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When you plan a day shopping in Perth City Centre, Refuelling at the 4 stars awarded Cafe Central is the great place for shoppers  St John’s Shopping Centre is a must-visit Cafe Central are an independently run cafe serving delicious home-cooked meals and delicious home baking in St Johns Shopping Centre.

Cafe Central Perth
Perth Shopping – The Coffee stop for Shoppers

You can enjoy a break from shopping with a coffee and a tasty home-cooked bite to eat. They source their coffee locally and are always looking at ways to become more sustainable and accessible. Cafe Central turned to to help them create the perfect coffee for the Shopping Community

Blendly Specialise in creating coffee blends from beans harvested from all over the world to create unique coffee blends for coffee shops and customers lovers across the UK

The Cafe Central blend was developed for the Cafe Central working with flagship retailers including High Street favourites such as Primark, H&M, JD Sports and River Island, it’s easy to see why St John’s Shopping Centre has become such an institution for the shoppers of Perth.

Cafe Central
Cafe Central Scan and go also allow shoppers to access the Cafe Central Blend 24 hours a day via their unique online portal blendly. As well as fashion-forward stores, you will also find fragrances, gifts, books, entertainment experts and with Cafe Central provides a welcome rest from a busy day shopping.

And according to Deloitte with working from home one or two days a week likely to be increasingly normal. This has implications for city centres and suburban high streets alike. At the most simplistic level, a four-day office working pattern will potentially transfer 20% of lunchtime and evening discretionary spending from main city centres to suburban high streets such as Perth and the team at Cafe Central

Blendly marketplace – Equity Investment Scheme – Decentralising The Current Coffee Marketplace

Blendly disrupts the coffee marketplace by centralizing green beans, production, and distribution values into a central Data Algorithm allowing more people to choose the beans that go into their favorite cup of coffee giving everyone accessible transparent sustainable fresher coffee

The global coffee market was valued at USD 102.02 billion in 2020 and is made up of a supply chain that consists of three components Green Beans, Roasting. The distribution of these three components combined to create the everyday flavors and tastes that make up the everyday cup of coffee.

Blendly operates under a subscription model, allowing these components to be accessed over the internet. What makes our service unique is it is the first to allow the blending process that currently is only available in commercial coffee roasters to be accessed over the internet and for customers to create a coffee blend in accordance with taste and price from a global inventory of green beans.

We launched in 2016 since then we have continued to develop the tools that manage the coffee in its supply chain keeping stock freshers and more predictable on-demand with an intelligent predictive subscription service that manages the volumes and frequency making sure you never run out of fresh coffee

We are fundraising to scale the model further nationally and internationally to the growing market of consumers where the demand for high-quality, barista-style coffee – is showing considerable growth This unique service is it is the first to allow the blending process that is traditionally only available in commercial via coffee roasters to be accessed over entirely the internet

Award Winning Bulldog Frog – Building a better coffee –

Creating a great community around Great Coffee. The Bull Dog Frog Established by Perthshire duo Jessica Meehan and Graham Dunbar, The Bulldog Frog is leading the way in understanding that One of the primary consumer-driven trends  is the desire for the coffee shop to be a community space, linked closely to a neighborhood  its residents and their families

Jessica Meehan and Graham Dunbar Created the Name for the award-winning brand The Bull dog frog –  inspired by the couple’s bulldog Belle, fondly nicknamed by family as the Bullfrog. With family values at their heart, the couple thought it seemed like the perfect fit.

For so many people today, the home is also the workplace, and having a place to go-to for community interaction and good coffee is increasingly important to consumers.  The Bull Dog Frog is focused on family , and great coffee

And coffee sits at the Core – The Bulldog frog worked with the Perthsire coffee roaster that allowed them to create your own coffee blend  The bulldog Frog blend was developed from coffee beans harvested around the world.

The Bull Dog Frog
The Bull Dog Frog Take home today

Creating the Bull Dog Frog Blend The process is simple and easy to manage on the Blendly website from the comfort of your computer. You get to pick what goes into your favorite coffee with the click of a mouse. also help us distribute the coffee to all our customers via their online portal, With their Barista Distributor program  – allowing us to stay connected and keep coffee cups fill at home with their unique service  Blendly allows us to grow and manage our own network of coffee drinkers

Coffee is an ever-growing commodity all over the world. The customers getting more and more interested, experimental and enthusiastic with the art of coffee making, of blending, roasting and are growing more curious about how their coffee is being processed. There is no longer a secret kept to these curious customers,  Blendly has allowed individuals, coffee entrepreneurs to join us, spread the concept of “Blendlying”, and “Barista Distributors”.


Green Bean Prices – Your Coffee Blend

Over the last few months, we have all been witnessing pressure on prices and to date we have worked to minimize these pressures in the Blendly marketplace. We have introduced new account types and also added ways for your customers to build value with you in how they can have their everyday fix of coffee and we look forward to working with you to build more value in the New Year.

Green beans prices have been increasing over the last quarter and are now at 10 years high. Due to pressure on these commodity prices – The Blendly marketplace will start to reflect the current changes in these commodity prices.

Coffee Prices
US Coffee C Futures

Although green beans from all over the world have been affected as all our products are individually priced according to the mix of beans. Some blend mixes will remain relatively unchanged, however, South American beans such as  Brazilian and Columbian are noticeably affected.

We will continue to innovate over the coming year to build more value into our services. As well as build new types of accounts that allow everyone that we work with to build more value and open up more channels for your coffee blends.

Over the coming days, weeks, I look forward to catching up.

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