BUBU – Food and Coffee for Lovers of Greatness – Freshness and Innovation

It’s not every day you get you to get a focus that is fundamentally commercial, that big business can’t deliver boutique hospitality. It’s a new way of thinking that embodies the dedication to excellence, hyper professionalism and delivering quality at scale.

The Bubu Team –

BUBU is leading the way in Dundee that is evident in a small but growing crop of artisan concepts. that are not only serving world-class coffee and food but  It’s a revolutionary way of doing business across specialist and non-specialist sectors catering to an increasingly sophisticated, discerning and price-conscious public. It’s a new business era obsessed with understanding customer needs – and delivering to them consistently.

In this market – BUBU has selected Blendly to help push the boundaries in the coffee they serve. Blendly is a commercial coffee roaster that developed customised tastes and flavours for the new type of business wBUBU here the customer is at the centre of its focus.

Blendly allows it’s customers to vary and change its coffee according to direct feedback from its customers helping create flavours and tastes unique to the person and the environment.

Blendly offer customers such as BUBU choices that better engage its customers and help better understand that freshness and transparency are a new normal in delivering great service and great value.

BUBU Blendly is leading the way in The coffee industry in introducing artisan principles to the mainstream. Challenging recognisable brands giving its consumers reliable signposts to quality and consistency.

As consumers seek more varied and complex in coffees, there are signs that big brands, along with their trusted flavour profiles, are losing market share to the variety and accountability presented by Blendly, by going directly to trade and creating great customer interaction and choice

Blendly understands that coffee is becoming more like wine, and understand that Consumers are broadening their pallets as never before and demanding more clarity on coffee supply chains.

Blendly’s mission is to offer more bean varieties and offer greater ways of allowing customers to access speciality coffee. As the speciality coffee narrative becomes a key factor behind consumer choice.

Clark’s Bakery – Create a Perfect Coffee Blend for The Butcher The Baker

clark's bakery
David Webster (Butcher) and Jonathan Clark (Clark’s Bakery) are joining forces to create the new business called “The Butcher The Baker”

The third generation started going into fast food in a small way 15 years ago. Remembering how Jonathan Clark from Clark’s Bakery used to do hot filled rolls and so the journey began to create a fast food business that is talked about on the media, national radio and national newspapers. Now in 2017 they have 9 shops and employing over 100 staff and have just recently opened their own The Butchers the Baker.

Creating a great coffee for such a great and traditional brand was handed down to Blendly. Blendly is a commercial coffee roaster that specialises in developing uniqclark's bakeryue coffee blends for its customers to complement the service, the food and the customer’s pallets.

Blendly offers a superb range of services that allows, coffee drinkers to create flavours and tastes unique to them self-creating a mission-critical service for the most demanding of environments.

The Butcher The Baker is a business that accepts no compromise with any clark's bakerycomponent of their operation. From the team that was chosen to lead, and to the suppliers and product range, it reflects the level of investment and commitment that designed and built this new, innovative and exciting retailing concept.

Blendly created a coffee blend that allows The Butcher the Baker customers to access the product not only in the local shops but also over the counter. Coffee is freshly roasted ready for serving.

Superb Speciality Coffee In the Heart of Callander – Roman Camp Country Hotel

It’s the attention to every detail that makes your stay at the Roman Camp Country Hotel special and that detail extends to their coffee. Roman Camp County Hotel entrusted its coffee blend to Blendly.
The Potting Shed Bistro

Blendly specialise in the creation of speciality coffee blends creating coffee flavours and tastes from global range coffee beans roasted fresh.

Blendly allow coffee to be unique to the customer and working with Roman Camp Country Hotel, have created a Coffee blend created from Ethiopian Yirgacheffe, Indian Monsoon Malabar, Brazilian Santos and Papua New Guinea speciality coffee beans.
Providing a Great Service and Great Coffee

To create a delicious selection of beans roasted in the traditional continental fashion that creates an espresso with great balance, a fragrant chocolaty taste and aroma, and a luxuriously smooth and creamy texture.

The Roman Camp Country House Hotel was built in 1625 for The Dukes of Perth, has been a hotel since 1930. Bought over by the Brown family in 1989 Eric & Marion have been “keeper of the key” of this stunning house For 28 years.

