Auld Tram Joins Blendly Barista Distributors

Auld Tram has its coffee developed by Blendly, an innovative coffee roaster that allows baristas to create coffee blends using green beans from around the world.

Blendly is a commercial coffee roaster that has been educating its customers – allowing them to access the cupping notes and taste profiles of the coffees of the world via their website.

Blendly also operates a marketplace allowing its baristas to access the flavours and tastes that enables them to work with customers to create the world’s best coffee flavours.

Blendly marketplace have a network of trained baristas called Barista Distributors that can advise and create unique coffee blends for their customers. Barista Distributors can create custom blends for their customers and advise them in many of the flavours and tastes that create great coffee