarrassed to serve a cup of instant coffee.

 “Our Beer Garden has also become a great spot to gather, drink our coffee blend, and chat in small bubble groups – our customers can come into the hotel. Coffee and a chat has become so important post covid as we all reconnect, so let’s do it over the freshest, most delicious coffee we can offer,” added Alan Bannerman. 

We love to use seasonal ingredients, and ingredients that mean something to us, so a dessert with our own coffee, maybe a pannacotta, or a coffee souffle, is bound to be popular with the many foodies we attract.

Head Chef at the Hotel, Nigel Liston, is excited about working with Blendly, and has plans to develop a dessert containing the Hotel’s blend.

“This is quality coffee containing speciality coffee beans harvested around the world,” he said. “We love to use seasonal ingredients, and ingredients that mean something to us, so a dessert with our own coffee, maybe a pannacotta, or a coffee souffle, is bound to be popular with the many foodies we attract.”  

As palates change, Blendly, the commercial coffee roaster, understands that many more people are looking for increased choice in quality food and drink. Blendly allows its customers to create their own coffee experience, delivered fresh.

Allowing them to explore the flavours of different beans and roasts is part of the Blendly coffee experience!

Blendly Supporting the Third Sector

According to Tim Brown of the University of Chester, the UK charity sector could possibly loose up to £5bn in funding as a result of COVID191.  Cancelled events such as London Marathon, Fundraising dinners, canvassing…most, if not all, gone…

Here at Blendly, we’re doing our part to take a positive role in changing this situation by partnering with charities and organisations to develop blends and generate a sustainable, permanent income by using our Barista Distributor Community Builder.

The Blendly Barista Distributor Community Builder accounts were designed to be used by approved Barista Distributors allowing them to work with friends, family, and other groups in the creation of customised coffee blends. The Community Builder extends the range of products and services available to baristas in the delivery of their coffee. Charities and organisations are now able to use this powerful tool to develop and market their blends online using the Blendly platform.

Our first client, Spina Bifida Hydrocephalus Scotland has already developed their blends and will be launching at the end of the month.  The whole process from concept to market, complete with own branded label, took 72 hours. The official launch will take place at the beginning of July when this blog will be updated to feature the blends referral links.

On working with Spina Bifida Hydrocephalus Scotland, Mark Wilson commented “The Blendly team are extremely proud to be partnering with Spina Bifida Hydrocephalus Scotland and as they start their journey as coffee distributors to their network of over 5,500 members. This truly demonstrates the entrepreneurial spirit that exists within their community which shows real potential to raise substantial funds over time.”

What does a Blendly Barista Distributor Community Builder do?
A Blendly Barista Distributor Community Builder allows you to manage and distribute fresh coffee blends direct to your own network. The Sales Manager Account gives you access to the same production and manufacturing facility. Blendly will be your support and puts you in charge by letting you manage your customers. The Sales Manager Account will allow you to blend a unique coffee and create any coffee type that suits the client requirements.

To know more register through this link.

In the meantime, let’s all try to do something to help support the many worthy charities and causes, they depend on our support and generosity.


Blendly Launch Giving Access to 10,000 Unique Subscribers

Blendly is excited to announce the launch of the Blendly – Barista Coffee Community Box on subscription platform.

Our partnership with uOpen will give our Barista community free access to a market consisting of 10, 000 unique users of Uopen which attracts between 7000 – 8000 internet search hits per month. You can learn more about our partnership from our interview with uOpen below.

Mark Wilson Head of the Blendly Commercial Marketplace understands that the industry for fresh coffee was very traditional, roasting coffee has not changed for 100’s of years. The Blendly on-demand services allows greater access to a wide range of commodities creating a unique offering to people drinking coffee –  giving wider and greater access to the process of creating fresher coffee and developing the tools to create a more sustainable community that benefits from the knowledge and skills of local baristas.

Working with uOpen, we can give more access to our on-demand service and build a greater community around the baristas and coffee lovers that use the Blendly marketplace to create and distribute their skills and knowledge in the creation on their own coffee blends.

