We Have the Ideal Card this Christmas – Barista Roasting Gift Card

It’s a great time to think about long term communication with your customers and Blendly can help you build long term relationships with them through our new Barista Roasting Gift Card.

The Barista Roasting Gift Card allows you to open up a new dialogue with customers around supplying their family, friends and work colleagues as part of the growth of your business. It is fully integrated with your Community Builder account and allows you to get commissions from the people who are using the card you sold them. The card also enables your coffee blend to be consumed in the homes and offices of your customers. This also opens a new gateway for online customers to reach you easier.

With the growth of online deliveries to people’s homes and workspaces, the opportunity to create value around your coffee blend and coffee skills has never been greater. Home deliveries in the food service industry has skyrocketed in the recent years. More and more customers are getting engageable 24 hours a day giving them access to their favourite coffee blend through the new Barista Roasting Gift Card.

Learn more about the Barista Roasting Gift Card here. You can also contact us through the live chat or through the channels below.

Stir a Little Digital Into Your Coffee Consumption

Blendly understands that the global coffee market is based on commodities, and how these commodities are procured, processed and implemented into the supply chain that puts them in your cup.

Blendly understands that the creation of modern products and the production environments that can support innovation, increases the ability to deliver newer methods of distribution.

This allows its customers to prototype new ideas and deliver products that are more tailored to a growing customer that understands choice and value.

Blendly production incorporates reactive planning and predictive ordering as well as local forecasting tools for its customers, offering a seamless trusted service.

Blendly are the backbone of many UK brands, allowing these brands to scale orders quickly from the local environment to national and international distribution of fresh coffee all roasted and delivered within three days.

Blendly can take a taste profile and have the coffee ready for European distribution via Amazon fulfillment.

Blendly has grown in the local coffee shops by creating value around coffee and allowing transparent pricing and quick delivery as well as working with customers to develop tools that increase the overall margin of coffee sales.

They have also developed e-procurement tools for local government that allow transparent pricing on coffee products. The company continue to innovate with tools that allow enterprise  integration, e-commerce platforms, call center and scheduling and distribution tools via the Blendly API.

The company has also given baristas a bigger say in the products, improving flavor and taste and allowing a greater number of diverse products to be created. Giving a better understanding of the commodity costs that create the everyday cup of coffee.

These tools save time and money and provide a flexible and managed system around the busy barista assisting with stock and cost control as well as centralised purchasing. Services such as predictive ordering and the community builder are the tools that allows Barista to distribute coffee in volumes that would normally be associated with larger distributors as well as manage complex groups of customers.

Blendly continues to look for new relationships with investors and customers that have an understanding of the ongoing development in a business that brings a much-awaited value to a traditional industry that some commentators have been slow to bring on innovation.