They have 15 beautifully appointed suites and rooms, set in 20 acres of garden, with a wonderful selection of fruits and vegetables in season. The magnificent drawing room looks over the River Teith, has elegant silk paneled walls, makes an elegant backdrop for any occasion.

Then the breathtaking wood paneled library, with feature floor standing lamps has a small chapel, hidden behind the door. This room can take on many looks, like a chameleon, whether for a wedding or intimate private family get together, with open log fire.

Alan’s Kitchen – Building a Coffee Blend with Blendly – For The Food To Go Market

Situated in the heart of Glasgow is a new type of food experience. Developed to integrate into modern living and modern lifestyles, Alan’s Kitchen is part of a new service that allows its customers to have great choices and great food. The Alan’s Kitchen theme allows customers to select food from a selection of fresh ingredients.

The grab and go market is growing. Rarely has the phrase “convenience is king” been more apt than in the booming food-to-go market. A combination of factors – new ordering and payment technology, global food trends and so-called time poverty has helped to ignite a sector that used to be limited to sandwiches, sausage rolls and sticky buns. The UK’s hot and cold grab and go market is now valued at more than £20B, roughly the gross domestic product of Estonia.

Consumers want food on the move at all hours of the day and the pressure is on to innovate with tasty products and seductive displays. According to IGD and ShopperVista, there are five different occasions, or “missions,” for
food-to-go shoppers: breakfast, drinks, lunch, snacks and leisure. The statistics are compelling.

The company’s survey found that 28% of the UK’s adult population has bought a product on the go for breakfast in the past month – a figure that rises to 70% for lunch. Product choice, quality and taste are big drivers.

Coffee is also playing a big part with more and more customers wanting better and fresher products – products that are also unique and custom made for them. Blendly is a commercial coffee roaster that is creating more and more opportunities in this market allowing customers to take greater control of the products they stock.

To understand more about Blendly and its services contact us through our website or email us at sales@blendly.co.uk

Every Day, In Every Way, I’m Getting Better and Better

Around a century ago a Frenchman named Emile Coue coined a phrase that could change your life.

Every day, in every way, I’m getting better and better.

It’s an often quoted phrase that you’ve no doubt heard before, and one that initially doesn’t seem terribly remarkable.

Here at Blendly, we work with our customers to develop and create tastes and flavours for them. In doing so we are helping them every day, in every way to create better and better experiences for them and their customers.

We work with our customers to help develop and manage their coffee supplies, keeping their coffee fresh and their stock up to date, and we work with customers all over the UK.

We believe that our products should be transparent and should have YOU our customer at the centre of what we do and why we do it.

Our flexible production lines allow your coffee to be supplied to many types of customers from the largest coffee users to the smallest. This makes sure that we help you where ever you are or whatever you are doing every day in every way.

Blendly Interactive Merchandising and Blend Development Services

coffee blendHere at Blendly, we offer many superb ways to add value to your coffee blend with more and more people looking to add value – to the coffee experience.  Blendly coffee blends come with superb set of individual tools that allows you to share your blend and share the love of having or creating great coffee blends with Blendly.

coffee blendBlendly Interactive Merchandise Tools allow you to share your coffee blend and broadcast your blending skills in new and dynamic ways – helping you develop that perfect coffee unique to you, your friends and your customers. This allows you to open up new opportunities and distribution channels.

Blendly Interactive Subscription allows you to better understand your customers as well as create added value by creating subscription purchases and coffee clubs around your own favourite coffee blend and coffee experience and coffee blend.

coffee blendBlendly Analytics Services allow you to create and understand the customers that drink your coffee blend. It also serves as a measure and a way communicate to your customer about the coffee experience.

Blendly Predictive Ordering allows your blend to be managed as part of an outsourced service to better improve freshness and stock control. Our predictive services allow you to move away from one taste fits all and manage individual flavours tastes, batches or consignment specific to location and a theme that you’re trying to create. These are all working off a centralised inventory base.

coffee blendBlendly Customer Management was developed to allow our baristas and Blendly users to create and manage groups of customers that also need to develop more integrated solutions for there coffee systems.

If you would like to understand more about Blendly and its added value services contact us through our website or email us at sales@blendly.co.uk