Caffè Carraro 1927 – The Importance Of Coffee Transparency

Blendly is selling coffee around Scotland, giving value and choice and setting new opportunities for coffee outlets to develop their own coffee taste and flavours.

Caffè Carraro and the 1927 blend is the result of Carraro’s many years of research and experience in the coffee industry that covers a period of three generations. It is made from nine meticulously selected Arabica varieties. This blend has been a favourite in cafès for decades because of its wonderful properties of compact and persistent creaminess, fragrant and fruity aroma and rich and velvety flavour. The beans are packed straight from the roaster in a protected atmosphere to ensure you get the optimum freshness right to the last bean.

Despite those facts, Blendly is still able to complete by having a much more flexible production base and can offer customers a great range of coffee tastes by allowing them to create their own coffee blends rather than the static mass produces. They offer customers direct access to production and scheduling software allowing coffee to be blended fresh and quickly saving time and money.

Blendly also allows customers to select from a range of commodities to extend the taste and make the coffee more unique to themselves making it their own coffee blend.

Blendly offers next day delivery and other Barista services.

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