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Here at Blendly we understand that markets are made up of people and that people love great coffee. With so many people having their own special flavours and rituals, we celebrate the customer and the consumers that are driving change choice and value.

Blendly Barista DistributorsMillennials are “core” in businesses. This is the millennial moment, long expected and feared by companies that built their brands for baby boomers. They are ageing and their offspring, once called the “echo boom”, are no longer teenagers, or even students.

Pew Research Center, the US research group, defines millennials as the 73M Blendly Barista DistributorsAmericans aged between 22 and 37, who will next year overtake boomers in number. “We don’t think of them as special or different any more. They are the core of our business,” says Alan Jope, president of beauty and personal care at Unilever.

The coming of age of the world’s 2BN millennials is not only a generational shift: it is one of ethnicity and nationality. Forty three per cent of US millennials are non-white, and millennials in Asia vastly outnumber those in Europe and the US.

Blendly Barista Distributors
Millennials text with young woman holding a tablet computer in a chair

Despite China’s former one-child policy, it has 400M millennials, more than five times the US figure (and more than the entire US population) while Morgan Stanley estimates that India’s 410M millennials will spend $330BN annually by 2020.

Millennials have reached what the bank calls “the most important age range for economic activity”, when households are formed, babies are born and money is spent not just on going out but on settling down. Simon Isaacs, co-founder of Fatherly, an information and e-commerce site for millennial parents, cites family camping as one of its most popular topics. “That does extremely well for us. They like to buy cool family tents and share videos of their trips.” The world has changed. Millennials want these little brands, local brands Nelson Peltz, activist investor This reflects the depth to which technology is integrated into millennials’ lives and habits.Blendly Barista Distributors

The oldest were teenagers at the time of the Netscape initial public offering in 1995, as the internet became a mass medium, and the youngest was 11 when the Apple iPhone was launched in 2007.

They are used not only to communicating online but buying most things there: $25BN was spent on Alibaba’s Singles Day online shopping festival in China on November 11. Big companies have scrambled to adjust to millennial tastes. Blendly Barista Distributors“Local, original, and what they can feel and trust are all good.

Maybe there is a bit of a reaction to globalisation,” says Laurent Freixe, who heads Nestlé’s US and America’s business, “Organic, natural, and non-GMO are crystallising in the US very fast.” Nestlé last year bought the Blue Bottle chain of coffee shops and in May signed a $7.1BN licensing deal with Starbucks to refresh its Nescafé and Nespresso brands.