Underdog dundee – The Rise of Plant Based Food & Flexitarian Coffee Drinkers

Underdog from Dundee trusted Blendly to create a coffee blend to accompany their 100% plant-based menu. Underdog offers unique takes on well-known favourites. Grant Avery developed an individual and innovative menus to show just how delectable 100% plant-based cooking can be to all tastes and customers groups.

According to research, with great coffee playing an important part of the vegetarians’ consideration with almost half of the coffee drinkers now regularly drink plant-based options out of home, with the figure set to continue rising, according to new research commissioned by plant-based retailer Alpro For Professionals.

Alpro’s research found that 48% of coffee drinkers are now regularly choosing plant-based options on the go, with taste, health, and environment among the biggest motivations for doing so. Meanwhile, only one in five of all coffee drinkers reports that they have yet to try a plant-based alternative out of the home.

Blendly work to create individual tastes and profiles for a growing of coffee shops and restaurants and hotels groups providing them with the ability to create and develop their own coffee product unique to the person and pallet.

This approach allowed Underdog to create a Coffee that highlights the innovation and creativity of the Underdog 100% plant-based menu according to Consumer Insights over half of the vegans are under 35 years old. They tend to be engaged with food and are more likely to cook from scratch than other groups.

They are also technologically savvy and the online channel is critical to them for gathering information about their lifestyle choices, seeking recipe ideas, and sharing ideas and information with other people (both vegans and non-vegan).

Many more people are interested in taking on board some elements of a plant-based diet even if they are not willing to commit full-time. These people may choose not to eat meat for one or more meals a week and have become known as flexitarians.

There are key demographic differences in that flexitarians tend to be older and are more likely to be in the family and post-family brackets, compared with vegans who tend to be pre-family. While vegans may command more media attention, the flexitarian group is arguably far more important to understand as they represent a much bigger target market segment

Blendly.co.uk allows coffee to drinkers access to a Unique repository that allows the global coffee consumer to access to the tasting notes and taste matches allowing them to quickly match a coffee to the individual’s pallet and have that coffee sent to the home or office.

The Repository is available to customers that use blendly.co.uk  allowing customers to have access coffee 24hrs a day


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Jason Ross – Building Customers – Blendly Community Builder

Jason Ross a growing number of barista developing skills with blendly.co.uk Barista Community Builder

In their continuous pursuit of skill development, Jason Ross has joined the growing number of baristas through the help of Blendly Community Builder Program.

Jason Ross, the Head Barista in Cupcake Coffee box, now enjoying the free hand to develop his own bespoke coffee blends and have it delivered anytime straight to customers – whether office, at home or even to your favorite hangout coffee shops!

Jason Ross is one of the baristas that gained access to Blendly’s Community Builder – an online service developed by commercial coffee roaster Blendly. This online service allows baristas, like Jason, to build and manage their own network of customers coffee supplies, conveniently online. Blendly.co.uk understands that the heart of a great coffee is a great barista that has been continuously honing their skill in developing unique tastes and remarkable flavors based on customer’s preferences.

Not only does the Community Builder program helps Jason on seamless order management but also enhances his knowledge on working with different mixes and techniques around the use of fresh coffee beans. Above all, the passive income that goes along selling what you love most is the main highlight of the program.

Blendly.co.uk  barista distributors also can open their own accounts and manage customers coffee with a range of account types depending on forecasted monthly volume.

I know this spark some interest there, be sure to express it by knowing more and start becoming a Barista Distributor in no time. We’ll be happy to discuss the simple mechanics over a cup of coffee, contact us here.