National Union of Students Embraces Speciality Coffee at Dundee University Annual Suppliers Fair

The National Union of Students gives the thumbs up to speciality coffee with Blendly, the nation’s favourite speciality coffee roaster at a tasting held at Dundee University National Union of Students trade show.

Blendly allowed the attendees of the show to better understand how coffee can be created and how various flavours can be developed from a range of speciality Coffee beans.

speciality coffeeSpeciality coffee allows a greater range of flavours and tastes to be created giving more choice. With more and more research concluding, Coffee replaces beer as the drink of choice for Students and more students are drinking coffee during the day while studying – and fewer are going out late into the night.

Working with Blendly, companies like The National Students Union can allow individual unions to create and develop their own coffee blend, using speciality coffee beans using Blendly’s  procurement system.

Blendly is speciality coffee roaster that specialise in creating speciality coffee blends for the growing number of restaurants, coffee Shops and baristas. Fresher, quicker, better and more transparent coffee.

However, the service does not stop there. Blendly allows customers speciality coffeeto have the blend shipped to their homes or friends, via its online facility. A centralised procurement system that connects to its own production lines allowing shops and customers to experience more types of flavours and tastes from the selection of freshly roasted inventory.

Creating a freshly roasted coffee straight from the roaster within 3 days Students can purchase their own Barista Plan allowing them to create their own coffee blend. The Blend comes with your own name on them featuring a fully customizable product.

This type of interaction is great for large organisations like the National Union of Students that used Blendly to create its coffee blend.

Coffee is so important for students in the  National Union of Students has charted the rise in popularity of gourmet coffee among students in a report, which emphasised: “Students’ Unions will need to embrace the whole coffee experience.

The UK coffee shop market has enjoyed its biggest period of growth since 2008. Over the last five years, the market rose by 37%, up from £2.4 billion in 2011 to reach an impressive £3.4 billion in 2016 Food restaurants and sandwich shops have increased sales of the hot drink three times faster than specialist outlets over the last nine years.