Your Company/Box Name: Blendly – Barista Coffee Community Box

What sparked your decision to start up your box and how did you get started?

uOpen came across our platform when we were featured in an online news article by The Scotsman – Food and Drink and we were invited to join the uOpen community.

We curate a growing number of great coffee blends that have been created by coffee lovers, baristas, cafes, and organizations across the UK.  These blenders represent the foundation of our coffee-loving community and we were excited by the opportunity to share their love of coffee with other communities that share a common interest. 

Each of the blenders featured in the Blendly Barista Bundle receives a contribution of the monthly subscription.

Describe your box in three words?
Fresher, Quicker, Better

Where did your box name come from?
Our Blendly customer accounts are referred to as “Barista” accounts and their blends are known as barista blends.  Blendly – Barista Coffee Community Box just seems to roll off the tongue. 

Are you a creator or curator?
The Blendly coffee and green bean marketplace allows creativity in coffee blending to flourish by giving greater access to the components that make up your favorite cup of coffee.

Blendly is a one stop, online coffee roasting and blending service developed for baristas and coffee lovers to create something unique for people. Our ethos is to reflect the diversity within the coffee loving community and our mission is to give our community the tools to create blends that are unique to  themselves. 

We see Blendly as the world’s independent Coffee Blend Curator, allowing you to taste match coffee and create a coffee blend using commodities sourced from all over the world. 

What was your most popular box?
Each box will be unique and we expect popularity to grow monthly. Everyone has their own special relationship with coffee – and we look forward to helping you share that passion with friends, family and colleagues.

How many people are involved with producing your subscription box?
This is a good question as each box is formulated each month, the number of people involved can vary.  We would include the blend creators, the people who have cupped and tasted the blends and the people who have bought the creators blend, then there’s the production team of roasters and packers.

Which subscription boxes do you subscribe to?
A certain personal grooming subscription… 

Name a celebrity subscriber you’d love to have as a customer?
Some of our baristas already make coffee for Celebrities we love to make coffee for them. 

If you could put anything in your box, with money or scarcity no object, what would it be?
More time.

What do you love about uOpen?
It enables us to grow our coffee-loving community and celebrate the success of our partners. 

Do you have any other information or feedback that you’d like to put forward for inclusion in the interview article?
The Blendly green bean coffee marketplace  is available for all to use and we welcome coffee lovers to create their own blends and share with their family, friends and colleagues.

The Blendly marketplace platform is scalable and we enable independent cafes, businesses and communities to develop their own blends and distribute throughout their communities at prices based on the volumes they can sell.  

Being a Barista Distributor offers you the best of both worlds, learn and earn. By developing your knowledge of what it takes to achieve a great coffee taste and an understanding of the ingredients and methods that goes along with it, you’re paving the way to a sustainable return just doing what you love most – how great is that!

Cupcake coffee Box – Customers to access their coffee blend during lockdown – The Rise of the Virtual Coffee Coffee Shop 

Cupcake coffee Box – customers to access their favorite coffee blend during lockdown over the internet – The Rise of the Virtual Coffee Coffee Shop 

The Team at Cupcake coffee Box have developed Black N Brewed a home shopping brand to allow their coffee shop customers to get access to their favorite coffee at home Black N Brewed was created after the closure of our coffee shops. 

Mike and the Cupcake coffee box team Wanted to do more for its customers and

Jason Ross a growing number of barista developing skills with Barisat Community Builder

the front line workers in the Police and Health Service that visited our coffee shop daily and we are delighted we can now manage their home office and hospital supplies we had a superb Coffee Blend created by commercial coffee roaster 

The Team at  cupcake coffee box have been a regular user of the commercial coffee roaster, a commercial coffee roaster allow Baristas and its many coffee shop customers to open up new opportunities in online shopping allowing there existing coffee shop customers have there favourite coffee delivered to there home 

Mike lowe and the team working with can advise and create coffee blends for their customers as well as manage their own coffee supplies to these customers during the lockdown keeping good there customers homes topped up with coffee 

Cupcake coffee box closed in light of the Covid 19 outbreak meaning that there regular customers were not able to get their favorite cup of coffee.   Mike Lowe the companies owner and the cup cake coffee team are using their account to manage and ship and create services to their customers and can now ship their favorite coffee straight to their customers home 

