Build a Better Coffee – Build Your Coffee Brand

For most of us, you have used the same supplier for some time. Like most companies that have a need for commercial coffee, you will use a national coffee brand, a local coffee distributor or a local roaster. With the commodity pricing being at a 3 year low, interest rates at a lifetime low for asset purchases allowing even more value on the delivery of your coffee, perhaps it’s the time to look at your current coffee offering.

Blendly E-Procurement is designed to promote transparent pricing, giving channel customers access to core real-time green bean data. This creates building blocks to create your own  coffee brand which enables further development of your coffee offering giving you fresher coffee with your own branding straight from our factory gate.

Our coffee service also enables you to manage your stock, keeping it fresher and secure via our online service and with your own branding. This increases retail and online sales as well as creates a new type of dialogue with your customers.

Changing is easy, we have an e-procurement team that can advise with coffee brand development and asset values as well as program installation from the comfort of your own office.

If you need any help to start building your own coffee brand, you can reach us through our social media channels, email, phone or through our live chat.

Coffee – E-Procurement Specialist – Johnathan Gray 

Blendly announces the appointment of Johnathan Gray as Area Commercial Manager for eSales Development – Blendly Commercial Coffee Marketplace for Glasgow and west of Scotland.

Johnathan has spent many years working in the Hospitality Industry in the UK and overseas and brings international experience and insight to the growing number of companies that are looking to build greater value around their coffee product and seek to make an impact in the growing coffee market at a local and national level.

Johnathan Gray will provide clients a range of opportunities which include helping them access the green bean market, roast and create their own blends and drive higher gross margins.

According to Johnathan Gray, “I’m delighted to join the Blendly team and am excited at the prospect of helping independent café owners (leverage the services of Blendly Commercial Coffee Roaster Marketplace) by enabling them to level the playing field on the high street and increase resilience to the market pressures that exist when competing against large chain cafés. 

With a focus on the global coffeeconsumer that builds its daily routines around, the independent cafes are the cornerstone of communities and the driving force for innovation in the café market; I aim to make Blendly the partner of choice in their journey.”

Blendly has a systems approach to fresh coffee. The service offers predictive ordering, E-Procurement, self-branding  with brand repository based around a centralized global inventory that allows greater access to consumers via its supported digital platform.

This flexible approach gives new value to the global coffee consumer creating the ability to better connect with the communities that serve and work locally supplying there everyday cup of coffee.

Blendly marketplace allows greater access and more transparency to the global coffee consumer that understands transparency builds value. Allowing access to unique branded and transparent products with a supply chain that’s about freshness and value.

Blendly “Predictive Ordering” is developed to increase freshness across the Blendly global supply chain to be more reactive and on-demand to its customers – creating a fresher supply chain that removes intermediaries allowing better and quicker product development for greater value to the global coffee consumer.

Blendly developed “Community Builder” allowing baristas to connect with customers online. This allows a local barista to take charge of local distribution to customers. Blendly baristas can develop opportunities supplying customers in their own homes, while building value and income at the same time.

Blendly “Blend Repository” allows the global coffee consumer access to the tasting notes and taste matches allowing you to quickly match a coffee to the individuals pallet, according to taste or price The repository is available to channel partners allowing different opportunities to be created based around the Blendly barista plans and Community Builder.

Blendly subscription services allow coffee professionals to retain their customers over time and engage then with new services and products. The marketplace also gives customer insight into the rituals and buying habits of their everyday coffee drinkers.

Blendly currently supplies across the UK to a range of commercial and home customers.

Blendly Fresh Coffee E-Procurement Services

Blendly E-Procurement services allow commercial coffee users to access a service that is delivered as part of an integrated digital solution that would extend the choices to customers as we deliver a new type of economic value. 

With brands becoming less sticky with the new type of global coffee consumers. A consumer that looks for greater transparency Blendly E-Procurement services allow a decentralized approach to current commodity purchasing, production manufacturing, and distribution. This allows them to be commissioned independently from the current mass production models built around larger batch sizes. In contrast to a volumised production based around smaller batches that can be supplied directly to end-users without the need for additional user storage and redistribution costs.

With Approximately 70 million cups of coffee are consumed in the UK each day, according to the UK Tea Council, And Europe coffee market accounting for around 30% of global consumption. The market for hot beverages can be considered extremely robust

Blendly e-procurement services allow greater control of cost and taste of your fresh coffee allowing national distribution and on-demand products that can be optimized to give greater value and greater freshness to your fresh coffee.

Blendly e-procurement services allow predictive ordering and local management and support in the creation of your fresh coffee.