5 Tips To Increase Your Footfall – It’s All About Your Coffee

There are various reasons why customers does not tell you they you have a bad coffee. Blendly summarized some of those tips to increase your footfall and tells how they solve them effectively.

No easy communication channels

Most companies nowadays have a dedicated hotline or e-mail address Blendly logothrough which customers can contact their customer support department. But sometimes customers want an easier channel to contact them and complain about their bad experience—through social media, for instance.

Although opening up an official company account on Twitter or Facebook means letting any customers interact with you publicly, it also gives you a chance to address their complaints faster and in a more convenient manner.

Other customers who happen to come across certain complaints can also recognize your professionalism and effort to improve their experience—as long as you manage to respond in a sufficient yet effective way.

Better and more public channels to vent out on the Internet

From Yelp to TripAdvisor, there are more and more review websites for any increase your footfallkind of businesses out there. This might partly be the reason why your customers prefer to vent out about their bad experience there, as they can rate your service and share about it with other users.

Complicated complaint processing mechanism

An angry customer would not want to face a complex mechanism to process their complaint. Sometimes this happens when, for instance, a customer support hotline gives them too many extensions to select in order to get to increase your footfallthe right department. It can also occur when a customer support person passes their call from one person to the next. At the end, your customer will only get more frustrated.

Blendly solves this by allowing customers to give their complaints and feedback very easily through their hotline and website. They even have a live customer support that you can chat with at anytime.

Customers feel there is nothing to gain from complaining

Most of the time, customers who experience a bad service will prefer to tell their family or friends about it—they just don’t see a point to go all the way and complain to your business about it. But keep in mind that this does not mean your service is always flawless at all times.

Take a page out of restaurants and their comment cards. If you have a web-based business, for instance, you can conduct a regular online survey where customers can rate your service and give their views about what can be improved. This way, your customers will feel that you value their opinions and constantly maintain a good customer experience standard.

Blendly gathers all the complaints and feedback from the customers and use it as a basis to improve their services more.

Ignorance on service quality after multiple complaints

Even though it rarely happens, some businesses might ignore to improve the quality of their service even after receiving complaints from multiple customers. This case very likely leads to a negative public reputation that increase your footfallcan bring your business down: customers are taking your bad service for granted, they don’t even bother to complain anymore, let alone do business with you.

That’s why it’s crucial for a business to never disregard even the smallest complaint it receives and always make an effort to up the service.

Blendly highly considers the complaints of their customers. A single complaint is enough for the company to solve it right on the spot.

If you’re interested on getting to know them, visit blendly.co.uk.

Understanding the Value of Blendly in Glasgow

Blendly is selling coffee around Scotland, giving value and choice and setting new opportunities for coffee outlets to develop their own coffee taste and flavours.

Italian Aroma Coffee is a company that provides a high quality artisan coffee brand with a reputation for freshness, style and the unique taste of Italy. This espresso blend is recommended for coffee businesses with a desire to demonstrate a real understanding of coffee and a willingness to share the passion for great tasting coffee with their customers. All are drum roasted by hand.

Despite those facts, Blendly is still able to complete by having a much more flexible production base and can offer customers a great range of coffee tastes by allowing them to create their own coffee blends rather than the static mass produces. They offer customers direct access to production and scheduling software allowing coffee to be blended fresh and quickly saving time and money.

Blendly also allows customers to select from a range of commodities to extend the taste and make the coffee more unique to themselves making it their own coffee blend.

Blendly offers next day delivery and other Barista services.

Check them out at at blendly.co.uk.