Cupcake coffee box has developed Black N Brewed specific for the home shopping customers from their experience of coffee and the coffee tastes has been developed over many years of serving great coffee 

Cupcake Coffee Box home delivery brand Black N Brewed like most Coffee shops businesses have great expertise and knowledge and  have been at the heart of their local community providing a social space for people to enjoy fresh coffee  

And  working with has given new opportunities to supply our customers at home as well as provide coffee for many of the important services that are in in the Fight to help prevent the spread of Covid 19 we can manage online accounts for Health care workers in hospitals and our police forces that Traditionally visited our Coffee shop 

Build Your Coffee Reputation

Blendly commercial coffee marketplace creates transparent access to fresh coffee production via our scalable production facility, giving the global coffee consumer opportunities to transmit greater economic and social value in their coffee blends.

Blendly allows your coffee blends to be developed, shared and redistributed across multiple sales channels giving your brand and its values a wider audience. Blendly also enables your brand to have automation support and management as your coffee reputation grows.

Blendly marketplace allows sustainable and transparent access to fresh coffee production for the global coffee consumer by giving them transparent access to the components that make up their everyday cup of coffee.

Blendly takes a decentralised approach to achieving sustainable commercial coffee roasting allowing raw materials purchasing, production manufacturing, and distribution to be commissioned independently. This adds a layer of  flexibility to the usual current mass production models.

Barista Tools For The New Tomorrow

Blendly understands that we and our palates are unique. Blendly marketplace tools allow users to develop great-tasting unique coffee by mixing the commodities that make up your everyday bag of coffee, providing them with the opportunity to share that experience with others. marketplace tools were developed to better integrate the components of coffee into the lives of coffee lovers, enabling us to create unique coffee flavours and tastes, and provide a platform to allow everyone to develop the skills needed to produce great coffee. blend repository is part of the range of coffee tools that has been developed over years of roasting coffee for customers all over the country. It contains the feedback from baristas and customers that use the marketplace.

The blend repository allows an instant understanding of the makeup of coffee flavours that are tested by the many professional baristas and coffee lovers that use the market place every day to get the best from their coffee.

The Blend repository is a published repository of recipes based around the commodities that are used to create coffee blends and have been used, tested and tasted served by baristas and customers all over the country

The Blend repository allows you  to replicate the flavour of global and local brands, and contains the cupping notes that can be used to reference the creation of your own unique brand

With so many coffee brands and so many coffee distributors, the  team can help you develop your own blend and create the cupping notes then publish the results.  Every Online account allows you to create and publish your own cupping notes, so that you can evaluate and taste match of many of the worlds global and local brands and compare your own findings with others.

Building your own cupping notes is building your own brand based on your ability to develop your palate from the various flavour components, roasts and serving methods. Understand that local conditions can affect the flavour of your coffee blend. This ability to understand the mix of beans, the local conditions and the way the coffee is served helps extend your skills and understanding to friends, family and colleagues. marketplace tools can be accessed through a range of account types that allow the full range of the your skills to be managed. As you build your understanding of coffee, you can change your subscription service and take advantage of volumised pricing and delivery options.  Upgrading your subscription service gives you a gateway to blends published by other marketplace users,  helping you build knowledge and skills. The marketplace also helps manage your coffee stock, whether for home or business. Predictive Ordering allows you to automatically manage your coffee, keeping it fresh and available when you need it.  Predictive ordering also allows you to manage other peoples coffee supply, whether for home, office, family or friends. marketplace tools are constantly evolving and allow you to input into the ongoing development of the marketplace. marketplace is built for coffee lovers and at its heart is sustainability and transparency to help us grow.  Our ongoing mission is to develop new tools, create new opportunities and establish new routes to market and share these within the coffee marketplace. We will work to create and develop innovation with partners and coffee drinkers and extend our tools across the global supply chain using our revenue sharing system developed around our barista Distributor programme.  This is a key feature of our ongoing strategy to promote sustainable thinking and development within the marketplace and it is our aim to extend this across the larger networks that we work with and manage.

If you like to work with the Marketplace then reach out at