Customer Analytics

Customer analytics develop a great number of ways to manage and communicate with the growing number of coffee consumers.

This provides more in-depth analysis into their habits and rituals improving planning, distribution, production and stock management.

This also provides valuable insight into the global coffee consumer. Blendly Customer Analytics will help you better differentiate your coffee offering giving insight on how best grow to new opportunities in new markets.

Underdog dundee – The Rise of Plant Based Food & Flexitarian Coffee Drinkers

Underdog from Dundee trusted Blendly to create a coffee blend to accompany their 100% plant-based menu. Underdog offers unique takes on well-known favourites. Grant Avery developed an individual and innovative menus to show just how delectable 100% plant-based cooking can be to all tastes and customers groups.

According to research, with great coffee playing an important part of the vegetarians’ consideration with almost half of the coffee drinkers now regularly drink plant-based options out of home, with the figure set to continue rising, according to new research commissioned by plant-based retailer Alpro For Professionals.

Alpro’s research found that 48% of coffee drinkers are now regularly choosing plant-based options on the go, with taste, health, and environment among the biggest motivations for doing so. Meanwhile, only one in five of all coffee drinkers reports that they have yet to try a plant-based alternative out of the home.

Blendly work to create individual tastes and profiles for a growing of coffee shops and restaurants and hotels groups providing them with the ability to create and develop their own coffee product unique to the person and pallet.

This approach allowed Underdog to create a Coffee that highlights the innovation and creativity of the Underdog 100% plant-based menu according to Consumer Insights over half of the vegans are under 35 years old. They tend to be engaged with food and are more likely to cook from scratch than other groups.

They are also technologically savvy and the online channel is critical to them for gathering information about their lifestyle choices, seeking recipe ideas, and sharing ideas and information with other people (both vegans and non-vegan).

Many more people are interested in taking on board some elements of a plant-based diet even if they are not willing to commit full-time. These people may choose not to eat meat for one or more meals a week and have become known as flexitarians.

There are key demographic differences in that flexitarians tend to be older and are more likely to be in the family and post-family brackets, compared with vegans who tend to be pre-family. While vegans may command more media attention, the flexitarian group is arguably far more important to understand as they represent a much bigger target market segment allows coffee to drinkers access to a Unique repository that allows the global coffee consumer to access to the tasting notes and taste matches allowing them to quickly match a coffee to the individual’s pallet and have that coffee sent to the home or office.

The Repository is available to customers that use  allowing customers to have access coffee 24hrs a day



A Licence That Opens up a World of Growth – Blendly Financial Products 

Ernest F Schumacher once said that ❝An ounce of practice is generally worth more than a ton of theory❞. The idea of doing something and practicing what we do is a great way of learning something and this for most of us a simple truth. Blendly Financial Products are designed to help you better manage your relationship with your customers and help redefine your current supplier base.

Perhaps it is for that reason we all do and we must all do and keep practicing the art of doing. the art of getting things done and the art of pressing forward with our plans 

Blendly financial products enable you to practice the art of doing to better manage the day to day running of your operation, whether it’s distribution, assets purchase, wholesale operations or expanding locally and globally.

Some of the perks of Blendly Financial Products are:

  • Financing to help you transition from your supplier transferring existing balances.
  • Extended credit around busy period e.g. holiday season.
  • Lock-in rates for your coffee so you can plan any price fluctuations in your business.
  • Asset financing to upgrade your equipment or other efficient methods of managing growth.

If you are looking at investing in new equipment or getting funding to keep your cash flowing or if you are developing your 2020 business plans, we hope to be with you on the journey.

Merry Christmas from Blendly

“Every day, In Every Way, I’m Getting Better and Better”. Around a century ago, a Frenchman named Emile Coue coined that phrase that could change your life. 

Our message is not life-changing. But it goes out to all the baristas and coffee shop that every day provide the support to customers and in doing so act as one of the many “little bits” that help people get to where they need to go. Providing regular unrelentless service to everyday customers that rely on that cup of coffee or place to catch up – and in doing so making things better. Creating and building new sustainable communities – and in doing so are every day in every way  supporting and building the communities that we all share.

While most of us celebrate the holidays – we thank all our baristas and coffee shops for your patience and service over Christmas and working over the holidays to make this time of year special for all the people around.

We look forward to supporting you further in 2020.

Merry Christmas everyone!

Mark Wilson, MBA
Head of Commercial Coffee Marketplace

The Pathway to Growth – Blendly Financial Products for 2020

Getting bigger has its challenges balancing the expectation of your immediate plans with the your vision of your future takes time and planning. Blendly Financial Products allow you to put your coffee and your customer at the center of your asset management while at the same time build relationships with new customer in new and innovative ways.

Blendly Financial Products are developed to allow you to better manage the day to day running of your operation from distribution, assets purchase-including equipment, and wholesale operations as well as expanding locally and globally.

Your Blendly account allows you to:

  • Manage the assets that serve your fresh coffee allowing you to manage equipment life cycles and renewals.
  • Create online sales and deliveries to your customers developing sales and deeper relationships with your customers.
  • Learn more about the world with a global inventory of green beans that can be mixed together and roasted according to your needs.
  • Analytics that allow you greater insight into your customers and there tastes.
  • Community builder developed to help Baristas develop greater community engagement and supply opportunities around your own blend.
  • Wider distribution possibilities around you and your brand.

If you are looking at investing in growth in new equipment or looking to fund new opportunities in 2020 we are here to help you on your Journey you on the journey.

Denyse Boyle at The Boathouse – Building Sustainable Communities

The Boathouse is the home of great beauty and food. Sitting on the historic quayside of Glencaple, overlooking the River Nith with a cosy snug in which to relax and a restaurant with stunning views to Criffel.

It’s also the home of great coffee, created and served by Denyse Boyle, a barista that cares about customers, cares about service and cares about coffee. Denyse developed The Boathouse Blend with the help of Blendly, a commercial coffee roaster that allows baristas that understand coffee to take charge of the flavours and taste that make up their customers coffee allowing it be developed unique to the customer and the environment.

In developing The Boathouse Blend, Denyse can also offer customers a range of services that allow her to manage their coffee suppliers from their homes and local offices via her Community Builder account.

Community Builder was developed for baristas that want to put more into the local community allowing great barista skills to build sustainability in the local communities around coffee and the global coffee market.

Blendly believes in sustainable communities not only in the areas of the world where the coffee is grown,  processed, shipped and stored but in all the communities that serve coffee to the new global coffee consumer 

Blendly understands that skilled baristas understand the flavours and tastes in the global commodities that create the everyday cup of coffee in our local community. And that these skills are pivotal in the new global coffee economy and understand that their work and skill can create long-lasting community connection.

Denyse’s blend can be sold directly to her customers with the new Barista Roasting Gift cards this Christmas. This card was developed to support baristas like Denyse and The Boathouse so that every day they can build long term connections. Connections that create sustainable community at their center with great baristas like Denyse and The Boathouse.