How Can Urban Brew at Kelvingrove Art Gallery Be at the Heart of Coffee Culture in Glasgow

Kelvingrove Art GalleryKelvingrove Art Gallery and Museum houses one of Europe’s great art collections. It is amongst the top three free-to-enter visitor attractions in Scotland and one of the most visited museums in the United Kingdom outside of London.

Sitting just across the road, is the new artisan coffee house, Urban Brew.  Unban Brew offers a great coffee great break from the cultural visit to Kelvingrove Art Gallery and Museum.

Kelvingrove Art Gallery
Advertisements for the confectioner John Campbell and for D Minto’s coffee-roasting, grinding and sugar pounding works in McPherson Street off High Street. These advertisements appeared in the Post Office Glasgow directory of 1850-1851

Wendy Lam Urban Brew Head of coffee understand that coffee shops are part of the cultural landscape within Glasgow. Urban brew developed a coffee blend around the Caffe culture that growing within the City and developed a coffee blend based around the traditional trading routes of the 1700s.

This is a superb coffee blend – back then Glasgow was beginning to get access to the oceans and it allowed the

Kelvingrove Art Gallery
Advertisements from the Post Office Glasgow directory of 1860-1861 for William Logan’s temperance dining and coffee rooms, the German butcher and sausage maker Christian Steinhausen and various types of cement available from the slate merchant Daniel Wilson.

import of goods and commodities from the Americas and the Caribbean which were then traded throughout the United Kingdom and Europe. These imports flourished after 1707. By 1760, Glasgow had outstripped London as the main port for some commodities.


Part of that cultural movement leads to the development of buildings like the Kelvingrove Art Gallery and Museum which houses one of Europe’s great art collections.

Coffee played a large part of the early commodity trade and our coffee blend brings together – The culture of Glasgow and  the Best in South American, Indian, and Asian coffee beans and we have created –  a coffee blend that’s it both bursting with flavour and unique to the Urban Brew coffee house.