Barista Distributor – How Much Can I Earn?

Being a Barista Distributor offers you the best of both worlds, learn and earn. Through the use of your knowledge and understanding of what it takes to achieve a great coffee taste and the ingredients and methods that goes along with it. You’re building yourself to more than just a barista but paving a way for a sustainable return just doing what you love most – how cool is that!

Blendly understands the need for sharing the love for coffee and the good complement it goes to the maker, this is all through your Barista Community Builder account.  Not only you build a passive income, through this – you will gradually develop your own network that allows more people to follow your passion and as well as more people putting in some footprints on your bottom-line.

The Service
It is only with Blendly, that’s putting in their best effort to provide you great range of product offerings giving you flexibility and freedom based around the following consumers:

  1. Barista Home. These can be your friends, family or extended social group that are all looking for access on what to drink and what to blend. This account allows your coffee lover peers to access your skills and knowledge. This account allows you to recommend and create coffee products for a whole range of people that love great coffee.

  2. Barista. These are consumers that are currently working in shops that have access to a larger network of customers. They are already engaged in a customer servicing facing role with daily contact to customers that see them every day as part of their coffee drinking journey.

  3. Barista Plus. These are baristas that are working in larger organisations and need access to higher volumes, better prices and greater distribution tools.

If you’d like to learn more, visit this link or chat with us through our website.

Customer's Barista PlansAverage Commission Per KiloNumber of CustomersVolume Per Customer Per Week (Kilo)Volume Per Customer Per Month (Kilo)Volume Per Customer Per Year (Kilo)Commission Per WeekCommission Per MonthCommission Per Year
Barista Home£3.911000.50 kg2.00 kg24.00 kg£195.73£782.90£9394.80
Barista£1.31203.50 kg14.00 kg168.00 kg£91.58£366.33£4396.00
Barista Plus£0.4067.00 kg28.00 kg336.00 kg£16.68£66.72£800.69
Total Commissions