Make Your Own Coffee Blend at Blendly

Why we created Blendly

We created Blendly to give coffee shops and restaurants more choice with their coffee as well as allow baristas to develop new coffee tastes based on a cost of flavour.

We save you money

We are lean and we don’t sell pre-roasted coffee at Blendly. We wait for you to Make Your Own Coffee Blendcreate your blend, then roast it just in time based on a selection of premium green bean that can create any type of coffee taste you can imagine at a very affordable price.

We support your choice

Creating something unique for the people you want to build business with is what’s in the heart of Blendly. We want to give you tools to create value and choices in the way your create coffee for your customers.

Cupping Notes

At Blendly, you can create your own coffee blend based on what you have profiled from some of the top brands around. This coffee blend will contain a Make Your Own Coffee Blendcombination of green beans, along with its corresponding cupping notes to better understand your coffee.

You can also compare this notes with the other coffee blends you’ve created or with the other coffee blends created by other people.

Coffee customization is our specialty and you can adjust your blend anytime at your heart’s content.

We love coffee as much as you do

Our coffee blends are roasted in our own production lines with the same consistency and quality that is used to produce the world’s biggest coffee brands.

How to Create a Blendly Account

It is very easy to create an account at Blendly. Here are the steps to have your own account.

  1. Go to the Blendly registration page.
  2. Fill up all the fields. We made it easy for you and limited the fields to five (5) short fields only.
  3. Submit your registration.
  4. A verification link will be sent to your email address. Visit that link to verify your account.
  5. Start creating your first coffee blend!

5 Reasons Why You Should Use Blendly

Why use Blendly? Having a Barista style coffee blend in your office has loads of advantages. Having the ability to customize all the beans, certification, grind and roast has even more. It’s a great way to start a client meeting as well as to show how much you value them. Blendly offers you this ability at a very affordable price. We are very transparent on what goes on your coffee bag.

Here are the top 5 reasons for using Blendly and creating your own blend:

  1. A hot coffee can break the ice. Offering a coffee to a visitor, a new starter or a colleague who’s having a bad day can break the ice at the beginning of a conversation, helping the connection to flow. It can be a great way to start a tricky conversation or make someone feel really welcome in your office.
  2. Grabbing a coffee can provide a well-deserved desk break. It’s healthy to get up and walk around the office several times a day to take a screen break. It will help you to get a good blood circulation going and will help prevent bad posture that is commonly attributed on desk jobs. Getting up to grab a coffee can provide the “excuse” for that well-deserved breather.
  3. A way to say thank you to the team. Employee benefits can help with staff retention. Having a free coffee included in it is a great addition as it will not only save your staff some future weight gains but also on their everyday spending. It’s a great way to show them that they are being appreciated. When the recession hits, companies were seen to get rid of certain staff benefits in the office. Show your staff that your business is strong and you care about them by offering some practical perks.
  4. Coffee can help ideas percolate. It is no coincidence that Google are offering free good meals and beverages for their staff. It’s in order to “inspire innovative thinking”. Your company doesn’t have to be the size of Google before you think about stimulating staff creativity.
  5. It makes the office smell great. Coffee was number for in the top 20 of Britain’s favourite smells in 2016. Filling the office a lovely aroma of coffee will make you a winner with staff and visitors alike.

If you would like to try and have this perks, visit Blendly and start creating your own blend.