Bite Into Your Own Supply Chain and Build Transparent Relationship to Create Value

bite to eatBite to Eat use Blendly to create its fresh coffee accessing a global commodity base to create a product that’s unique and also engages the customer better.

There is a growing number of customers that understand the importance of creating their own unique supply chain build around the strength of local suppliers and local producers.

Companies such as Bite to Eat find it just as easy to utilise and manage its products using the internet than to select one wholesaler as a one-stop shop.

This increased movement by consumers and grocers alike to “buy local,” the food chain is becoming progressively more globalized for most countries around the world. This globalization has created a range of opportunities.

Moving away from the big brands and having your own supply chain is a reflection of the effort you take to create something special that adds value to all.

bite to is at the forefront of developing and integration into the Local, National and even global supply chains allowing customers to develop locally developed products and taste in their coffee products.

Blendly allows its customers their own unique set of speciality tools to manage and develop their products specific to the markets they want to serve.

Blendly operates on a global community base of the world’s speciality coffee beans and has them processed in their speciality coffee facilities to create products unique to you and your palate and also allow you to manage the products via your online accounts.

This approach allows customers to have more choices and to have more ways of opening up new opportunities.

Highland Wholefoods – The Home of Fresh Coffee

highland wholefoodsSince 1989 we have been supplying local communities in the Highlands and Islands and north-east Scotland with organic, vegetarian, GM-free and fair trade products. Highland Wholefoods and their coffee flavour was developed by Blendly, the home of speciality coffee.

At Blendly, we believe in helping with the logistics and operations and to be a partner in the success of your business – allowing you more time to grow.

Here at Blendly over the last year, we have been introducing predictive ordering services. These services are designed to work with organisations such as Highland Wholefoods which allow their coffee blend to be fresher, better and quicker.

Like most industries of all kinds use predictive technology, from banks to insurance companies to restaurants. For retailers, these programs hold the promise of reducing waste and profit loss, as well as boosting customer loyalty.

Blendly offer customers many ways to develop coffee products and offer a range of services that are designed to create unique products to the customer based on choice and taste.

So for a superb tasting coffee created to allow the best in flavour and taste Highland Wholefoods has a superb range of freshly roasted coffee developed by the UK’s leading commercial coffee company.