Blendly Coffee Blends Shipped in March May Have Been Mixed with Medical Grade Marijuana

The UK coffee roaster Blendly has recalled 100 tons of coffee blends after discovering that the South American based coffee blends were potentially mixed with medical grade marijuana.

The incident was reported by thousands of coffee shops complaining that they were running out of cheese cakes, scones, cheese and ham paninis with customers drinking the coffee. The said customers were having uncontrollable eating, followed by uncontrollable laughter after being presented their lunch time bills which on many cases were reaching upwards of hundreds of pounds during there Easter coffee break.

According to Peter Spliff, Blendly’s Operations and Distribution Partner that the potentially exposed batch was due to be sent out to its European customers in Amsterdam, however a lunch time coffee break with the operations team allowed the coffee to be distributed within its UK customer base.

The Blendly customer service team have located the affected customers and are having a hard time to do the recalls because they are asking for more of it.

Blendly is a speciality coffee roaster that creates unique coffee blends for independent coffee shops. It’s CTAPS (Coffee Tasting and Profiling System) allows their customers to create and manage their own speciality coffee blend by giving them direct access to the production and manufacturing base – allowing them to choose the mix of beans, grind, roast, certification, bag sizes and all the other factors that makes up the perfect coffee blend.

The company are now currently reviewing its internal policy with regard to coffee breaks and are considering to increase the number of coffee breaks and frequency.

Customers can still go to Blendly’s website to purchase great coffee blends for your needs, but now without the exposure to medical grade marijuana.

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