Interactive Merchandising of coffee blend Lets Your Customer Have a Say

Table Cards – Allow the customer to get direct access to information

When it comes to creating the best in coffee, customers form the best advice you can imagine. Having customer feedback on your coffee blend is as important as having coffee.

With more and more customers looking to better understand more about the product and what goes into them, Blendly is at the leading edge of creating products and services that allow the customer to stay informed as well as help develop the flavours and tastes that can help in developing your coffee brand.

Interactive Merchandising of coffee blend
Window Banners allow customers to interact with the coffee blends

Blendly also allows customers and clients to have the product delivered were they want it. Every coffee blend has a unique coffee code that we call CTAPS code that lows you check online what is in your favourite cup of coffee.

These cades allow you to access your blend anywhere by simply scanning the code on your coffee bag or interactive merchandising of coffee blend you can see the details and roast that was applied to your coffee

Interactive Merchandising of coffee blend
Window Vinyl – Blendly Logo Showing the three stages from the Farm to the Cup

Because Blendly production is built to give choice we allow you to create great flavours and tastes that unique to you and your customer allowing you to better engage your customer and your coffee.

If you like more information in the range of Blendly interactive products just call or drop an email to