Barista Distributor – Community Builder Account

What is a Blendly Barista Distributor Community Builder  Account?

Blendly developed the Barista Distributor Community Builder Account to allow Baristas to get access to the various combination that is available in roasting and blending speciality coffee. This is by giving you direct access to the blending process created by Blendly.

The Blendly Barista Distributor Community Builder accounts were designed to be used by approved Barista Distributors allowing them to work with friends, family, and other groups, in the creation of customers coffee blends. This extends the range of products and services available to baristas in the delivery of their coffee.

Blendly understands that working in partnership with trained Baristas to develop and distribute its Coffee Roasting service, is one of the best ways to provide quality and value directly to its customers, thus has a greater potential of increasing its distribution channel to reach its customers who will have 100% control on their coffee blends.

Why we developed Blendly Barista Distributor Community Builder for the modern Barista wanted to build a tool that will allow Baristas to build networks and benefit from the knowledge they have gained in looking after thousands of customers every day in serving and preparing great coffee and build on the transparent ethic of the Blendly Coffee brand.

Help Barista Get more 

Helping get more of the different types of coffee beans will allow Baristas to help advise customers on how to develop a coffee that is more unique and individual. In helping people create these choices we wanted to bring more value to the Barista role.

Barista Build Passive Income – The modern approach  getting more than tips wanted to allow Baristas to build and create an income from their advice, recommendations and customer relationships skills. wants to build a sustainable income after their work was finished, as well as build their own network of customers that they can supply information and knowledge on taste and products as well as to support their development, and support their learning as they grow within the network.

Blendly Barista Distributor Community Builder – What does it do?

Blendly Barista Distributor Community Builder allows you to manage and distribute fresh coffee blends direct to your own network. The Sales Manager Account gives you access to the same production and manufacturing facility. is will be your support but puts you in charge by letting you manage your customers. The Sales Manager Account will allow you to blend a unique coffee and create any coffee type that suits the client requirements.

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