Scotch and Rye the Best Coffee in Inverness

Blendly the best UK coffee roaster develops the best coffee products for Cru Holdings in Inverness. Cru Holdings innovation is growing with the ongoing development of brands such as Scotch and Rye that are both engaging and build around superb service and value. Freshly roasted coffee is important to customers and Cru Holdings is a powerhouse of innovation and invention making people’s choices better.

Allowing them better fresh roasted coffee every day. Fresh roasted coffee is important as fresh roasted coffee is becoming expected by more and more customers.

Cru Holdings is a powerhouse of innovation and invention making peoples choices better every day and every way, Heading up this ongoing quest to keep this group on the innovation wave Simon Swinton General Manager.

Simon Swinton  like a growing number of experienced General Managers understands that customers are at the heart of all successful operations and great choices build around your customer deliver more and more value

Simon Swinton the General Manager worked with Blendly a commercial coffee roaster to create a superb range of coffees unique to the customers.

Developing a house blend for Simon is part of successful teamwork with Cru Holdings a team that love what they do and also love coffee!   Because that first cup of coffee in the morning signifies everything we are all about.

Cru Holdings MD had what he declared the “best cup of coffee” he had ever tasted – perfect temperature, perfect sweetness, balanced with enough bitterness to wake you up!

Cru Holdings have a special gift around development deployment of innovation into the market and have developed highly successful brands as part of their portfolio development.

Engaging The Customer
Interactive merchandise engaging the customer

Working with Blendly gives Simon Swinton and the Cru Holdings team the ability to create superb products giving them access to the range of commodities that used to create the worlds best coffee brands for each of their themes and allow a single product to integrate into the most complex supply chains

Blendly also work to develop footfall allowing customers to develop conversations around the coffee blend and be part of the great customer engagement.

Blendly help manage and develop stock inventory with the predictive ordering services that meant that stock is kept fresh and full of flavour and purchased as part of a managed service.

Blendly understand  that customers are looking for products with more transparency and unique to the people that drink them allowing customers to access a library of products that allow coffee to be blended, roasted, and branded unique to the customer.

Blendly have also developed training systems that allow the customer to understand and learn more about coffee by giving greater access to

more information on origin beans from all over the world and giving customers tools that can help them build their own taste profiles by publishing the cupping notes to better understand how the products are made and what they are made off.

More and more people are looking to better associate with the products they are drinking and are leading the way working with companies like Cru Holdings lets Blendly better develop its product and services.




The Butcher The Baker Wins The Best Young Business of the Year

In the sixth annual Courier Business awards, The Butcher The Baker was one of the businesses from across Tayside and Fife that are celebrating after being named winners in the Sixth Annual Courier Business Awards.

In all, 23 awards were handed out at the glittering ceremony in the Apex Hotel, with Castle Water of Blairgowrie taking home the coveted Business of the Year prize. The ceremony also saw Mike Galloway, the former executive director of city development at Dundee City Council, recognised.

At The Butcher The Baker, there will be one word that you will continually see and we hope it jumps out at you. It is a small, two-syllable noun called PASSION. It may only be a noun and one that is too often overused, but it is the one definitive word that we genuinely believe succinctly portrays what drives us personally and as a business and one that you will see time and time again. Simply it is what and who we are.

The Butcher The Baker is also a business that accepts no compromise with any component of its operation, from the team that was chosen to lead it, to our suppliers and product range and it reflects the level of investment and commitment that designed and built this new, innovative and exciting retailing concept.

Blendly is delighted to be the supplier and creator of The Butcher The baker’s coffee blend, The blend was developed as part of the companies attention to detail.

The task of creating the coffee was given to Blendly commercial coffee roaster, Blendly develop a mission-critical service for the most demanding environments. the coffee is roasted upon order to ensure its freshness

Blendly developed this signature blend as part of the companies’ retail offering creating a customised look to the coffee allow the customers to take the brand home.

All of Blendly’s products have their own special code that allows the retail customers to order directly online – as well as make blend modifications to allow the customer to design and develop tastes that are unique to themselves and have it delivered straight to your door.

West Sussex Council Works with Blendly to Deliver Value

More and more local government are taking advantage of the economy, effectiveness and efficiency created by the food supply chain and product management system developed by the Blendly to create and manage their fresh coffee supplies. West Sussex County Council (WSCC) is the authority that governs the non-metropolitan county of West Sussex. The county also contains 7 district and borough councils, and 159 towns, parish and neighbourhood councils. The county council has 71 elected councilors. The Chief Executive and her/his team of Executive Directors are responsible for the day-to-day running of the council.

With austerity measures in place to significantly curtail government spending in an effort to control public-sector debt. Blendly is leading the way to create greater value in government procurement.

Blendly a commercial coffee roaster provides a fresh coffee roasting service that allows the local government to take advantage of centralising inventory that can allow greater flexibility in their coffee products, allowing local baristas to tune the blends specific to the customer.

  1. Blendly allows you to be flexible
  2. Using Blendly allows you to use the most current technologies.
  3. Using Blendly allows you to take advantage of other modern technologies.
  4. Using Blendly allows you to streamline and simplify your systems.
  5. Using Blendly the staff’s technical and product skills can be enhanced.

Managing Complexity – The Internal Supply Chain

Local authorities that manage a more and more complex business require a well managed and mission-critical suppliers that can help in delivering value by integrating into their day to day operations.

Blendly allow organisations with multiple locations and sites to draw from a centralised inventory – allowing local government to move away from one product fits all – and develop customer-focused solutions for their coffee products.

Optimised Cost – of Products Reducing Cost

Blendly also allow its costumers to optimise blends – creating cost benefits in the delivery of the coffee by allowing ratios to be adjusted in the coffee blends and the changes to affected immediately into production by the use of the CTAPS food security and production system.

Transparency Brings Value 

Coffee also usually comes as part of a product bumble – including Machines, Finance, Servicing and Repairs. This bundling of products can remove pricing clarity – As it’s not always possible within a bundle of products to establish individual components costs.

And with the coffee (green bean costs) affecting the kg cost of all coffee production as well as having a fundamental effect on flavour. Transparency must better play an important part of local government food offering.

More and more people have a better understanding of what creates a good coffee. Blendly is leading the way in allowing organisations and local government to deliver value and find greater transparency.